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The Lockwood range of legally protected keying platforms now includes GEN6T®, an evolution of Lockwood’s proven Generation Six platform. GEN6T® uses the patent protected T Pin, giving legal protection to your restricted key system and offering security with the ablity to control your keys.

Features and Specifications

  • Nickel silver keys for strength
  • Economical restricted keying platform for key control
  • Lockwood proven design and manufacturing quality
  • Colour coded inserts for key identification

Legal Key Control

Key control is fundamental to the security of your building. Legal protection has been afforded to the GEN6T® keying platform in the form of patents in a
number of countries including Australia and New Zealand.

Serviced Level System

GEN6T® Serviced Level Systems are initially assembled by ASSA ABLOY Australia Pty Ltd. Once the system has been supplied, the system records are available to be transferred to an approved GEN6T®Authorised Service Centre.

GEN6T® Authorised Service Centres

The use of a GEN6T® Authorised Service Centre allows local servicing of your key system for day to day requirements. Each system is registered and signatory control applies to additional key requirements.

Identification of Keys

With a distinctive key head shape, individual keys within a master key system can be easily recognised through the use of colour coded inserts. There are a total of twelve colours to choose from.

The Cencon ATM Cash Vault Security System from Kaba Mas is designed to combat insider theft from ATMs through the combined use of lock hardware, systems software and Smart Keys™. Cencon offers total access control and accountability with its One Time Combination™ feature.

The One Time Combination is dispatched from a central location and cannot be reused at a later date, thus eliminating temptation.

Unique software allows you to control and monitor tens, hundreds, even thousands of locks located anywhere in the world – from one central location.

Cencon is a revolutionary and cost-effective solution to today’s most serious security challenges.

This electronic safe lock is especially suitable for applications where high security, multiple users, traceability and flexibility is required.

The Axessor IP electronic safe lock is an intelligent motor-bolt lock with integrated terminals used e.g. to connect to an alarm center. Further it provides network capability. Easy remote configuration and supervision can be performed.

This way, cost reduction in operation are achieved. It incorporates the latest technical advances and meets all recognized safety standards.

  • Lockout after 4 false codes
  • Lock with motor bolt dead bolt, integrated relocker etc.
  • Conventional electronic combination lock
  • One time combination code
  • Programming via the input unit

dormakaba electronic hotel locks personify an unwavering commitment to deliver innovative solutions designed expressly for the lodging market. All our RFID locks are mobile access compatible allowing guests to access their room using a keycard or mobile device. Smart room automation is another key benefit realized with RFID contactless technology. Hotels seeking to accentuate guest convenience while improving operational efficiency choose dormakaba for exceptional features, outstanding value and peerless quality.

A master key system is a key plan whereby selected keys can open a number of pre-defined doors. It helps maintain better control, saves key replacement costs and is convenient, as there are a lower number of keys in circulation. It also provides quick access to all rooms within the premises, e.g. for security staff and management personnel. This is not only convenient but can save lives in case of emergency.

In the above example, the ‘Master Key’ would open all doors and lock types in the property and is held by the caretaker. The Sub-Master A opens the main entrance and all the locks on the ground floor, and is held by the manager of the company that occupies that floor. The same applies to Sub-Master B.

In addition, each employee has one key that opens the main entrance, their own office door and their filing cabinets. These keys work with different types of lock, e.g. door locks, cabinet locks, padlocks, etc., as long as the cylinder inside them is of the same model.

Kaba penta fulfills the requirements for large and complex master key systems. Thanks to the security card as well as a computer controlled milling process and key blank protection it has a high copy protection. Consequently, it is safe against manipulation, impressing, bumping, drilling, tearing off and vandalism. The customer determines in the master key system which key opens which door(s).

  • different surface finishes
  • high security standards
  • high copy protection
  • reversible keys
  • upward compatible with Kaba elogical
  • different thumbturn knob shapes
  • duplicate keys only available against legitimation

Innovative access solutions that demonstrate how entrances can be opened and closed dependably, energy-efficiently and enabling barrier-free access. The range of automatic sliding doors allow relative design freedom and offer a complete system solution for your design.

Modern fine framed profiles combined with the Dorma ES 200 Automatic Sliding Door Operator to form a visually appealing complete door system with a variety of applications. Offering high user convenience and easy accessibility, the Dorma ST FLEX invokes an inviting atmosphere.

In conjunction with other doors from the FLEX family (FLEX Green and FLEX SECURE) the system can be used to create a harmonious overall look.

  • Designed by dormakaba to meet the requirements of EN16005 “Power operated pedestrian door sets. Safety in use, requirements and test methods”
  • Fine frame profiles FLEX and FLEX Green provide elegant and slender design aesthetics
  • The full range of performance functions for the Dorma ES 200 automatic sliding door operator (tested to 1,000,000 cycles)
  • Tailored sizes and bespoke manufactured to suit your project
  • Installation ‘project coordinated’ by the dormakaba Projects Team

Field of Application

  • Ideal for, but not limited to, use on stores, shops, healthcare and education projects
  • Suitable for use on emergency escape routes
  • Ideal to meet the relative legislative requirements for disabled access

Designed specifically for residential applications, the BST sliding window offers a high level of weather performance and smart styling.
Standard or lockable sash hardware can be selected as can multi-position vent locking options to secure the window in the open position if required. Full perimeter sash seals, high quality rollers and a wide range of configuration options make the BST sliding window a popular choice, capable of blending with a range of architectural styles.
Complementary awning and casement windows are also available to provide solutions to your various requirements.
Features & Benefits
-Thermally efficient frame design
-Range of performance options
-High quality roller system
-Lockable hardware options
-Integrated insect and security screening options

Security Bollards for all events and special occasions – permanent or temporary.
Using the Landscape Tanks as security bollards makes a natural extension of the product range and delivers high quality results. These security bollards can be used for all events and special occasions as they can be both temporary or permanent. Whether the landscape tank/planter tops or the tank base are used as security bollards, the end result is terrific.

Traditionally the tanks were designed as a structural retaining wall and front fences that stores rain water, but with a few smart design changes, the security bollards are now more functional and attractive environmentally. The tanks are made from 50mpa concrete and come pre—engineered for use as a retaining walls (empty) so they are well suited to security bollard use.

The new security bollard concept ticks all the boxes from both the council and developer customers point of view as they are a great cost saver as they are mobile (so they can be moved from site to site easily). They are very cost effective given that they are multifunctional.

– The tank base is larger than normal and allows for planting out of two trees or shrubs for effect.
– The Landscape tank and planter top weighs 2.5 tonne empty and the tank base itself weighs 1.6 tonne empty (as small units).
– Filling them with soil or water will add another 2 tonnes (small units approx).
– Larger units are available weighing 3.2 and 4 tonnes as required.
– Four 2.5 tonne Swift lifters are incorporated into the tank base and planter top for easy handling.
– Tanks come in three sizes and are available Australia wide.

That makes this quality product ideal for special events or permanent structures around shopping centres or other strategic locations as required.

By combining the best of optical & physical barrier technology, speedgates are the very latest in high tech entrance control turnstile systems. The fast acting barriers are obvious physical deterrents and the state of the art optical technology is designed to detect and deter tailgaters, as such security is at a premium.
Speedgate entrance control systems provide an elegant and contemporary look with glass barriers that keep the business secure. The pedestals can be finished in a variety of different materials thereby making them the ideal choice for the modern office building, where a high speed entrance control system is required to provide a secure environment whilst blending in with the building fabric

Models –      Centurion EasyGate LX

Speedstiles are a new approach to the old barrier turnstile cliché of being too big and bulky. This product group incorporates unforgettable aesthetics. Speedstiles uses glass barriers in conjunction with optical detection technology to provide a high throughput / high security gate. The glass barriers are designed to work in a normally closed mode and swing away from the user after a valid card has been presented, giving the authorised user a clear lane to pass through. The barriers quickly close behind the authorized person, thereby deterring any unauthorised entry or tailgating. The familiarity of the ‘door-like’ action of the barrier gives users confidence in operating the system ensuring quick acceptance and enable pedestal width from 180mm for both standard and wide DDA lanes

Safety is high on the agenda for Speedstiles. IR beams monitor the length of the pedestal to ensure the lane is clear before the barrier attempts to close. If the barrier senses an obstruction they stop moving until the obstruction is moved.

The Speedstile design concept enables it to be ‘wrapped’ in nearly any material to help it integrate in to the theme of the foyer in which it’s being deployed. The ability to ‘wrap’ the Speedstile in nearly any material and its open side panel pedestal allow the turnstile to be easily and cost effectively supplied to match most building designs. A design team can pick the material they want to match the turnstile to, be it the marble from the floor, wood or Corian from the reception desk of a particular metal finish.

The Centurion Speedstiles are ideal for high end leisure facilities, corporate offices and VIP areas.

Models      Centurion EasyGate HG, Centurion EasyGate SG, Centurion EasyGate BV, Centurion EasyGate IM

Tripod Turnstiles are ideal for access control and make life easier for reception staff at entrances to offices and administrative buildings, industrial installations, banks, authorities, health clubs and many other places. Tripod turnstiles are quick, reliable and easy to use. The Tripod or TriArm Turnstile is a tried and tested, yet cost-effective access control solution with low power consumption and high reliability. Suitable for internal or external use, tripod turnstiles regulate the flow of people with ease, even during the busiest periods of the day and are compatible with all types of access control readers.

Intelli-Motion Speed Control Technology 

The motorised Centurion Tripod Turnstiles feature Intelli-Motion speed control which is designed to improve the user experience by providing a consistently smooth, controlled, rotation. The turnstiles microprocessor custom-adjusts the rotation speed of the turnstile to the user. If the user pushes gently, the turnstile turns slowly. If the user pushes hard, the turnstiles’ speed automatically increases. This kind of consistently controlled rotation is safer for the user and substantially reduces turnstile wear and tear in heavy use installations for lower maintenance requirement and a longer life span. Intelli-Motion solves the issue where certain turnstiles are harder to push than others and where recoil from the turnstile arms can sometimes be a problem.

Models      Centurion 100 Tripod,   Centurion 200 Tripod, Centurion 400 Tripod,  Centurion Bar One

EntryGates are an elegant and subtle pedestrian entrance gate, that is ideal when security and design are of equal importance. EntryGates are a highly effective means of access control in and out of any facility.

The Centurion EntryGate combines a highly reliable mechanism with a choice of barrier designs making it ideal for applications such as reception areas in office buildings and leisure clubs as well as museums, transport and stadium applications. The low barrier height deters any climb under attempts.

Models      Centurion EntryGate G,  Centurion EntryGate S

Most access control systems allow you to control who can gain access at which doors, but once a door is open any number of people can pass through it without being authorised. Following an authorised user through a door is known as tailgating and it is very easy to do. We have all been told that it is good manners to hold doors open for other people and more often than not good manners, win over the good security practice of closing the door firmly behind you to stop someone else coming in. Intruders may therefore be willingly let in to a secure area and the access control system is beaten.

Centaman Entrance Control’s range of free standing and door mounted barrier free tailgate detection systems can help solve this problem by detecting unauthorised entrants as they pass and triggering suitable outputs to drive CCTV to record the events or operate local or remote sounders.

Tailgate detection devices create an infra-red field across a doorway to monitor the passage of every individual passing through the door, only alerting the security staff to the presence of unauthorised entrants.

Tailgate detection products help the access control system overcome the age old problem of controlling how many people pass through a doorway, and in which direction, once a valid access card has been presented and the door is open.

Models     Fastlane Door Detective Compact, Fastlane Door Detective Plus

CENTAMAN Entrance Control offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor full height turnstiles for access control applications in industrial entrances, sports arenas, military installations or other premises, where you want to achieve a high security turnstile solution without manned monitoring.
A full height turnstile deters any chance of unauthorised users climbing over or tailgating making them ideal for unmanned areas; whilst their robust construction suits both indoor and outdoor applications making this range ideal where control is the key need.
The Centurion full height turnstiles come with a sealed motorised drive which provides greater reliability, lower maintenance and faster, easier throughput than traditional mechanical units

Models      Centurion ECO, Centurion Max,       Centurion XGL

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