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The BSL4 Window System is quite similar to BSL2 and BSL3 Window Systems, but stand out as the only round or porthole style Sealeck bio-containment window. Sealeck bio-containment window systems are ideal for use in research and manufacturing facilities which need window and door systems that ensure bio-security as well as durability, security, and good aesthetics. The Sealeck BSL4 window system is available in a range of metal surface door leaf models which start with powder coated and lower cost seamed edge choices, through to seamless stainless steel models.

BSL4 or PC4 Door Systems have been engineered to meet the most rigorous conditions laid down by PC4/BSL4 Bio-containment levels. The BSL4 Door System features a completely seamless polished framing system and stainless steel door leaf, full-perimeter electromagnetic locking, computer access control system, and a pneumatic inflatable edge seal which can be easily incorporated into a laboratory air supply. Sealeck's BSL4/PC4 Door System suits applications involving stud wall or masonry, and is targeted to preventing bacterial entrapment, thereby simplifying fumigation and cleaning procedures.

Size: 2900 mm (H) X 1400 mm (W) + Flat threshold width: 1000 mm

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