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Stonini Delta wall panels are flat-surfaced panels with colouration and patterning to emulate marble, limestone, sandstone and other materials without the weight, fragility or installation challenges. The colour and pattern can be subtle or pronounced depending on your desired look. The colour is hand manipulated making every panel unique.

  • Hand manipulation in the fabrication process gives a unique look
  • Lightweight and flexible – they can even be curved
  • Cost-effective and functional
  • Easy to cut on site and quick to install
  • Fire-rated, hardwearing and easy to maintain
  • Standard panel size 1800mm x 600mm, 10-12mm thick, approximate weight 14kg

Sandstone tiles and pavers are ideal for exterior paving and poolside applications. Available in either honed or sandblasted finishes and in a variety of colours to suit any project. Surface Gallery’s collection of Sandstone includes Himalayan Sandstone, Arenisca Sandstone, Bennelong Sandstone and Pietra Serena Sandstone.

With a neutral, warm beige and ivory colour versatile enough for any outdoor and landscaping project, Himalayan Split Sandstone pavers add rustic charm to any residential exterior. 

The durable stone is resistant to fading due to sunlight exposure, and features a slip resistant surface and high degree of salt tolerance. Ideal for pool surrounds, Himalayan Split Sandstone pavers stay cool during the summer heat, and are supplied in a standard 30mm thickness and selection of factory sizes.

Versatile, hardwearing, and suitable for both interior and exterior applications, Mountain Sandstone Tiles and Pavers from Hunterstone are a durable, high performance flooring option.

Favoured by architects and designers for residential and commercial projects alike, Mountain Sandstone features a dense, fine grain that yields a rich blend of orange and brown colours. Available in a selection of four sizes to suit any project, the 30mm thick tiles and pavers are designed to withstand Australian environmental conditions, and can be laid over existing concrete slabs.

Ideal for cladding, Rural Stone’s Donnybrook Sandstone is weather resistant and durable, with a neutral colour palette compatible with projects of any design and scale. 

Sourced from South Western Australia’s Donnybrook foothills, Donnybrook Sandstone varies in colour from pure white to deep buff or pink, and is available in a range of grain sizes from very fine to moderately course. Donnybrook Sandstone is supplied in standard course height dimensions, and is also suitable for use in feature walls, tiling, and dry-laid rubble walls.

Versatile, neutral, and easy to maintain, Golden Sunset sandstone from Rural Stone is suitable for use in building blocks, staircase treads and risers, floor tiles, cladding, stone flagging, pool surrounds, and more. 

With a subtle colour palette and classic processing form, Golden Sunset sandstone can be honed or sandblasted to enhance texture and tone, and is capable of withstanding most weather conditions with minimal wear. 

Sandstone Paving Tiles from Elite Sandstone are ideal interior and exterior floor cover, suitable for use on patios, gardening areas, pool surrounds, and pathways. The robust and low maintenance pavers are richly coloured and naturally textured, and certain to add visual depth to residential and commercial projects alike. 

Capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions with minimal damage, the pavers are favoured by designers, landscapers, and renovators as a cost effective, practical flooring solution. 

Thermally and acoustically efficient, durable, and with a prolonged performance lifespan, sandstone is a timeless cladding material for residential and commercial projects. The environmentally friendly material is low maintenance and fireproof, making it particularly ideal for applications in homes located in bushfire prone areas.

Elite Sandstone offers a broad selection of sandstone cladding materials, with a warm palette ranging from off-white to brown and complementing projects of any style and nature.

Proudly Australian owned, Elite Sandstone is a leading provider of locally sourced and manufactured sandstone products. Supplying premium sandstone products for use in landscaping, cladding, outdoor paving, garden furniture, and more.

Elite Sandstone also stocks granite, marble, limestone, and engineered stone, with all natural stone products handled by a team of highly qualified stonemason staff. 

Inspired by luxurious East Coast architecture, the GB Sandstone range of split face bricks and blocks from Austral bricks is a stylish and highly functional addition to any contemporary residential or commercial project.

Available in three neutral off-white and beige colours or the pink-hued “Brisbane Blend”, the bricks are supplied in either 100mm or 200mm depths, with solid and standard variations also on offer. Austral Brick also manufactures a range of capping units to complement bricks and blocks in the GB Sandstone range. A split face textured finish lends products in this range a warmth and depth of texture, making them a valuable addition to any landscape design.

‘A’ Grade blocks from Comerford are the highest possible quality sandstone blocks wheel sawn to lengths of 1000mm and square profiles of varying dimensions.

The blocks are durable outdoor construction materials ideal for use in retaining walls, fences, landscaping, and other outdoor structures.

For designs requiring sizes and shapes other than those supplied within Bundanoon Sandstone’s factory range, the company offers bespoke dimensioning services.

Sandstone processed in this manner is cut directly to the specified size, and finished to give a professional, high quality surface appearance compatible with a wide range of projects and environments.

Ideal for garden edging, retaining walls, and driveway entrances, Sandstone Ballast Blocks from Sydney Sandstone Cutters are a versatile and durable outdoor construction product.

The rough dimension ballast is supplied in a variety of sizes split to the length requirements of every individual project, with thicknesses and height varying significantly. A warm natural palette makes the blocks compatible with projects of any style, scale, and nature, and is certain to remain contemporary for years to come.

Luxury Stone’s premium sandstone is a high quality stone that comes in finely honed and sandblasted finishes. Sandblasted finish creates a more consistent surface and texture without taking the natural beauty of the stone away. This range of sandstone can be used for indoor or outdoor applications, and is ideal for alfresco area due to its consistency and smoothness under foot. 

Split sandstone is durable, versatile, naturally slip-resistent when wet and highly resistent to salt attack (sealing is recommended to assist with protection), making it the perfect choice for pool surrounds and wet area entertainment. Luxury Stone’s split finish also highlights the natural colours that have been developed over thousands of years within the sandstone. The stone comes in calibrated thickness that can be glued if used as tiling. Thicker 30mm calibrated pavers can be ordered for sand applications if required. A full range of bullnose for pool surrouds and steps are also available.

Easy to Lay, Less to pay.

Cinajus recently launched the new LockFast range of 100% Natural Sandstone for paving and wall cladding.

Laying stone for floors, walls and pillars has never been easier or more cost effective.
Introducing the new LockFast patented, interlocking systems.

A revolutionary breakthrough in the creation of beautiful exterior and interior stone surfaces.
Laying the LockFast sandstone system is as easy as 1, 2, 3 !
Simply Glue, Lock and Grout.
Panels are 1000 x 500 mm and they interlock in multiple directions with no set grid.
The quality and finish is equal to that of the most experienced stonemason at less than half the cost.
Pre sealed at our factory Cinajus LockFast Sandstone is easy to install with minimum labour required.
Cinajus LockFast Sandstone is available in Machine cut Random, Ashlar and Pebble patterns.
Cinajus also supplies Granite, Kotah Stone, Cobblestones, Stack stone and Sandstone in variety of formats and finishes to suit virtually any indoor and outdoor floor and wall applications like pool surrounds, pool coping, step treads and rock face wall cladding.

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