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The Torrento by Fanimation and MyFan is a fan for all seasons. This pedestal floor fan is perfect for entertaining, accentuating your exterior design, or just for basking in its breezes on a sunny afternoon. One versatile model is The Torrento in Aged Bronze with narrow oval all-weather palm natural blades and table accessory (FP920AZ / BPP4(5) / TA92AZ). Set it up next to your outdoor lounge, near the pool, in your patio table in place of your umbrella or anywhere you need a cool breeze on a hot summer day, this fan will be the perfect accessory.  

The Punkah by Fanimation and MyFan masterfully combines artistry with functionality to create an indoor fan with timeless, old world grace. The Punkah, meaning fan in Hindi, is comprised of a single motor that can run up to six fan assemblies. The fan blades are powered by the Punkah’s single motor and gently sway back and forth to create a cooling breeze and relaxing environment, mounted as a ceiling fan or wall fan. Note: The Punkah fan is not designed for significant air movement.  

Motor finishes: Antique brass and Pewter  +  Palm leaves or bamboo oval blades  +  Overall length: 1.2m to 7.3m
 (Refer to Specification sheet)  +  System length can be expanded up to 7.2m, connecting up to 6 fan head assemblies to the one motor  +  Fan head assemblies can be spaced up to 120cm apart  +  Motor assembly weight approx. 8kg  +  Blade assembly weight approx. 4kg (incl. blade) each

4 Blades

FP780AB / FP720AB / ISD1A(1) X4  The Punkah in Antique Brass with antique woven bamboo wide oval blades

FP780AB / FP720AB / ISP1(1) X4  The Punkah in Antique Brass with natural palm leaf wide oval blades

FP780PW / FP720PW / ISD1A(1) X4  The Punkah in Pewter with antique woven bamboo wide oval blades

6 Blades

FP780AB / FP720AB / ISP1(1) X6  The Punkah in Antique Brass with natural palm leaf wide oval blades

FP780PW / FP720PW / ISD1A(1) X6  The Punkah in Pewter with antique woven bamboo wide oval blades

Beautifully crafted with style and versatility in mind, The Windpointe Collection by Fanimation and MyFan has the right look for any room. The Windpointe ceiling fan provides satisfying air circulation in a simple, yet elegant design, such as The Windpointe in Pewter with curved wood cherry blades (MA7500PW / B6000CY(5)). Three, four and five-blade motors are available in antique brass, matte white, pewter and rust finishes. Selected models have been awarded the Energy Star for energy efficiency, reducing your energy costs.    

Standard downrod included  +  Longer lengths available  +  Blade span specific to model  +  Fan weight approx. 12kg including blades  +  Height: 37cm from ceiling to base of fan

22 Products to choose from

The Belleria Collection by Fanimation and MyFan are dedicated “wet” rated ceiling fans, some of the very few on the Australian market. Combined with a set of all-weather fan blades, you can now look forward to the perfect outdoor fan for alfresco dining on your verandah or deck. The Belleria in Aged Bronze with all-weather natural wide oval palm blades (FP4320AZ / BPP1(5)) is an example of how these versatile, tropical fans can be a lovely focus for sophisticated dining when used inside or out. 

The Maui Bay Collection is an elegant tropical ceiling fan range by Emerson and Myfan. Maui Bay offers a variety of exotic blades and also features a 20 degree blade pitch for enhanced air movement. The Maui Bay in Pewter with dark oak hand carved leaf blades (CF2000PW / B50DO(5)) elevates the humble fan into handcrafted art. Perfect for rooms, sunrooms, or any area where a refreshing new look can bring cool, relaxing breezes. Motor finishes: antique brass, pewter or oil-rubbed bronze.

Downrod included (21mm diameter by 150mm length)  +  Longer lengths available  +  Lighting options sold separately  +  20° blade pitch  +  200cm lead wires for high ceilings  +  Durable die-cast zinc hanging ball and bracket  +  Blade span specific to model  +  Height: 35cm from ceiling to base of fan  +  Fan weight approx. 12kg plus accessories  +  Optional fan controls

CF2000ORB / B20HP(5) The Maui Bay in Oil-rubbed Bronze with honey wicker blades (damp rated)  

CF2000PW / B60MP(5) The Maui Bay in Pewter with maple hand carved bamboo blades (indoor)

CF2000ORB / B50HCW(5) The Maui Bay in Oil-rubbed Bronze with hand carved walnut blades (indoor)

CF2000PW / B50DO(5) The Maui Bay in Pewter with dark oak hand carved leaf blades (indoor)

The Harlequin 36″ kids ceiling fan by MyFan is a playful contemporary design and secretly engineered for powerful cooling. With a fan light kit and chrome base included as standard, the Harlequin is an all-in-one lighting and cooling solution for all contemporary décors. And at just 36 inch (90 cm) blade span, this mini fan is ideal for cool kids bedrooms.

Indoor fan  +  Light and chrome base included as standard  +  15cm downrod, 2 x G9 (25W) light bulbs and wall control included (without faceplate)  +   Longer downrods available  +  Blade span: 36″ (90 cm)  +  Height: 45cm from ceiling to base of fan  +  Fan weight approx. 10kg  +  230 RPMs on high  +  Uses 75 W on high (without light) or 125 W on high (with light)  

Harlequin: Multi-Coloured F36MC  

Harlequin: Black F36BL

Harlequin: White F36WH

MyFan introduces a classic spin on the modern pedestal fan; the Arden Tripod Fan by US Brand Fanimation, who were inspired by the clean and classic lines of an architect’s tripod. With solid timber legs and a powerful three-speed motor offering 50º oscillation, this fan will look as good as your furniture. The Arden combines functionality with aesthetics. Every fan is precision engineered and put through some of the worlds strictest quality control procedures to ensure the Arden fan is built to last. This is why MyFan confidently offers a limited lifetime motor warranty.  

Fan height (including grill): 112 cm  +  Grill width: 37cm  +  Two distinct finishes: Oil-rubbed Bronze or Satin Nickel  +  50º Oscillation  +  Solid timber tripod base in walnut finish  +  Fan weight approx. 6kg  +  1,300 RPMs on high  +  Uses less than 50W on high  

MyFan are a 100% Australian owned and operated family business, started in 2004 as Fan Galleries Australia, and endeavour to show that ceiling fans can be beautiful. They have become Australia’s decorative ceiling fan experts, and import fans direct from leading USA brands Fanimation and Emerson. Ceiling fans are an environmentally friendly alternative, or can be used to complement air conditioning. A great range of exotic, decorative, tropical, modern and designer ceiling fans are available to architects, designers and homeowners to create the perfect atmosphere in homes, offices or commercial applications.

The Chairman’s Table is a sustainable flatpack solution for comfortable living thanks to clever design. Made from five simple pieces of extra strength cardboard, this paper table can comfortably seat one for work or six for dinner. Its simple minimalist design caters to both the professional office and as a creative canvas for domestic use; a fun and conveniently cheap solution for both small and big kids alike. See how it is easily assembled here


Sustainable flat-pack table  +  Creative and professional use  +  Seats 1-6  +  Lightweight  +  Quick and easy to assemble  +  Folds and tabs system  +  Affordable  +  Made in Germany


180cm W x 74cm H x 78cm D  +  High grade cardboard  +  Available in Kraft brown

The Hex Stool is a functional cardboard and quick assembly flatpack seat by Karton that is affordable, sustainable and recyclable. Suitable for occasions where casual seating is required on the quick, it can be easily stored away for later use. Designed to be the convenient compact solution, they are delivered in paper stack folds of two or six for whenever they are needed. Its quick assemblage is impressive and fun; see how it is easier than you think here.   


Compact cardboard stool  +  Sustainable flat-packed furniture  +  Easy to store  +  Lightweight  +  Quick and easy to assemble  +  Folds and tabs system  +  Affordable  +  Made in Germany


Available in kraft.33cm W x 43cm H x 37cm D  +  High grade cardboard  +  Available in a pack of two in Kraft brown  +  Available in a pack of six in Kraft brown or White

The perfect indoor atmosphere requires a carefully kept balance of light and shade, and of colour, space, and air circulation. Using a quality ceiling fan can enhance the aesthetics of a space, add a touch of colour, draw the viewer’s eye upwards, and introduce air flow to a room. The Loft 60” ceiling fan by Emerson is one such quality instrument. Its sweeping, aerodynamic, Polypropylene blades outperform the flat blades of budget ceiling fans, proving to be more efficient, safer, and quieter than their metal counterparts. Complementing these blades, the Loft is equipped with a powerful motor – one of the best on the Australian market, using less than 80W on high speed  – a combination that amounts to a truly energy efficient ceiling fan. 

Johnson Window Films have been established manufacturers of purpose-designed window films for more than thirty years. The company’s window films for residential solar control offers optimum control inside the house for thermal and visual comfort.  Solar control is established room to room by reducing glare and achieving heat rejection specified by customers.  The films can also be finished to match any aesthetic with a wide variety of shades to choose from and can either provide  visual privacy or maximum visibility.  On top of producing quality products, Johnson Window Films welcome customer consultations with one of their specialists to ensure the correct film is chosen, saving time and money.  

Range of residential film options  +  Scratch resistant film  +  Easy-to-care  +  Special warranty that includes care and cleaning tips for window film  


Daylight Natural  +  Sunset Bronze  +  Solar Silver  +  ScenicView  +  NightScape  +  Palisade  +  Architectural  +  Specialty Series

Heat-On Systems is focused on working on commercial, warehousing, high-rise developments, luxury apartments, schools, government buildings, city councils and the like utilizing the most advanced electric heating technology available in Australia.

Heat-On’s Sunjoy radiant panel heaters are backed by a 20 year warranty. Should there be any single fault Heat-On will immediately replace new for old. The system once installed is completely maintenance free, for the life of the development there should not be a need to replace or service our heaters.

Our Sunjoy panels dissipate a unique far-infrared wavelength, this wavelength is almost identical to the wavelength that our sun produces which provides deodorization and antibiosis. These properties are highly beneficial to human, animal & plant matter as they purify and sterilizes the air, activate red blood cells and improve the metabolism. Furthermore the vitamins produced by the far-infrared wave also augment resistance to disease and kill bacteria. Over a prolonged period of time this is exceptionally beneficial to ones health and therefore we highly recommend this system for your unique application.

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