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Escea’s traditional wood fire, the EW5000, adds a dramatic focal point to any outdoor entertaining area – the romance of glowing embers or the attraction of an open flame! In addition, its large cooking surface allows you to enjoy BBQ cooking the way it was meant to be done.

The EW5000 outdoor wood fire can be installed with or without the Stainless Steel Slab fascia. The fascia-less look gives a more traditional option and can be installed flush or recessed into your non-combustible fire surround. Escea can provide a ready to build steel frame enclosure (KSE) which can be finished with a suitable fireproof material of your choice. For long life, the EW5000 firebox is constructed from 4mm thick steel.


  • Natural draft (standard) flue
  • Optional cooking plate

For further details, please click here for Escea’s website. 

Bosch is a global leader in heating technology and the design and manufacture of boilers for hydronic heating. The Bosch hydronic boiler range includes non-condensing and condensing boilers.

The Condens 5000W range of high performance, energy efficient boilers represents the very latest in heating technology for the environmentally conscious home-owner. With an award-winning customer-focused product design, and the engineering quality you’d expect from one of Europe’s most respected heating brands, the Condens 5000W is sure to surpass the expectations of anyone looking to upgrade to a modern heating system. For such a compact boiler, the Condens 5000W is particularly powerful with individual heat outputs of 18kW and 30kW. If larger outputs are required Bosch provide the 37kW ‘Combi’ boiler which is able to perform as a hydronic boiler (30kW) as well as a water heater (37kW) at over 90% energy efficiency.

For more information about the benefits of hydronic heating please visit

Compact and stylish, Pierlite’s Huntsman LED is a miniature floodlight suitable for residential and urban spaces. With an IP66 rating, cool-touch aluminium heatsink, and flame retardant polycarbonate body, the Huntsman provides maximum illumination in a discreet package.

The Huntsman’s 3mm tempered glass front and precision reflector system allow a wide 40 degree vertical and 70 degree horizontal light distribution, while its durable, adjustable bracket enables a 261 degree tilt rotation. Highly durable, the LED is suitable for outdoor use, and available in satin black, silver, and white finishes. All Huntsman units are supplied with a 3 year warranty and impressive 35 000 hour performance capability.

Vitrius Portavant sliding doors are the latest in all-glass sliding door technology, effortlessly combining sleek contemporary style with high functionality. System fit to suit the needs of every installation environment, the innovative range of glass hardware offers outstanding cost efficiency, with a competitive price and extended product life span.

The Portavant line is subdivided into three product families to suit sash widths of all dimensions, with all units featuring a cushioned auto-close and reliable exact trigger mechanism. 

Gilgen’s modular door systems enable easy customisation to suit the specific requirements of any project. Available in an expansive range of materials, colours, thicknesses, finishes, and shapes, the versatile doors allow endless possibilities for design innovation.

Notable custom products include the Gilgen Media Door, which incorporates flatscreen displays into door leaves to transform ordinary doors into valuable communication tools. The Media Door is an effective advertising means suitable for installation at the point of entrance of corporate or commercial buildings.

For non-conventionally shaped installation sites and facade surfaces where sliding doors are desired, the prismatic sliding door is ideal. Using smaller door modules, the flexible system allows sliding doors to take paths that are curved or angular.

Using a combination of an internal air space and high mass, Seves Glassblock’s soundproof glass blocks are excellent acoustic insulators. Part of the Technology Line of high performance products, the soundproof blocks can achieve a minimum interior noise level of 40dB, outperforming both double glazing and brick walls of identical thicknesses.

This outstanding degree of functionality alongside a clean and contemporary aesthetic makes the blocks ideal for applications where noise reduction and creative design are of equal importance, such as restaurants, night clubs, and other public spaces.

Soundproof blocks in the Technology Line are available in a square module and clear glass, with finishing options including light directing, waved, and light diffusing.

Though all Ciment products are naturally of a low porosity, they should be sealed in order to prevent staining, particularly if used in an area proximal to food preparation.

Boss Architectural offers pre factory sealing with CimentShield, a high quality solvent-based pre sealer that is applied, burnished, and then wrapped in protective plastic film. Post installation, Ciment undergoes a second sealing by the stonemason or fabricator to ensure maximum protection from staining.

Boss Architectural also supplies each slab and tile with a bottle of Ciment Spray and Wipe and Shield for ongoing maintenance included.

With a passion for injecting flair in their bathrooom designs, Teuco’s Limited Edition Accademia POP Bathtub, is the perfect portrayal of marriage between fashion and design. The collector’s item, meticulously designed by Carlo Colombo, is the result of a vibrant tale of wefts and chromatic interplay.

The POP Bathtub is a unique piece; with the principal trump card being it’s mix between classicism and post- modernism. Teuco have created a genuine work of art through their craftsmanship synthesising design and technology.

In producing this bathtub (180x80x59 cm WxDxH), Teuco has exploited to the maximum the versatility and expressive potential of Duralight®, fashioning it into an icon of the latest trend. Patented material Duralight® which is produced and processed exclusively by Teuco, is 100% pliable. The finish is also resistant to external agents, which allows for surfaces to be instantly restored to mint condition and maintain its pristine finish.

The Accademia Pop Bathtub won the Reddot – Best of the Best 2014 awarded to the best products in every category, which excel for the most innovative and revolutionary design among all those awarded the Red Dot.

Designed for ease of assembly, the Eurowood aluminium slat fencing uses pre-machined frames at various spacings. Incorporating tension legs (Tension- Loc), the system eliminates the requirement for any positive fixings including screws. Unlike other systems, there are no snap infill pieces or gaps in U channels, resulting in a high quality finish.

Eurowood Aluminium Gate Systems are designed for simple assembly and installation without losing the strength that comes from welding. Due to the aluminium top and bottom rail actually protruding into the side frames of the gate, it provides more strength than a welded gate. Dispatched to you as a flat pack, all you have to do is assemble the gate and screw in the concealed screws in each corner.

Designed with the installer in mind, the Eurowood Ezi-Glaze system uses a captive wedge design making glass install easy. Using a 40mm sq design, the system gives you the visual advantages of a 50mm round and the modern look of a square post. The complete system also incorporates glass gate systems, hardware, handrails/balustrade where needed and a comprehensive range of 10mm glass to meet any job requirement.

A complete system inclusive of glass gate systems, hardware, handrails/balustrade where needed and a comprehensive range of 12mm glass, Eurowood frameless glass pool fencing is perfect for every outdoor space. Their Suresafe spigots have been tested and approved for usage in pool fencing and balustrade. They are forged out of stainless steel 316L (low carbon) and are available in polish or satin finish.

With a comprehensive range of aluminium and glass fencing options, Eurowood can meet all pool fencing requirements. From your typical tubular fence up to your premium frameless glass pool fencing, Eurowood has a simple-to-install system that eliminates a lot of the issues incurred in a fence installation.

Using pre-machined frames for fixed louvers, Eurowood provides pre-machined side frames and clearview control bars with spring loaded end caps for operable louvres so they can be assembled on site. Make yourself a fixed or operable louvre in a fraction of the time with a tradesman’s quality finish.

Designed for quick and easy assembly, the Eurowood privacy and window aluminium screen systems can be used on balconies, carports, over windows or as hood awnings above windows and doors to provide sun shading. Perfect for hiding unsightly objects such as rubbish bins, gas tanks, air conditioners, or clothes lines, the system is perfect for any space

The Seatery offers an extensive range of quality fashion fabrics, leather or vinyl to create the lifestyle look to suit customers’ homes. The Seatery works in consultation with their customers to select the most suitable spring system, padding and cushion fill to create the desired look and feel of a piece. The Seatery’s furniture is comfortable and luxuriant with layers of padding on the frame which also prevents fabric abrasion. Loose covers can be made to suit any existing furniture, creating a fresh new look.

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