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The Standard Uridan urinal is able to function entirely without the use of water and yet remain odour free. The simple design has been engineered specifically to deliver a quality product with a low long term cost of ownership. Featuring a 2 Year Warranty, a Uridan urinal is significantly cheaper to purchase, install and maintain, when compared to normal flushing systems. This appealing modern Danish design offers a professional touch to any bathroom and is highly suitable for commercial offices, restaurants, hotels, pubs, clubs. Compact designs are available in both ceramic and fibreglass.



 Waterless single bowl urinal  +   Environmentally friendly  +  Budget-friendly  +  2 year warranty  +  High quality finish  +   Modern clean Danish design  +  Suitable for commercial offices, restaurants, hotels, pubs, clubs  


For maintenance only use Urilock® and Uriclean® 

KH-6: Ceramic  +  Available in white
KHC-6: Compact design  +  Ceramic  +  Available in white

GH-6: Fibreglass  +  Available in white (GH-1-W) and granite (GH-1-G)  +  Additional colours available on special order  
GHC-6: Fibreglass  +  Available in white (GHC-1-W) and granite (GHC-1-G)  +  Additional colours available on special order

Uridan is possibly best known for its large range of waterless urinals and the stunning design lines characteristic of the brand.

Now the matching Uridan privacy screens have been created to mirror the shape of the Uridan urinals and are increasingly being specified to be placed alongside the urinals.

Uridan Privacy screens have been designed to follow the architectural design lines of the Uridan urinals while providing added comfort and privacy for users. While a row of Uridan urinals can be striking, the architectural effect with the privacy screen installed between the urinals is absolutely stunning.

And the added advantage of privacy screens is that the use is spread across a complete row of urinals. There are over 20,000 Uridan waterless urinals installed across Australia and this figure is growing. The water savings attributable to Uridan in Australia today is over 1.2 mega litres of pure drinking water annually – equivalent to the volume of water in 480 Olympic sized swimming pools!


Sculptural aesthetic matches Uridan urinals  +  Striking Danish design  +  High quality finish  +  Suitable for commercial and public amenities  +  2 Year Warranty

The award winning Uridan waterless urinals assist businesses to save millions of litres of water every year. The urinals require no water for flushing and water usage is reduced by up to 50,000 litres per urinal per year. With water and energy costs continuing to rise, investment in water management is a key feature of any building portfolio and Uridan makes sense both environmentally and commercially. Uridan waterless urinals are being selected by organisations with a focus on sustainability and are currently being installed in stadiums, sporting facilities, shopping centres, conference and exhibition centres, commercial offices, schools, universities, pubs, clubs and hotels across Australia.

In summary the benefits of installing Uridan waterless urinals include:

–  Considerable reductions in water consumption
–  Carbon Emission Savings        
–  Easy installation for new or retrofit amenities
–  Low Operating Costs
–  Environmental Benefits
–  Stylish Danish Design Product
–  Good corporate image
–  Asset Value increase due to ‘greener buildings’

The Britex Stainless Steel Curveline Vanity Multi Basin is a robust yet stylish fixture, ideal for use in schools, public amenities, night clubs and pavilions where several patrons may require use of the basin at once. Curveline stainless steel basins are custom fabricated to specific lengths as required and incorporate a secure access panel and can be supplied complete with a choice of fully certified tapware styles including sensor taps, timed flow taps and flick mixers.

+  Australian made by Australia’s premier stainless steel fabricator
+  Supplied in custom lengths  
+  Incorporates multiple hand basins  
+  Fully concealed plumbing and highly vandal resistant  
+  Fully welded, seamless construction  
+  Ideal for high traffic public washrooms, education facilities and sports pavilions
+  Grade 304 satin finish stainless steel  
+  Vandal resistant access panels  
+  Heavy duty, concealed brackets  
+  Choice of tapware: sensor taps, timed flow taps and flick mixers 

Britex Arid Waterfree Urinals are unlike most waterfree urinals on the market today, incorporating no perishable components that need to be repeatedly replaced. Instead, Britex Arid Waterfree Urinals utilise a unique ‘one-way valve’.  After urine has flowed through the valve, it closes up and traps all odour within the plumbing. The only ‘maintenance’ required is the occasional squirt of fresh water or disinfectant over the urinal surface. Extensively tested and approved by Australian Standards with WaterMark certification as both a waterfree and self-cleaning urinal (Auto-Mist models), Britex waterfree urinals are available as both a wall mounted unit and a floor mounted model and are a cost-effective, environmentally friendly addition to any commercial bathroom.

+  WaterMark and WELS certified as required by plumbing regulations and government legislation 
+  Incorporates the proven ‘one-way valve’ waterless waste technology
+  NO cartridge. NO sealant fluids. NO bio blocks = low maintenance
+  Self-cleaning ‘Auto-Mist’ models available.
+  Supplied with automated device.
+  Gel-coated fiberglass body – light and easy to install In-built ‘privacy’ panels
+  Floor mounted (1200mm long) and wall mounted models available
+  Ideal for installing in schools, night clubs, bars, sports clubs & public amenities 

Finally! Stainless Steel Toilets with panache and class that shrug off the demands of utilitarianism. Available in off-the-floor, P-Trap, S-Trap and Disabled Compliant configurations, RBA’s range of Stainless Steel Toilets can be specified in Hotels, Nightclubs, Schools & Railway Stations. Designers will appreciate the smooth curves and laser cut access panels. Building owners & clients are easily won-over by heavy gauge stainless steel and integral seat [nothing for the vandals to destroy or steal!]. Best of all, RBA’s range are the only WELS approved Stainless Steel Toilets available. Great looks, vandal resistant and an approved product – RBA has it all!

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