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Unitex Protective Membranes are flexible topcoats designed to offer a rainproof pigmented surface sealer. Two coats not only protect the surface from aggressive environments but also enhance the beauty of the finished construction. There are two grades in the protective membranes; Uni-PTC matt is a surface finish effect gloss product and Uni-Flex Membrane is a satin surface finish effect low gloss product. Unitex protective membrane leaves a matt surface finish effect to offer a thick water resistant coloured paint. *FEATURES* Biological resistance + Water based acrylic system for safe handling and low toxicity properties + Water resistant + Formulated with water vapour permeability in order to rainproof the exterior and allow water vapour from the substrate to leave unhindered + Pigmentation is integrated during the manufacturing process for consistent colour *SPECIFICATIONS* Size: 15L pail + Coverage: 2 coats with PTC of 50 – 60 m2 and membrane – 40 – 50 m2 + Suitable over Unitex Speciality textures + Applied with brush or roller

Senguard by Dry-treat is a sealer especially designed to protect granite surfaces.  The sealant is absorbed by the granite so unlike regular sealants which commonly create a protective film layer that is more prone to acquiring unbreathable moist pockets and developing damage.  Because Senguard binds into the granite pores it provides a superior protection that lasts up to 15 years on a kitchen counter tops.  Senguard is exclusively produced by Consentino USA and manufactured and developed by Dry-treat.  With nano-technology the sealant has been designed to form a permanent chemical bond that surpasses the exposed granite.


Chemical bond allows surface to breathe  +  Long lasting and does not fade  +  Not affected by cleaning products + After applied liquid granite does not absorb liquid

HANAFINN Ole Repella™ Technology is an environmentally friendly oil penetrating, cost effective repellent that resists spills from food items and reduces ongoing maintenance. It can be used on driveways, swimming pool surrounds, eating areas and patios. Ole Repella is suitable for cement bricks, clay, terracotta tiles and grout surfaces. The product protects tiles from the damage caused by any stains. It can be applied in both indoor and outdoor surface areas and makes the surface easy to maintain and clean for a long period of time. FEATURES A sealer for engineering concrete and stones + Superior water and oil repellent + Provides superior penetration with a longer life span + Versatile applications

Enhance Plus Instant Dry (EPID) is a professional breathable and invisible surface sealer that protects against graffiti. EPID can be used on natural stone, metals and engineered stone as well as Plexiglas, glass, plastics and tiles. The product is suitable for a wide range of applications for indoor and outdoor use including kitchen counter tops, bathrooms, dining rooms and entertaining areas. The sealant can also be used on bus shelters and public and commercial areas. EPID is a fast drying and deep enrichment of natural colour, and greatly lessens the appearance of scratches associated with wear and vandalism. *FEATURES* EPID repels water and oil based stains + Easy to clean + Makes scuff marks easy to remove from any textured tiled floors + Makes the surface more resistant to acid etching *SPECIFICATIONS* Product includes + Ready to use container with application rate of one litre per 5 to 15 sq feet. + Applied when temperature is 5 to 35 degree Celsius + 30 percent active content in low molecule weighted solvent

Dry-Treat impregnating sealers are engineered molecules, which gives them their superior properties and unique benefits. Main molecules have two main parts with different properties: part of the molecule is hydrophobic which repels oil and water, whilst other sealers are attracted to water. The sealer is applied to the surface and starts to react with moisture in the air along with the material. This reaction can cause the sealer part molecules that are attracted to water to break off leaving a changed molecule behind. Later on in the reaction process, it breaks the bonds between the masonry and the attached oxygen and hydrogen atoms and bonds to the lattice. Essentially, the treatment becomes part of the material itself. This chemical bond is strong, holding the masonry together with a longer lifespan than other sealers.

Freeze thaw is a phenomenon that occurs when water fills up the surface pores of a porous material. Dry-Treat products are salt resistant, which means they provide protection against salt attack and freeze thaw damage. Salts must be in water in order to move through a porous building material. Ions in salt water are surrounded by a shell of water molecules, and when water freezes, it expands and spalls the surface. When Dry-Treat sealer is applied, it offers resistance to salt attack: the building material repels the water and the dissolved salts which can cause the damage.

Dry-Treat Sealers treat surfaces with special impregnators and through this maintain their breathability. Dry-Treat sealers attach to the building material molecular lattice where it can repel liquids. Dry-Treat special liquid repelling sealing molecules are almost thousands of times smaller than other molecules in standard silicone resin or fluoro-polymer type impregnators. These products also block the pores and so the surfaces are treated with its impregnators, allowing them to retain breathability after treatment. Water or oil is repelled and the water vapour evaporates out.

CONCRÈME™ by Dry Treat is a specialist civil engineering product that uses the ultimate technology for protecting engineering concrete and masonry from water damage. CONCRÈME™ is a revolution: the world’s only low-VOC permanent bonding silane that passes world’s best low VOC silane standards. Permanent bonding silanes have been regularly used across the world for more than fifty years as the best protective sealer for large concrete structures especially in salt water. However silanes produce VOC emissions during the bonding process and so their use is limited or banned. *FEATURES* Maintain surfaces looking good for longer + Non-film-forming deep penetration + Very alkali resistant + Powerful resistance to weather and traffic + Suitable for a wide variety of applications, including marine infrastructure such as wharves and jetties, road and rail bridge decks, building facades, car parks and swimming pool surrounds. It is an ideal product for the preservation of infrastructure.

ENHANCE- PLUS Sealer is a penetrating and breathable sealer which enriches the colour of natural stone, grout, pavers, tiles and concretes. This sealer hides any scratches and imperfections. This sealer product is a breathable semi-surface treatment which offers a lasting enrichment of colour and water based stains protection for terracotta and other tiles. It comes in a deeply enriched natural colour, so tiles look good for a longer period of time. Such products can treat indoor as well as outdoor surface tiles, is easy to maintain, and is suitable for alkaline and neutral substrates.

Makes the surface more resistant to acid etching + Repels any stain and soil for easy cleaning + Protects against salt and such efflorescence + Backed by 5 year performance warranty

Dry-Treat’s META CRÈME™ is a next generation invisible and breathable impregnating sealant for protecting natural stone, pavers, grout, concrete, masonry and tiles. Dry-Treat had two main goals for META CRÈME™: firstly, create a product with excellent performance, durability and protection that can surpass all existing standards; and secondly, an environmentally responsible product. With both goals achieved, META CRÈME™ Impregnating Sealer is ideal for indoor and outdoor usage on bathrooms, kitchens, patios, walls, and entertainment areas.


Retains natural colour and finish of the surface + Super oil and water repellency for superior stain protection + Easy one coat application + Used in indoors and outdoors + Alkali resistant and won’t break down when in contact with cement based materials + Can seal hairline cracks up to 0.3 mm ( 0.012 inches) + 15 year performance warranty

Dry-Treat 100N is an impregnating, breathable and invisible sealer which protects engineering concrete from water and sodium damage. Through these products one can maintain a clean marble surface for extended periods of time. The products offer lasting protection for engineering concrete. Dry-Treat 100 N is suitable for a number of applications including, marine infrastructure bridges and jetties. It is also used in car parks, swimming pool areas and building facades. The product repels water and water borne chloride ion salts.

Keeps the original surface look + Can minimise moss growth Excellent chloride ion salt screen + Ideal for marine and pool areas + Protect tiles and marble against any weather conditions

100 per cent active ingredient + Alkaline resistant + 30 year performance warranty + Each coat of 0.3 litre per square mile means a total of one litre for per 1.66 sq m + 20 and 200 litre steel drums

CCS Petrol Resistant Sealer is a high quality semi gloss acrylic coating for concrete or masonry surfaces, especially in carparks, service stations, or other areas of vehicular traffic. It has a unique formulation which prevents it from softening on contact with petrol, as standard sealers tend to do. This sealer is especially formulated for surfaces which are exposed to mild solvents and petrol, and has exceptional chemical stability, durability and petrol stain resistance and mild solvents. *FEATURES* Designed to provide a concrete surface treatment for service stations, factory floors and workshops where chemical and petrol spills can be hazardous with conventional concrete sealers + Designed as a two coat system for high density surfaces + Provides excellent protection against fading or any leeching of oxides in concrete and staining due to contaminants like dirt, oil or grease + Available in clear, black or shale grey colours + Provided in 20 litre and 200 litre drums

By offering Protective Sealers, CCS strives to be a long term leading supplier to the industry. These protective sealers guard decorative surfaces from the harsh Australian weather as well as potential pollutants, making the concrete much easier to keep clean and looking good for a much longer period of time. Protective Sealers are versatile and suitable for a number of environments, and are available in a range of solution-oriented options, depending on whether the need for a sealer is abrasion, location, chemical resistance, slip resistance, site access challenges or the desire for less maintenance.

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