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SolarBIM PV is a holistic photovoltaic system simulator software that doubles as an accurate and reliable calculation tool. Combining technical and economical analysis tools for efficient and cost effective system design, SolarBIM also facilitates comprehensive business plan analysis.

Features include an hour-by-hour system simulation to accurately reflect real system productivity and allow designers to tweak designs for maximum efficiency. Customisable features include shading levels, panel installation angles, and overall system configuration.

The powerful software is presented in a clear, user-friendly interface that is compatible with all other programs in the Mc4Suite, and generates reports in RTF format.

One of the only products of its kind, PipeCad is a software module entirely dedicated to the design of mechanical heating and cooling boiler rooms.

By combining a realistic graphical view of the equipment and room interiors with advanced calculation technology, the software allows the designer to thoroughly investigate and address the needs of each project.

Each component of the ensuing design can be fully specified and sized, with adaptors and connectors automatically calculated and inserted according to pipe sizes.

Offering full integration with AutoCAD and other programs in the Mc4Suite, PipeCad is an invaluable means for designing plants and other industrial projects with speed, ease, and accuracy.

FireCad is Mc4Software’s innovative program for the design and sizing of fire protection systems. Encapsulating roof or in-rack systems for industrial and warehouse protection, and internal and external options for other structures, the program’s range of applications is broad.

Featuring a clear, intuitive interface, the FireCad software allows for a flexible, user-defined generation of pipe networks. Architects and engineers can use the software as a tool for the design, calculation, and graphic representation of complex heating, cooling, and plumbing systems of any configuration. Integration with other programs in the mc4Suite allows the specification of hazard levels, load calculations, and placement of sprinkler and hose systems.

Users are able to quickly and accurately generate an optimum design for fire safety and risk mitigation.

Sophisticated graphics collate and communicate data in a coherent and legible manner, with FireCad software fully compatible with files produced in AutoCAD.

For projects involving hydraulic and thermal calculations, HvacCad from Mc4Software is the ideal computer program. The most complete and high performing software of its kind, HvacCad is fully AutoCAD compatible, and able to analyse and generate values from graphic inputs.

HvacCad is intended to streamline the heating and cooling design process. Its main capabilities include heating and cooling requirements, the sizing of heating and refrigeration components, and facilitation of the complete design of duct and radiant heating and cooling systems. The program is suitable for the calculation and design of all types of pipe net systems, encompassing gas systems, plumbing, and wall and subfloor radiant heating systems.

The HvacCad software is available in either Standard or Pro versions, depending on the needs and size of the project in question. Both versions are graphical input compatible and contain a series of self contained software modules for specific areas of design.

Producing presentation images of architectural, object, and automobile design projects, Artlantis Render is a 3D rendering platform for the creation of static images. Equipped with numerous viewpoint, lighting, and background functionalities, and offering user customisation of shadows and lenses, the software ensures that all projects are represented in photorealistic detail.

A clear and intuitive user interface is combined with CAD modelling software (including SketchUp and ArchiCAD) to generate exceptionally resolved rendered scenes and models. The unique ‘Postcards’ feature allows users to archive material settings and views at any stage of the project, with the capability for later retrieval thereof.

In conjunction with extensive view options, a broad catalogue of pre-made 3D models in the program’s Media Catalog makes it simple to enhance 3D scenes and interiors. Texture mapping, people, and landscaping are all fully integrated into the software, alongside an HDRI background capability.

Available for both Mac and PC operating systems, Artlantis Render can be used in tandem with Artlantis Studio to produce panoramic images and project animations. 

For the creation of animations and virtual panoramas, Artlantis Studio is the ideal software solution. Developed in partnership with AXYZ Design, Artlantis Studio animates objects, characters, and scenes.

The powerful software maintains an intuitive, user friendly interface, with 3D people and objects placed using a simple ‘drag’ and drop, and fully customisable in terms of scale, materiality, and colour.

Artlantis Studio’s camera simulation functionality allows navigation of a rendered scene, giving users and clients a feel of the interior atmosphere and character of a space. The programs ‘timeline’ window facilitates precision editing, and a broad range of lighting and lens features ensures high resolution graphics on each project.

In conjunction with iVisit 3D, Artlantis Studio allows for the creation of panoramic views of a project, with these images then exportable to Flash and other presentation platforms. Full 360º navigation means that project images can be viewed smoothly and seamlessly both on desktop computers and mobile devices on which the free iVisit 3D app is installed. 

The latest in Abvent’s range of 3D rendering software, Artlantis 5 is the French company’s most comprehensive and user friendly program to date. Suitable for architects, designers, and students alike, the software generates high quality photorealistic renders for presentations and competitions.

Artlantis 5 incorporates features from earlier versions of the program, streamlining an already user friendly interface to optimise the rendering process. A collated workspace and full screen view capability on both Mac and PC allows for a holistic overview of projects and modelling tools, alongside a real-time, high definition preview functionality.

A multitude of viewpoints and the ability to save and organise each of these allows designers to truly interrogate a structure or object. Light sources, angles, solar shading, and camera lenses are all fully customisable, with numerous adjustable parameters ensuring that renders are optimised to best represent each project.

Though designed for 3D visualisation and rendering, Artlantis 5 also features 2D capabilities, allowing for orthogonal visualisations in plan and section views.

Artlantis 5 is compatible with most 3D modelling software, and can create and process the majority of 3D modelling files types. 

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