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Sunteca Timber Venetian Blinds are made from Basswood or Red Cedar: trees that are actually grown in North America specifically for timber blinds. Basswood is a naturally pale wood, meaning less colour variation in between the slats rather than other timber species. When Basswood is used the slats are also finished with Polyester lacquer. Cedar Venetian Blinds are given an oil finish to enhance the grain and protect the wood.

Manually operate by cords for tilting and raising or lowering + Optional electric motor + Basswood or Cedar slats

Luxaflex Luminette Privacy Sheers are fashionable window curtains and vertical blinds that offer a softly filtered view providing privacy with controlled tilting vanes, as well as controlling excess sunlight in the most elegant manner, and a creating a luxurious glow at night when the shade is closed. Luxafles Luminette Privacy Sheers consist of polyester sheer fabrics available in three different styles with two vane types, and are also available in a huge range of pastel shades offering a totally new decorative window fashion that is different from any other window covering. *FEATURES* Unmatched control of the light + Provided in five face fabric types: Linea, Filigree, Angelica, Batiste and Stria + 100 per cent polyester + Unique Softrak system ensuring smooth operation + Lifetime warranty *SPECIFICATIONS* Maximum width: 4875 mm + Area: 14.5 sqm + Drop: 3045 mm + Shading co-efficient: 0.36 + Made from anti-static polyester fabric + Track is sturdy aluminium + 2 year warranty

Duette Pleated Blinds are ideal for customers who want window treatments which are versatile and offer efficient light blocking. Duette Pleated Blinds can be used in any type of a room, whether small or big, and on any type of window shape as they can be custom made per specifications. High quality polyester fabrics ensure temperature control, and can keep the room cool in the summer and warmer in winter. Many degrees of translucency are available, for blinds that block the suns rays while filtering through natural light. *FEATURES* Available in different sizes + Control options with colour coordination + High quality products + 18 different colours + Available in 25, 32 and 64 mm + Three light properties – transparent, translucent and blackout

Designed for ease of assembly, the Eurowood aluminium slat fencing uses pre-machined frames at various spacings. Incorporating tension legs (Tension- Loc), the system eliminates the requirement for any positive fixings including screws. Unlike other systems, there are no snap infill pieces or gaps in U channels, resulting in a high quality finish.

Eurowood Aluminium Gate Systems are designed for simple assembly and installation without losing the strength that comes from welding. Due to the aluminium top and bottom rail actually protruding into the side frames of the gate, it provides more strength than a welded gate. Dispatched to you as a flat pack, all you have to do is assemble the gate and screw in the concealed screws in each corner.

Designed with the installer in mind, the Eurowood Ezi-Glaze system uses a captive wedge design making glass install easy. Using a 40mm sq design, the system gives you the visual advantages of a 50mm round and the modern look of a square post. The complete system also incorporates glass gate systems, hardware, handrails/balustrade where needed and a comprehensive range of 10mm glass to meet any job requirement.

A complete system inclusive of glass gate systems, hardware, handrails/balustrade where needed and a comprehensive range of 12mm glass, Eurowood frameless glass pool fencing is perfect for every outdoor space. Their Suresafe spigots have been tested and approved for usage in pool fencing and balustrade. They are forged out of stainless steel 316L (low carbon) and are available in polish or satin finish.

With a comprehensive range of aluminium and glass fencing options, Eurowood can meet all pool fencing requirements. From your typical tubular fence up to your premium frameless glass pool fencing, Eurowood has a simple-to-install system that eliminates a lot of the issues incurred in a fence installation.

Using pre-machined frames for fixed louvers, Eurowood provides pre-machined side frames and clearview control bars with spring loaded end caps for operable louvres so they can be assembled on site. Make yourself a fixed or operable louvre in a fraction of the time with a tradesman’s quality finish.

Designed for quick and easy assembly, the Eurowood privacy and window aluminium screen systems can be used on balconies, carports, over windows or as hood awnings above windows and doors to provide sun shading. Perfect for hiding unsightly objects such as rubbish bins, gas tanks, air conditioners, or clothes lines, the system is perfect for any space

Offering excellent return on investment (ROI) opportunities, we have a couple of systems that will decrease your labour and costs for cleaning chemicals.

Firstly, we have fabric options for permanent smart features that resist soiling and contamination, thereby decreasing change-out scheduling and associated laundering costs.
Second, our EZE-Swap™ privacy systems allow quicker and more controlled change points at arm’s reach, that don’t need ladders for the change outs. This means less time and risk for the privacy curtain change.
Thirdly, you have the option for single panel change-outs or for the entire curtain run. Given they can be clipped into place at arm’s reach, this is simple to do, and can be done very quickly.
Finally, our cubicle track safety loading units can save you up to 25% in time for change-outs, again with no need for ladders.


Achieving a balance between appearance and privacy for homes is often a difficult task as traditional screens are known to detract from exterior aesthetics.

Superior Screens overcomes this tension between looks and privacy with their range of patio and deck screens, allowing you to be confident in both the privacy and stylish aesthetic of your home.

Moreover, patio and deck screens keep out harmful sun rays whilst allowing in gentle shafts of light, with options to personalise the appearance of both the screen frame and infill.

Colours and decorative inserts are available to add a splash of interest or to blend in seamlessly to your home’s exterior appeal, whilst also fulfilling a truly functional role with durability and style.

Deck and patio screens are available in a range of powder-coated, zincalume, stainless steel or wood grain finishes as well as in a diamond or square lattice.

TintFX’s ‘Decorative’ Film is not only a range of aesthetic-based ornamental glass treatments,  being a technique that experiments with transparency, and ultimately privacy as well.  The film is available in clear or computer cut frost; black and white opaque options; and, colour films.  The computer cut frosted film creates an opportunity to fabricate uniquely designed patterns, which may express corporate identity or simply transform the work atmosphere by playing with the way staff peer through the windows as well as the way light travels into the space.  Walls can be replaced with evocative and light encouraging windows whilst still maintaining a sense of privacy.


Removes the problem of glare without blinds  +  available in a large range  +  sense of privacy  +  reduces the use of electrical lighting and power consumption 

Solar Silver Metallised films are designed for utmost heat rejection and are a perfect solution for any commercial building that receives an excessive amount of solar exposure. The aluminium metallised construction offers comfort and protection, which is needed whilst reducing the glare of the sun which causes unwelcome eyestrain. Further, SS films help balance interior hot spots and deliver cost effective energy savings for managers and homeowners. It has a modern metallic look, and blends well with factory tinted glass as well as with sophisticated commercial and residential architecture. These films never fades and blocks almost 99 per cent of harmful UV rays.

CST Scratch resistant hard coat + Aluminium metallised polyester film + Mounting adhesive with high performance resin + Blocks almost 99% of UV rays + Range includes SS20 with visible light transmission of 22%, glare reduction 76%, or SS35 with visible light transmission of 40%, glare reduction 56%.

Stay cool in the shade. A relaxed atmosphere for better living… Sunteca supplies Luxaflex® textile shades, awnings & blinds, along with Cedar Plantation Shutters in every variety under the sun. The complete range starts with basic System 2000® drop arm awnings, then progresses through a wide choice of folding arm, telescopic arm and Cocoon Cassette awnings. Façade and Glass roof conservatory awnings are our speciality, with Fabric Tensioned Systems at the high end. We do sophisticated sunshade installations with automation, electric motors and sensors. In other words, Sunteca offers everything you need for relaxing shade outdoors.

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