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PALOPAQUE is a flat UV-stabilised PVC sheet that is easily formed and fabricated, making it ideal for a wide variety of applications.

PALOPAQUE makes an excellent printing substrate for the advertising and signage industries and is suitable for digital or traditional printing. Breakthrough HYG technology adds active sanitation action for hospitals, clinics and laboratories. With excellent chemical resistance, high impact strength, and a high fire rating, PALOPAQUE will stand the test of time.

Main benefits:

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • High impact strength
  • Easily fabricated and formed
  • High fire rating: self-extinguishing
  • Glossy, Matt Hair-Cell or surfaces
  • High electrical and thermal insulation
  • Easily fabricated
  • Non-toxic
  • Available as a complete cladding system
  • PALOPAQUE HYG: Active hygiene
  • PALOPAQUE SF: Low static charge

Suitable applications:

  • Wall cladding
  • Advertising and signage
  • Applications in chemical plants
  • Sterile surfaces
  • Air ducts

Print wide format documents with detail and definition

When every pixel has a purpose, the Canon imagePROGRAF iPF785 shines. There’s a reason this is the best-selling large format printer in the Canon range. It’s a wide format printer trusted by professional architects, contractors and engineers to accurately and faithfully reproduce their CAD drawings with fine lines and excellent definition down to the last detail.

Enjoy large format A0 print in-house, without a large cost

You need to make sure that your ideas are clearly communicated. The collaborative effort it takes to bring a project to life requires a printer that you can rely on. The Canon imagePROGRAF iPF770 offers unparalleled accuracy for the most detailed of plans. Reduce your turnaround time by bringing this entry-level A0 printer in-house.

Working to a deadline? The iPF770 lets you take control of printing complex, wide format technical CAD drawings, maps and posters. Ready and waiting when you need it most, now you can print, edit and reprint your files quickly and achieve professional results on-time, every time.

Cost efficient print, copy and scan up to A0 size

How much time, cost and frustration could you save if you could print, copy and scan large format drawings on demand? Don’t let this take hours when you can do it yourself – in seconds. The Canon imagePROGRAF iPF770MFP L36 is a cost-effective A0 multi-functional printer that lets you bring large format print and scanning in-house and feel the immediate benefits.

You probably think that quality large format printouts come at a large cost, but that isn’t always the case. The iPF770MFP L36 reproduces CAD drawings, plots and other detailed documents with remarkable accuracy and clarity. Giving you slick, professional-quality documents and helping you bring your visions to life.

Boost your Business with the Versatile and Productive Large Format Colour System

The Océ ColorWave 700 is a true single footprint. All print, scan and copy tasks can easily be carried out with the intuitive Océ ClearConnect user interface. With the cloud connection, user always have access to their documents. The automatic original width detection, media loading, roll selection and image positioning automates the print, copy and scan process. The Océ MediaSense technology allows you to print on thicker media (up to 0.8mm). Anyone can operate the system easily to produce an exciting range of applications.



Take your display graphics capabilities to the next level with the Océ Arizona Series. These UV curable and roll-to-roll inkjet printers allow you to produce flawless photo-quality prints on a huge diversity of rigid and flexible media applications. With a completely renewed range of models to choose from, the Océ Arizona Series offer fantastic opportunities to boost your display graphics revenue.

The Océ ProCut is the ideal flatbed cutter for commercial display graphics providers. With the Océ ProCut Modular Tool system, you can simultaneously cut and crease a piece of cardboard, or effortlessly transition from routing a piece of Dibond to kisscutting a roll of vinyl.

Océ supplies a selection of high quality finishing modules for use with their range of cut sheet printers. From booklet makers and binders to stackers, hole punches, and roll feeders, the broad range caters for all high quality production level printing and finishing needs, and is compatible with all Océ products in the cut sheet printer product family.

All modules in this series are specially designed to yield high volumes of output quickly and to a consistently high standard, making them ideal for both corporate and commercial printing environments.

For production-level printing, Océ manufactures a range of efficient, high volume digital printers and presses that ensure consistent quality. Capable of producing between 15 000 and 100 000 A4 sheets per month and offering print speeds of up to 80 pages per minute, the outstanding colour and black and white printers are ideal for any scenario where high quantities of printing are required over short time frames.

Easy to use and extremely versatile, the printers are capable of producing standard sheet sizes from A5 to A3, as well as custom sizes up to 330.2 x 487.7mm. Océ and Canon also supply a variety of related software to optimise workflow and communication.

A powerful leap in printing technology, the iPF840 MFP multi-function device features high-speed scanning in automated PDF, JPEG and TIFF formats, for the easiest document transfer in the most innovative of environments. With SmartWorks MFP Software, batch scanning and custom user pre-sets are also made available, converting your home or office into a professional printing hub. This experience is further enhanced by a Bi-directional LED light system for unbelievable line definition and pinpoint accuracy. Documents up to 2.00mm thick can be produced seamlessly, with scan-to-cloud and cloud-to-print technology that means the iPF840 MFP really is at the forefront of multi-function systems. 

Blisteringly fast, the iPF840 accommodates high-volume ink tanks and an A0 print speed of just 42 seconds. Borderless printing allows a creative workspace to flourish with minimum restrictions as the printer is designed to integrate seamlessly with even the most punishing CAD/GIS production schedule. Super-fine print heads combined with the latest magenta inks allow 15, 360 nozzles to produce the thinnest lines and most vivid colours. This game-changing printer includes a Direct Print & Share software with cloud readiness to allow printing without the need of opening the file. Simply drag and drop into the software, or set-up a desktop folder for regularly used settings. The iPF840 offers a dual-roll system allowing users to load two rolls of paper at the same time, whether you require different types of paper, different sizes or simply, 200 metres of the same type of paper for unattended printing, simply load both rolls and let the machine auto-switch between them, as required.

Designed to meet the needs of a medium to large work team, the 36-inch Canon imagePROGRAF iPF785MFP hosts incredible line accuracy and a 320GB hard drive. This means the printer contributes to the most efficient and stunning prints of complex renderings, CAD drawings, GIS maps and large-format images. Suitable for large corporations or highly sensitive documents, the printer features restricted access and print log management to reduce security leaks. The iPF785MFP is a versatile, easy to use interface with excellent value for money and seen-to-be-believed output.

A compact and environmentally conscious design, the iPF685 is not just your average large-format printer. With user-friendly front access, the printer is a design coup for usability. Flush against a wall, the large LCD panel features images and even a print time prediction feature. A huge 320GB hard drive allows easy storage of documents that can be filed into different mailboxes, that can also be password protected. The hard drive is also used to allow processing of large files (therefore no need for PostScript) and give additional management features.

The Canon iPF685 enhances productivity in the workplace, producing exceptional A1 prints in just 24 seconds, with a Media Mismatch function that allows users to toggle media printing formats whilst other print jobs in the queue are taken care of. Canon’s “hot swap” feature allows empty ink tanks to be replaced without any pause in printing.

The Canon imagePROGRAF iPF670MFP L24 is the most successful A1 wide format multi-functional device provided by any manufacturer in Australia. Based on the iPF670 platform, it embodies full scan-to-use capabilities. Print, file, share or edit maps, drawings, renderings, site and facilities management plans with ease and durability. This modern system comprises a touch screen monitor with a 24 inch 5-colour pigment and dye reactive ink set. A perfect solution for routine tasks, the iPF670MFP will hold the workplace or home office in good stead even with an outstanding quality of layout proofs, posters and advertising materials. All in a small footprint so that it doesn't accommodate too much space in your business.

The iPF670MFP comes with a 12 month warranty, with other service options available, if required. Unique to Canon, the warranty and service contracts also include the printheads for the term of the contract. The Canon imagePROGRAF iPF670MFP L24 is truly unique and has proven a successful introduction to small and medium sized businesses.

A simple and versatile A1 5-colour CAD plotter, the iPF670 has been received in today's market as excellent value for money. It has the ability to print accurate and fine lines or text thanks to a unique “reactive” ink system to ensure clarity when printing. However, the same inks also reproduce detailed graphic and photographic prints. Therefore, you can use the same printer for a number of various activities. Whether you’re printing a simple black and white line drawing, or presenting some conceptual artwork, the iPF670 has the ability to address those requirements. 

A comprehensive software suite is also provided to help you track costs, simplify the printing process (now you can just “drag and drop” a file if you want) and reduce operational costs. Canon’s PosterArtist Lite gives you the ability to design and print borderless posters to add an extra touch of finesse to your marketing collateral, presentation documents or 3D renders.

The iPF670 comes with a 12 months warranty, with other service options available, if required. Unique to Canon, the warranty and service contracts also include the printheads for the term of the contract. The Canon iPF670 offers a much more comprehensive bundle than other printer options in its class and has proven a successful introduction to small and medium sized businesses.

Xerox 6204 Wide Format is a fast and simple to use black and white large-format printing solution, ideal for key applications such as engineering, architecture, utilities, communication companies and construction. With its compact footprint and wide-format output, the Xerox 6204 is easily integrated into small offices as well as remote job sites, and can be added to as required. The Xerox 6204 Wide Format Solution ensures rapid turnaround times, prompt meeting of deadlines, and an overall efficient workflow.

Rugged Design + Scalable, flexible design + Small footprint + Powerful features for experts and casual users + Superior image quality

Rated speeds: 2.36 ips + Grayscale Levels: 256 + Throughput: 4 D-size (A1) prints/minute

The Synergix Print System 510dp is the quickest comparable printer on the market, especially in workgroups producing GIS and CAD documents. This large format system is completely customisable and scalable, allowing for the addition of extra capabilities when needed, such as additional online media. The Synergix Print System 510dp represents real investment protection: a reliable, high-output, one-time investment purchase with very few recurring maintenance expenses.

Scalable + Investment protection + Superb productivity + High-quality image production + Very Reliable + Environmentally-friendly + Xerographic LED + Line, Photo, and Mixed mode + Auto width detection + Dynamic background suppression + Concurrent print, scan, and copy + 10D (A1) or 5,7 prints/minute

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