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Like its sister product, the KONE MiniSpace, the Highrise MiniSpace allows for a small machine room with the additional advantage of travelling up to 400m at a greater maximum speed of 10.0m/s. With these figures, this makes the Highrise MiniSpace ideal for the extreme heights achieved by the modern skyscrapers of today. 

The KONE MiniSpace boasts an elevator system with a compact machine room that requires only 40% of the space utilised by conventional traction elevators. However, this reduction in size does not compromise performance due to the high efficiency of the KONE EcoDisc motor. A smooth and safe ride is still ensured along with the advantages of low construction costs. The MiniSpace is able to travel up to 210m at a maximum speed of 4.0m/s.

Efficient project management is the key to success with the Transys elevator, an award-winning MRL (machine-room-less) lift designed for heavy-duty use. Transys is suitable for applications including low-to-mid-rise retail, commercial, or hotel projects, bulky goods movement, and hospitals, or other buildings ranging between 2 and 12 floors. Energy consumption is lessened by gearless EcoDisc technology, and the absence of a machine room means there are considerable space savings as well as reduced construction time.


Ultra-tough car materials to ensure long-life even in heavy-use applications + Cost-effective + Environmentally-friendly + Space-saving + Simplified installation


Maximum Travel: 23 m @ 5000 Kg; 40 m @ 4000 Kg + Capacity: 2500-5000 Kg; 33-66 passengers + Speed: 0.5, 1, 1.6 m/s + Landings: Up to twelve openings + Door/car height: 2100-2900 mm maximum (steps of 100 mm) + Weight: 4000 Kg or 5000 Kg models

The MonoSpace R9 elevator is amongst the most cost-effective, energy-efficient, and practical machine-room-less elevators in the Kone Elevators range. Around 200,000 MonoSpace applications are found in the market at present, with a wide range of visual options making it ideal for any setting. The key feature of the MonoSpace R9 is that it operates on 50% less energy consumption compared with traction elevators, and a third of the energy used by other hydraulic machines on the market. The materials used in the manufacture of MonoSpace R9 are 95% recyclable, reflecting Kone’s sincere attitude towards environmental sustainability.


No use of oil + Less energy consumption + Machine-room-less structure means more usable space. + Preferred choice for mid-rise buildings from 2-6 floors


Maximum travel: 120 m + Capacity: 630-2000 Kg + Speed: 1, 1.6, 2, and 2.5 m/s + Landings: up to around 36 openings

Kone MonoSpace® R5 and R7 elevators are award-winning machine-room-less elevators in the Kone range, incorporating KONE EcoDisc Technology which makes them environmentally-friendly as well as compact and easy to use. Thanks to their modular design, less time is required for construction and installation of MonoSpace R5 and R7 lifts. An efficient and a smooth installation process is an essential part of Kone’s EcoSpace technology, which means scaffold-free installation, reducing costs, time, and risk to both the installers and the structural integrity of the building.


No oil used + Reduced construction costs + Creates greater amount of usable space + Range of visual options + Preferred choice for Low-Mid rise constructions from 2-16 floors


Maximum Travel: 40 m + Capacity: 630-1000 Kg + Speed: 1 to 1.6 m/s + Landings: Up to 16 landings

The MonoSpace HOME R3 elevator was created in 1996 and since then has gained a reputation as the most affordable, practical, and efficient machine-roomless elevator on the market. Because there is no machine room, the MonoSpace HOME R3 can be installed quickly and easily, without the need for a crane or any on-site construction work. The MonoSpace HOME R3 elevator is ideally suited for installation in residential homes or low-rise buildings of 2-5 floors.


0% oil used + No machine room lessens construction costs + Makes way for more usable space + Superb Ride quality + Range of visual options


Maximum Travel: 20 m + Capacity: 320-480 Kg + Speed: 1 m/s + Landings: up to five openings

EcoSpace® MR is a small, energy-efficient machine-room elevator which features high-speed operation with a machine room above. The EcoSpace can be installed even in very small spaces, leaving a greater amount of usable space in the surrounding areas. Common applications include mid-to-high retail, hotel, or commercial projects, and high-rise residential projects. Kone holds the responsibility for successful completion of each and every project, from start to finish.

Consumes 50% of total space occupied by conventional traction elevator + Energy efficient + Lessens construction costs + Superb ride quality + Ideal for mid-to-high rise residential and commercial buildings from 2 to 63 floors.

Maximum Travel: 180 m + Capacity: 630-3200 Kg + Speed: 1, 1.6, 2, 2.5, and 3.5 m/s + Landings: Up to around 63 openings

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