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Residential or commercial clients can rest easy with Paarhammer fire rated windows for shared or adjoining walls. Accredited in accordance with the Australian Standard AS1530.4-2005, these 60-minute fire windows are made from FSC certified Manilkara Bidentata (Pacific Jarrah) timber combined with Schott Pyran S® glass, and feature intumescent seals.

Multi-pane systems are available with mullion and transom. Frames can be ordered oiled or factory finished in a colour of your choice.

Please contact Paarhammer for more information on 03 5368 1999 or 1300 655 920.

Your entrance door is like your business card:  when visitors come to your home the entrance door will give a first impression. Paarhammer entrance doors are energy efficient, are made to your design or ours, in any size or configuration, and you can choose from a range of timbers and glazing options.

With double rebated rubber seals drafts are reduced to almost zero. Our multi-point locking system allows the door to be locked in several places at once just by turning the key. Alternatively, with electronic stand-alone locks or integrated locks into your house security system, the front door can be operated by phone, keypad or fingerprint recognition.

Locks are located at the top, middle and bottom of the door, and hooks can be included, which make it impossible for an intruder to lift your door off its hinges.

With self-extinguishing FSC-certified Manilkara timber frames together with Schott Pyranova glass and special seals, Paarhammer has achieved the so far unachievable: BAL-FZ windows and doors that do not need shutters. All Paarhammer Flame Zone products have been tested and approved to Australian Standards AS3959-2009 and AS1530.8.2 by NATA-accredited Exova Warringtonfire.

Paarhammer tilt and turn windows, French doors, fixed glass units and sliding doors are double glazed for highest energy efficiency in addition to bushfire safety. One pane of the glass unit in BAL-FZ products has an invisible intumescent layer which acts like a heat blanket in case of fire, thereby reducing heat transfer to around 6kwh, less than half the 15kwh allowed for in the Australian Standards.

All windows and doors are custom made, and we are able to achieve a consistent appearance of the home while combining higher and lower rated BAL products.

Paarhammer have introduced a ‘look-alike’ energy efficient double or triple glazed tilt & turn window with a horizontal bar, giving you the best of both worlds – the old world look of double-hung windows combined with the latest manufacturing techniques and technology. With U-values from 0.8, sound protection of up to 45dB, energy savings of up to 85%, and our multi-point metal to metal locking system. Made to order, the ‘fake’ double hung timber windows achieve up to 7 WERS energy stars.

Inner city living can often be noisy. With Paarhammer you can keep the look but your home can now be a peaceful oasis.

For homes protected by covenants, or for those wanting old world charm, there is no need to compromise. You can have energy efficiency, with no drafts and no outside noise, peace of mind security, and quality craftsmanship – just think Paarhammer.

Paarhammer bi-fold doors are available with double or triple glazing and are designed to provide superior thermal values of up to 7.5 WERS energy stars and sound protection of up to 45dB through double rebated frames and unique seals.

Another feature is the tilt function that supplies good air circulation and the sophisticated multi-point locking system that provides outstanding security. No rattling and no drafts, and high energy efficiency with a low U-value from 1.1. By employing the latest energy saving technologies Paarhammer can achieve massive energy savings of up to 84%.

Our designs cover a multitude of configurations – inward or outward opening – up to 2.7m high and 10m wide, and are available in a range of timbers from sustainably grown forests as well as FSC certified timbers, factory finished in a colour of your choice.

Enjoy an indoor-outdoor lifestyle with our new recessed threshold.

Highest energy efficiency and sound protection are standard for Paarhammer sliding doors and sliding door giants, which can be made up to 3m high by 3m wide or 2.1m high by 5m wide per leaf, and up to 400 kg. Double or triple glazing (U-values from a low 1.0 with energy savings of up to 84%) is available and our products can deliver a noise reduction of up to 45dB.

The German engineered hardware lifts and frees the slider to ensure easy gliding and also facilitates floor level installation for step-free access. Outstanding security is provided through the multi-point locking system. These sliding doors are also ideal for areas with high wind loading.

A variety of timbers are used to create a unique airtight framing design that incorporates multi-level rubber seals. Many glass options and different configurations of sliding or sliding stacker schemes and corner entry sliding doors are possible.

The most energy efficient timber window made in Australia! European style tilt & turn windows, factory finished and spray painted, offer the flexibility of two opening positions with one handle. Massive energy efficiency and sound protection is assured without compromising architectural design freedom.

The latest energy efficiency test for Paarhammer achieved a low 0.8 U-value, energy savings of 85%, and noise reduction of up to 45dB. Testing is performed on the whole window system which includes the frame, glass, seals and spacers. A lower U-value indicates better energy efficiency.

The tilt and turn fittings are precision made in Germany and have several locking pins all around the window, which lock the sash into the frame to provide multi-point metal to metal locking. This means that energy saved is not lost through poorly sealed frames. Double or triple glazing is available in a variety of configurations. Also available for bushfire safety.

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