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Discover the Schweigen IN. advantage

From the cleverly designed i-cool oven door to the fast hygienic pyrolytic cleaning and smart telescopic runners, every Schweigen IN. oven offers forward-thinking design to let you create beautiful meals with ease. When you use a Schweigen IN. oven, you’ll cook like you never cooked before. The Schweigen IN. range of ovens includes multifunction ovens, pyrolytic ovens, steam oven combis, oven microwave combis and freestanding cookers. All Schweigen IN. ovens come with a touch sensitive display.

Steam oven with fully-fledged oven function for the most demanding of cooks.

  • Perfect results thanks to MultiSteam technology
  • Sets new standards as regards brilliance and convenience – MTouch
  • It doesn’t get bigger than this – the XXL cooking compartment
  • Easy to use and clean with mains water connection
  • Highest convenience – roasting with the wireless food probe

Beautiful and smart, ILVE’s unique Induction Cooktop Range is truly an inspirational cooking companion so that you can cook with ease and intelligence. 

Its particular pan detection technology will find theprecise cooking zone the chef is cooking on and light up so you can adjust the temperature accordingly. Five seconds after the cooking temperature is activated, the cooktop will go into lock mode to prevent an accidental change in temperature. Featuring a unique and stylish slider touch control with direct access to 11 heating levels, cooking has never seemed smarter or easier. To adjust the temperature or to activate another zone, the chef simply needs to touch the button on the desired zone to modify to their heart’s content. Eurolink Marketing Manager, Daniel Bertuccio, anticipates a popularity surge in induction technology as customers become increasingly aware of the environmental benefit it has compared to traditional cooking methods.

induciton mat

Ilve’s Induction Cooktop Range – Induction Cooktop Surface

ProductInduction cookers- The lowdown from ILVE 1

Freestanding Oven with Induction Cooktop 

Further armed with spill-detection alarm, Ilve’s Induction cooktop Range is truly beautiful and smart, safe and easy to use for chefs of any age and of any skill. Bring the smarts into you kitchen and let Ilve’s intelligent Induction Cooktop Range do the rest!

The Nostalgie Oven Range has a modern hi-tech heartbeat encased by a traditionally appealing body. It infuses rustic country style whilst delivering the excellent cooking technology ILVE is known for.

As well as offering all the benefits of the ILVE’s signature Quadra Oven, the Nostalgie range is all about selection and personal choice. The collection is available in eight standard colours along with the choice of brass, chrome or bronze control knobs and oven door handles, which add complimentary and individual touches to this truly unique oven. 

Bring the best of both worlds into your kitchen and live the romantic vintage dream with the Nostalgie Oven Series. 

An ILVE Majestic oven is a true kitchen centrepiece that is sure to demand attention with bevelled door and control panels along with curved edges, multiple cooktop options, seven standard colour options and the choice of brass, chrome or bronze control knobs and oven door handles. The Majestic series features the same cooktop options as the classic ILVE Quadra series, but with additional features including a storage drawer for kitchen essentials, NEW E3 thermostat, a dual control WOK burner for creating the perfect stir-fry as well as a roast probe. This genius function allows several large roasts to be cooked at the same time – perfect for a big Christmas cook-up. The automatic ILVE roasting probe is as smart as it is beautiful. Simply set up the temperature you would like the meat cooked to and the oven will automatically switch off when the meat is cooked to that temperature! Become master of your kitchen with the magical Majestic Oven series. 

The Majestic Range starts from: $7,349 – $35,399

The Quadra 150 Grand Cuisine is without a doubt ILVE’s flagship cooker. It pairs the latest technology in cooktops with an unmatched understanding of upright ovens to create a superior cooking experience. With a selection of 5 different cooking surface combinations, the Quadra 150 Grand Cuisine is no ordinary kitchen appliance. Choosing the perfect looking Quadra to suit cooking styles and kitchen layout is no challenge at all, as the range is available in three standard colours (Stainless Steel, Gloss Black and Bright White & other bespoke colours available upon request) and seven sizes (60cm, 70cm, 80cm, 90cm, 100cm, 120cm and 150cm).

Artusi’s range of electric ovens combine a stainless steel body with chrome wire shelves and an enamel cavity, and are suitable for built-in, under bench, or wall installation. With a wide range of sizes and capacities, the ovens bring fan-forced performance and precision control to kitchens of any size.

All Artusi electric ovens are made in Italy and accompanied by a 24-month manufacturer’s warranty.

The ILVE Pizza Oven incorporates a range of performance features including ILVE’s Turbowave Quickstart preheating, control panel cooling fan, and bread and pastry cooking capabilities. An athermic door handle ensures a ‘cool touch’ to minimise risk of burns, in conjunction with a quadruple glazed glass door. With a 38 litre capacity, recessed grill element, and stainless steel design, the compact oven is suitable for kitchens where space is of prime concern.

Wolf’s new E-Series Ovens feature a full touch control panel and a new handle design. Available in black and stainless models in single and double 762mm widths. With its uniform horizontal and vertical stacking options, the new e-series can be paired with other Wolf products such as the Wolf Combination Steam Oven, Warming Drawe or Convection Microwavwe. Additionally, E series ovens can be installed flush inset to surrounding cabinetry for a sleek, modern look.

The new E series ovens maintain the line’s precision dual convection performance feature that delivers consistent uniform heat throughout the oven’s signature cobalt-blue cavity.

Designed with the contemporary Australasian cook and kitchen in mind, Fisher & Paykel built-in ovens feature generous capacities, pyrolytic self-cleaning, and active venting.

The range of sleek multifunctional units are available in single and double models, with a selection of dimensions ensuring that kitchens of all sizes are catered for. 

QCC Hospitality Supplies offers a premium selection of industrial cooking equipment, including convection and electric ovens from leading manufacturers Turbofan and Goldstein, two, four and six burner industrial bench ranges from Goldstein and Blue Seal, heavy duty Bonn and Sharp microwaves, and highest quality toasters, grills and fryers. 

Ingeniously combining the latest cook top technology with ILVE’s peerless upright ovens, this oven is no ordinary kitchen appliance. Including up to 6 different cooking surfaces, this oven features ILVE’s famous Tepanyaki plate.
A single electric oven, this device boasts 11 multifunction cooking modes and a recessed full width grill element with a rotisserie. A control panel, door cooling fan, triple door glazing, and cool touch a thermic door handle makes this oven safe for any kitchen. With a removable oven door and inner door glass, an easy clean vitreous enamel interior and a catalytic self cleaning system, this oven is virtually maintenance free.
Quickstart fast preheat time allows the oven to go from 0-175 degrees celsius in just 8 minutes. Precision thermostatic control from 0-250 degrees celsius allows you complete control over your cooking. Turbowave cooking allows for lower temperatures, resulting in less food spatter and moister, fresher tasting roasts.

A subtle addition to the kitchen, ILVE rangehoods are indispensable for removing unwanted odours from the family home. The powerful B1 Canopy Hood is recommended for Barbecue and Tepanyaki models, or when very high air extraction is required. With a twin high-velocity, double-turbine fan, the B1 Canopy Hood extracts air at a rate of 1200m3/h. A low decibel rating and filter cleaning reminder light ensures your comfort. Electric touch control variable speed with auto fire shutdown sensors places safety front and centre. Designed especially for ILVE appliances, this rangehood offers the same exceptional quality as the rest of the ILVE range.

Setting a new standard in compact ovens, the 600SLPY Pyrolytic Oven boasts a cooking capacity of 70 litres in just 60cm. With a recessed grill and deeper, wider selves, this oven maximises all available space. 10 cooking modes and a turbo-wave quick-start pre-heat mode makes this oven powerfully effective. With an easy clean vitreous enamel interior, a removable oven door and glass, and the unique Pyrolytic cleaning function, this oven is a breeze to maintain.

ILVE’s Built-in Steam Oven range pares back any unnecessary gimmicks and ornaments to create a clean sophisticated steam oven. 3 temperature settings, 4 cooking levels, a 35 litre capacity and a defrost function mean this oven offers everything you need. Made of fingerprint-proof stainless steel, offering a descaling option, and including removable side racks for easy cleaning, the 645LTKST is a low maintenance option. With a security opening and a child lock, this oven has your family’s safety at the heart of its design.

The Electrolux range of products designed and made in Europe produce perfectly cooked food with minimal energy consumption. This convection-steamer features a high resolution touch screen control panel and the cornerstone technology ‘air-o-clima’: real humidity control based upon Lambda sensor which exhausts any excess humidity generated by the food and provides stable results, regardless of the quantity. The product features a variety of cooking modes and programs, and permits chefs to share details of recipes with other ovens by USB key.  This product forms part of the Electrolux Green Spirit product range which minimise consumption of gas, electricity, water, and detergent, as well as a reduction in CO2 and NoX emissions. As well as Air-o-Steam combi ovens, the Green Spirit range includes ELCO 700 and 900 modular cookers and selected Electrolux dishwashers.

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