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The wall series with a marble look!

The characteristics of Lasa marble from Southern Tyrol are known throughout the world. This classic technique creates an exciting dialogue between two materials, creating a casual look which unites both classic and modern design. This tile series picks up on the fine streaks and colour nuances of the classic marble – with conscious highlights set by the duo and brick decors.

BoConcept’s Lugano Sideboard range combines modern functionality with sophisticated retro design. The units are constructed from medium high density fibreboard construction and veneer finish to ensure durability. Design and finish details are fully customisable, providing an individualised storage solution to suit any living space interior. 

BoConcept’s Monza range offers a complete array of extendable tables to suit any dining space. Elegantly designed and supremely functional, the Monza table is the centrepiece of any modern home. The range is fully customisable, with option for base design and material, extension components, and glass, wood or veneer finish. 

The modular Madison seating system combines latest technological developments with elegant design in its range of sofas. Units feature adjustable headrest, hyper soft foam cushioning and strong metal frame, with option for incorporating electric seat, headrest and footrest motion to bring the ultimate in luxurious comfort to the modern living room. The range is available in a complete array of leather and fabric finishes to suit any interior space. 

Comfort, image and practicality combine in the retro-inspired Monte Sofa range. The visually striking sofa can be customised to suit any interior style, and is available in over 100 leather and fabric finishes. Featuring foam and feather cushioning, metal and Nozag spring frame, the unit is durable and compact, offering an ideal seating solution for smaller spaces. 

The Fusion Sofa daybed is a statement furniture piece with a variety of functions, making it an ideal living space feature. Featuring high resilient foam cushions and seat, strong metal and board frame construction, the unit is available in a range of finishes, including leather, fabric, and easy care material. 

BoConcept’s Mezzo Corner Sofa is a sophisticated furniture piece which offers complete flexibility in seating arrangement. The unit is customisable, with choice in seating units, leg colours, and sofa finishes, with a range of fabrics and leathers available in over 100 colours to complete any living space. Featuring pinewood-based frame, highly resilient foam back and top mattress, and adjustable back cushions, the Mezzo Corner Sofa is a durable piece of furniture. 

Part of the coordinated bedroom furniture collection, BoConcept offers a range of functional and elegant freestanding or attachable nightstands to complete any bedroom space. The Lugano Bedside Table features medium density fibreboard construction, softclose systems, and lacquer veneer finish, and is available in espresso oak, walnut, and matt white. 

BoConcept’s Stockholm Sofa Bed is both a striking addition to any living area and the ultimate convenience for overnight guests. Intelligent design allows the Stockholm Sofa to be easily converted into either a single or double bed, with option for a built in storage unit. The sofas are available in a range of visually pleasing finishes, including leather, fabric, and easy care material, as well as in a range of colours, allowing the Sofa to blend seamlessly into any living space. 

BoConcept’s Wardrobe Concept design offers ultimate flexibility and sophistication in bedroom storage. Units are customised to particular visual and function requirements and built to exact specifications to maximise storage space. Constructed from materials including medium density fibreboard, tempered glass, and lacquer veneer, the range is available in a range of colours and finishes. 

BoConcept’s Limo Bed collection comprises a fully customisable range of visually sleek, practical storage beds. The range allows for a personal design, with option for adding headboard, built-in compartments, and storage solutions including drawer units, and is available in a range of colours and finishes. Construction from medium density fibreboard and finished with lacquer veneer or durable textile ensures strength and longlasting finish. 

BoConcept combines the high-tech look of a car seat with the comfort of an armchair in the new Smartville Chair. The chair’s close resemblance to a smart car is intentional, aiming to imitate the smooth, bold lines of its muse. Available in a felt or leather finish, this product compliments its strong design with a personal touch.

The Standard Uridan urinal is able to function entirely without the use of water and yet remain odour free. The simple design has been engineered specifically to deliver a quality product with a low long term cost of ownership. Featuring a 2 Year Warranty, a Uridan urinal is significantly cheaper to purchase, install and maintain, when compared to normal flushing systems. This appealing modern Danish design offers a professional touch to any bathroom and is highly suitable for commercial offices, restaurants, hotels, pubs, clubs. Compact designs are available in both ceramic and fibreglass.



 Waterless single bowl urinal  +   Environmentally friendly  +  Budget-friendly  +  2 year warranty  +  High quality finish  +   Modern clean Danish design  +  Suitable for commercial offices, restaurants, hotels, pubs, clubs  


For maintenance only use Urilock® and Uriclean® 

KH-6: Ceramic  +  Available in white
KHC-6: Compact design  +  Ceramic  +  Available in white

GH-6: Fibreglass  +  Available in white (GH-1-W) and granite (GH-1-G)  +  Additional colours available on special order  
GHC-6: Fibreglass  +  Available in white (GHC-1-W) and granite (GHC-1-G)  +  Additional colours available on special order

The award winning Uridan waterless urinals assist businesses to save millions of litres of water every year. The urinals require no water for flushing and water usage is reduced by up to 50,000 litres per urinal per year. With water and energy costs continuing to rise, investment in water management is a key feature of any building portfolio and Uridan makes sense both environmentally and commercially. Uridan waterless urinals are being selected by organisations with a focus on sustainability and are currently being installed in stadiums, sporting facilities, shopping centres, conference and exhibition centres, commercial offices, schools, universities, pubs, clubs and hotels across Australia.

In summary the benefits of installing Uridan waterless urinals include:

–  Considerable reductions in water consumption
–  Carbon Emission Savings        
–  Easy installation for new or retrofit amenities
–  Low Operating Costs
–  Environmental Benefits
–  Stylish Danish Design Product
–  Good corporate image
–  Asset Value increase due to ‘greener buildings’

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