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These days it is possible to put a giant media screen on the side of a building while at the same time letting sufficient light into the building interior to provide an acceptable view of the outside World.

The best proof you can get is at Melbourne’s prestigious Emporium shopping centre where Ci enabled the Buchan group to fulfill their dream of providing a light filled food court inside the centre while advertising revenue was being generated on the outside. Diners can see clearly through a giant LED display that from the pavement below is filled with a colourful moving image.

With Emporium, Ci saved the building owner considerable money and provided a demonstrably better product at the same time. When it comes to light transparent media facades, no other company in Australia is as well equipped to help you.

Ci offers a range of digital media and display products to suit a wide variety of applications. No other range is as comprehensive. Ci can also help you succeed with content creation.

There are LED display screens for outside or inside buildings, including varieties that are light & air transparent or those that are flexible and able to be suspended in mid-air. All leading brands of LED display are available though Ci and each rates Ci highly as a project partner.

It’s not all LED. Ci also offers LCD walls, LCD digital signage, kiosk supply, two way IPTV systems and sophisticated wayfinding. Ci’s custom control and operations room is another popular service.

Some of the technologies Ci offer are exclusive such as the globally acclaimed Videro content management system and the multizone interactive LED walls it enables. Other such exclusives include animated signposts and ceiling tile LED panels.

Ci can also help you succeed with content creation.

Ci is an unrivalled architectural resource for large format LED display, whether indoor or outdoor. Achievements include Australia’s best stadium perimeter LED (MCG/Etihad), best light transparent media façade (Emporium), first giant interactive LED wall (QUT) and Australia’s most impressive shopping centre LED examples, whether indoor or outdoor. Very soon Ci will also complete Australia’s two most exciting Civic LED projects. There is no company in the country better qualified.

LED display offers many traps for the unwary but Ci can provide you with the technical knowhow necessary to ensure you get the right product specified for your project. Ci offers every LED display category imaginable, from screens seen up close to roof top giants, from ceiling LED to flexible wall LED, from boardroom screens through to the most exciting lobby installations in Australia. Ci can supply, install and support on an ongoing basis all leading brands of LED and are considered to be the best implementation partner available. Advice is given freely to designers to ensure better-informed decisions are made.

B&H Australia has been an innovator in visual communications technology, bringing to its clients individual solutions for particular environments – be it the classroom, boardroom, reception area, home theatre, or full lecture theatre. Personalised design, service, after sales support, and maintenance are all part of the package, and come at affordable prices.

Striving to not only meet, but to exceed client expectations, explains why some of Australia’s “Top 500” companies have chosen B&H as their partner for presentation solutions.

When looking for a projector, control system, plasma screen, PA system, or any audio visual equipment, for purchase, installation or hire, B&H is the answer for an innovative AV solution.

Innovative AV solutions today and into the future…

Today’s complex and varied business environments demand top quality delivery of information by the correct means to serve the surroundings. Quality, simplicity, and reliability – these are the keys to a successful outcome. B&H Australia has partnered with world-recognised presentation and audio visual manufacturers to ensure that it delivers the goods!

Expertise in AV systems has been demonstrated across Australia in many project fields: conference centres, board rooms, cinemas, schools, aged care facilities – in fact, anywhere where groups of people gather to learn or be informed.

B&H offers a tailored solution, designed to specific project requirements. Their experience if providing quality AV solutions includes integrating network graphics or video information into one high resolution projected display.

Since 1987, B&H Australia have supplied presentation, audio-visual and integration solutions to the Australian marketplace. In addition to hardware, the company provides a host of services including design engineering, project maintenance, installation and maintenance, on-site demonstrations, and on-site training. Operating under the slogan ‘the quality and after-sales support will be remembered long after the price has been forgotten’, Australian owned and operated B&H has wide application in the classroom, boardroom, reception area, home theatre, or full lecture theatre.

As technology becomes increasingly integrated into everyday life within the workspace, East Coast Audio Visual have developed a range of products to cater for the increasing reliance on teleconferencing and telecommunications.

A broad range of customisable audio and visual products boasts numerous features that are certain to enhance the teleconferencing experience in any corporate setting. From optimum microphone sensitivity to acoustic echo suppression and background noise cancelling, East Coast Audio Visual conferencing products are designed with the user firmly in mind. Catering for any set of requirements and budget, the company provides a comprehensive client consultation service, ensuring the best solutions are delivered for every project.

East Coast Audio Visual (ECAV) is a premium provider of Professional Audio Visual Solutions & Services. Leveraging people and systems has become more challenging & faster paced with demands placed on all of us to more effectively communicate and collaborate.

Modern day Audio Visual is about fitting the right technology into a physical space to deliver content that will inform, educate and inspire.   Well thought out & planned AV best leverages ICT Systems by integrating with the organisation’s devices, applications and infrastructure. ECAV provides total end-to-end solutions for our clients by providing the understanding, knowledge, recommendations, installation and ongoing maintenance from the most simple AV system, to those with the highest performance expectations and complexity.

AV implementations often form part of a new building fit-out so they need to align with the construction process; from complementing the architect’s style, working with other building trades and through to on-going operation.

From Corporate and Government ICT Departments, to Education, to Fit-out & Construction companies and ICT Service Provider partners – ECAV brings together deep understanding of AV Technology & People to create outstanding solutions.

Based on the North Shore of Sydney, and started in 1994; ECAV works with clients across Australia and the world.

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