mechanical roof

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Several building designers are using huge operable glass roofs with the objective of providing maximum space all year round. With AGP Architectural Glass Projects’ motorised sliding roofs, silent electric motors open and close the roof to provide sunlight and ventilation, or somplete weather protection. The systems are also available with optional rain and wind sensors, providing automatic closing in bad weather. AGP motorised sliding roofs come with custom-built framing and can either be site or factory glazed.

Hydraulically driven lift-up glass roofs have been designed by AGP in order to make way for an extremely versatile hybrid living space. These roofs prove to be perfect for sun rooms in homes and apartments where there is limited space. The superior design and easy operation makes the most of inner space, providing natural air ventilation, yet gives the option of complete weather protection against rain and wind. AGP can also combine the lift-up roof with motorised glass louvres for additional lighting and ventilation.

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