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DEFLECTA® HEALTH SEAL is a clear formulation for the protection of concrete surfaces prior to the installation of floor finishes.

Deflecta® HEALTH SEAL is applied to seal the surface of concrete to prevent ingress of body fluids in areas such as hospitals, aged and child care, health facilities and schools and sport facilities.

Product Benefits

  • Surface sealer
  • 100% bio-degradable
  • Water based and non-toxic formulation
  • Prevents urine ingress
  • Prevents body fluid penetration of sub-floor
  • Excellent pre-treatment for floor finishes
  • Zero VOC/VOS* content

Power Clean is the ideal solution for removing old treatments, sealants and weathered oil-based finishes when preparing your deck.

The use of Quantum Dex Prep Solution after the instructed cleaning process is advised to neutralise the timber and rid the surface of any darkening or unwanted discolouration which may occur in the cleaning process. For the removal of tannins from the timber, Quantum Sap-Strip is recommended instead.

Power Clean is not a paint or varnish stripper and can be safely used on any timber surface.

DEFLECTA® DEPEL is an aqueous resin silicante water repellent that seals and preserves natural stone, brick, slate, masonry and precast concrete for internal and external surfaces.

DEFLECTA® DEPEL is a hydrophobic water repellent that provides a hard wearing breathable barrier to the surface. It works to keep the surface clean while preserving the natural appearance of the treated material.

Buildings that have been discoloured by surface parasites, treated with DEFLECTA® DEPEL reform to the natural appearance.

This product can be used in hospitals, aged and child care, animal husbandry, schools, sports centres, equine facilities, cattery and dog kennels, basements, carparks, food processing and manufacturing.

DEFLECTA® DEPEL will retard efflorescence and its application resists cracking on both horizontal and vertical surfaces while enhancing surface traction.

Product Benefits

  • Waterproofs surface
  • Improves traction
  • No product leaching
  • Retards Efflorescence
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Prevents surface dusting
  • No visual change to surface
  • UV & weather resistant
  • Zero VOC/VOS* content
  • Water based and non-toxic
  • 100% bio-degradable
  • Easy application
  • Easy maintenance

An acrylic-cement based, grey, flexible, waterproofing membrane, Dampfast prevents surface water penetration. It enables a convenient installation process as it supplants the need for a reinforcement layer, can be applied easily with a damp brush or roller, and can be cured in approximately 6 hours 20°C, saving time and making it possible to tile on the same day. Dampfast is perfect for waterproofing shower recesses, laundries, terraces, balconies, concrete roofs, water tanks, cement toppings and even planter boxes. Dampfast can also be used in tanks – where conventional acrylic membranes would fail. It thus suits water tanks, fishponds and planter boxes.

Fire can be devastatingly effective at wreaking social and economic havoc. Protect people and structures from its power with Interchar; International’s protective coating for architectural applications in the built environment. Made from 100% volume solids and with enhanced mechanical properties, it is not only fire resistant but incredibly durable too. With offsite application allowing for faster construction, you can begin to fireproof your project today.

As a part of AkzoNobel, Sikkens has over 100 years of knowledge specialising in manufacturing Automative and Aeroscape Coatings. Together with high quality products,  Sikkens also provides high quality service and training to nurture perfection.  This process has no doubt created their reputation of success.  Paints include basecoats, clearcoats, single stage topcoats, additives and others, primers and fillers, aerosols and degreasers.  The available systems include a standard system, eco-efficient system, and budget systems. The Sikkens Eco-efficient system is made up of minimal VOC, free from lead and chromate, meaning that bodyshop efficiency is enhanced without compromising the natural environment.  


Available wide range  +  more than 100 years of knowledge and experience in the manufacturing of coatings 

Astec Paints offers the ultimate in sealing and binding performance in its Rivett protective finish. The clear, solvent-based solution is designed to penetrate the substrate of a surface, the product permeates chalky paint, unsound masonry, and asbestos sheeting, to bind loose surface particles to an extremely hard and smooth surface. The product is also an extremely effective waterproofing solution, and can be applied for this purpose to timber, masonry and compressed sheeting. 

The Energy Star Dirtguard I.R. Elastic protective wall coating from Astec Paints is the ultimate protective surface for masonry surfaces. The 100% acrylic product utilises the qualities of silicone to create a positive waterproof seal in an attractive semi-gloss finish. The coating is completely versatile, suitable for use on masonry and texture finish walls, pre-cast walls, trowel finish walls, and block masonry walls. 

Astec Paint’s CBR Render is the ideal render material for brick and block construction. The pre-blended acrylic render offers an alternative to traditional sand cement products, as the mineral-based material can be applied by trowel to create a uniform finish. The render’s polymer elements give the product suberb moisture resistance and has excellent adherence to most surfaces. 

Astec Waterproof Render provides the ultimate protective surface in the harsh Australian climate, drying to an attractive, smooth off-white. The product is a uniform blend of washed silicas, cement, and polyester reinforcing elements, which can be mixed on site and easily applied, drying to an extremely hard and waterproof surface, which has chemical and impact resistance at thicknesses as low as 1mm. 

A modern solution to traditional renders, Astec Light Weight High Build Skim is an 100% acrylic render which provides all the insulative and protective qualities of conventional materials without the thickness and weight. The ready-to-apply product is water reducible and can be applied to thicknesses up to 15mm to create an extremely light, smooth and flexible finished surface.  

Demolition doesn’t have to mean noise, danger, and environmental impact. Silent Demolition Agent, Bristar, eliminates the need for heavy equipment, jackhammers, and explosives, providing a safer alternative to traditional methods. Simply drill holes in the concrete or rock, apply Bristar, and it goes silently to work, cracking the surface in a predictable manner and time frame. Free from fly rock, dust, noise, and vibrations, Bristar is the perfect license-free solution to your demolition needs.

The CRC system from CCS is the perfect roofing solution to any Australian home, specifically designed by Acryloc to cope with the fluctuating Australian climate. With a collection of roof coatings for various materials, each system is able to quickly adapt from the harsh dry sun to a cool southernly breeze without a loss of durability and colour.  

Note: This product is only available in Queensland

DEFLECTA MOISTURE SUPPRESSANT® is a clear aqueous born internal treatment for protecting concrete.

DEFLECTA MOISTURE SUPPRESSANT® is an internal moisture barrier/treatment, suitable for applications in commercial, domestic and retail areas.

This product can be used in offices, hospitals, aged and child care, schools, sports centres, food processing/warehouse and manufacturing.

Product Benefits

  • Penetrative Moisture Suppressant
  • Water based and non-toxic
  • Bio-degradable water based
  • No product leaching
  • Excellent pre-treatment for topical coatings
  • Zero VOC/VOS* content
  • Non-Toxic

DEFLECTA® STABILIZER is a clear aqueous borne cure and seal, moisture barrier/treatment for fresh pour and moisture barrier for aged concrete in the form of a liquid that is of constant volume and enters into the voids and capillaries of the concrete matrix and is formulated to retain moisture and improve hydration and reduces concrete dry shrinkage during its cure. This treatment is excellent for protecting concrete in areas such as car parks, factories, warehouses, office building and commercial/retail areas.

This product can be used in hospitals, aged and child care, animal husbandry, schools, sports centres, equine facilities, cattery and dog kennels, basements, carparks, food processing and manufacturing, warehouses and outside walls

DEFLECTA® STABILIZER will not alter appearance of the surface or physical characteristics of the concrete and will enhance surface traction quality, making it ideal for use on all new or existing concrete installations.

Product Benefits

  • Water based and non-toxic formulation
  • 100% bio-degradable
  • For aged concrete, purges waste materials and odour
  • Excellent pre-treatment for coating systems
  • Suitable in concrete for potable water storage
  • No product leaching
  • Hardens concrete surface
  • Increases abrasion resistance
  • Prevents surface dusting
  • Minimises loss of water in new concrete
  • Zero VOC/VOS* content
  • Prevents internal water migration
  • Increases both compressive and flexural strength

DEFLECTA ANTIMICROBIAL® is a clear aqueous borne biocide formulation with bacterial control and internal moisture suppressant.

DEFLECTA ANTIMICROBIAL® is a Government Certified (APVMA approval no. 60195/56867) and Registered Biocide treatment for concrete. It impregnates both new and aged concrete with a biocide treatment that kills bacteria/pathogens on and within the concrete matrix for a minimum of 5 years. DEFLECTA ANTIMICROBIAL® is safe to use near humans and animals and has zero VOC / VOS content.

This product can be used in hospitals, aged and child care, animal husbandry, schools, sports centres, equine facilities, cattery and dog kennels, basements, carparks, food processing and manufacturing, cool rooms and freezers, warehouses, inside wall and ceilings, outside walls, bathrooms and toilet blocks – and assists in high infection control protocols.

Product Benefits

  • Kills disease carrying bacteria in or on concrete including: Staphylococcus Aureus (Golden Staph) – Listeria – Escherichia Coli (E.Coli) – Salmonella
  • Active at 99.99% up to a depth of 100mm into the concrete matrix for 5 years plus
  • Suppresses growth of mould, mildew and fungi
  • Suitable in concrete for potable water storage and complies with HACCP for use in food preparation areas
  • Reduces internal water migration
  • Water based and non-toxic formulation
  • 100% bio-degradable
  • Purges waste material and odours ie; urine, oil etc., from aged concrete while sanitising it’s matrix and surface
  • Increases abrasion resistance and hardens concrete surface
  • Minimises dusting
  • Improves chemical/resistance
  • Minimises surface cracking of new concrete
  • Easy application
  • Internal moisture suppressant

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