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This electronic safe lock is especially suitable for applications where high security, multiple users, traceability and flexibility is required.

The Axessor IP electronic safe lock is an intelligent motor-bolt lock with integrated terminals used e.g. to connect to an alarm center. Further it provides network capability. Easy remote configuration and supervision can be performed.

This way, cost reduction in operation are achieved. It incorporates the latest technical advances and meets all recognized safety standards.

  • Lockout after 4 false codes
  • Lock with motor bolt dead bolt, integrated relocker etc.
  • Conventional electronic combination lock
  • One time combination code
  • Programming via the input unit

dormakaba electronic hotel locks personify an unwavering commitment to deliver innovative solutions designed expressly for the lodging market. All our RFID locks are mobile access compatible allowing guests to access their room using a keycard or mobile device. Smart room automation is another key benefit realized with RFID contactless technology. Hotels seeking to accentuate guest convenience while improving operational efficiency choose dormakaba for exceptional features, outstanding value and peerless quality.

A master key system is a key plan whereby selected keys can open a number of pre-defined doors. It helps maintain better control, saves key replacement costs and is convenient, as there are a lower number of keys in circulation. It also provides quick access to all rooms within the premises, e.g. for security staff and management personnel. This is not only convenient but can save lives in case of emergency.

In the above example, the ‘Master Key’ would open all doors and lock types in the property and is held by the caretaker. The Sub-Master A opens the main entrance and all the locks on the ground floor, and is held by the manager of the company that occupies that floor. The same applies to Sub-Master B.

In addition, each employee has one key that opens the main entrance, their own office door and their filing cabinets. These keys work with different types of lock, e.g. door locks, cabinet locks, padlocks, etc., as long as the cylinder inside them is of the same model.

Gainsborough is a proud distributor of world leading electronic access controls. From off-line stand-alone electronic locks to wireless integrated electronic locks, Gainsborough has an electronic access control to suit most applications including hotels, universities, child care, aged care, offices and residential dwellings.

Clay by SALTO: The easy cloud-based wireless locking solution. Manage access on the go: open remotely, block tags, view entry activity and receive activity messages on your phone. Get real-time control with Clay by SALTO.

The SALTO XS4 access control platform combines electronic door components, peripherals and software, providing tailor-made wire-free networked access control solutions. Everything fits together, everything works.

AElement by SALTO is the minimalist RFID lock with stylish design. It allows the integration of all physical security needs in an energy efficient and easy to manage system. Totally wire-free and networked through SALTO Virtual Network and SALTO Wireless network.

The Gainsborough Key in Lever Locksets offer curved lever design in a variety of functions and finishes. The tubular design allows for quick and easy installation and is available in 70mm, 60mm and 127mm backsets.

The 4600 Series Lever Locksets offer a commercial grade curved lever design on large diameter (80mm) round rosettes. This series features a tubular design that allows for quick and easy installation and is available in Satin Chrome Plate. The 4600 Disable Access Series Lever Locksets are also compliant with Australia Standard 1428.1 Design for access and mobility.

Offered in Satin Chrome Plate finish and in a variety of popular functions, the Gainsborough 4700 Series Heavy Duty Cylindrical Locksets include a stylish spherical knob design on the outside and the impressive 4600 style lever on the inside. The series features stainless steel knobs and roses and is easy to install.

Gainsborough have a range of mortice locks to suit a variety of commercial applications. Designed for compatibility with the Gainsborough door furniture range, a selection of narrow stile mortice locks are available to suit hinged and sliding door applications. The 2000, 2100 and 2200 Series Deadlocks are ideal for narrow stile hinged, pivot and sliding doors and offer a series of deadlocking and sliding deadlocking functions, while the 2400, 2500 and 2600 Series offers vestibule, combination and passage deadlatches and latches and can be used with matching 7000N series narrow stile furniture.

Gainsborough have a range of mortice lock functions to suit a variety of commercial applications. These locks are designed for compatibility with the Gainsborough door furniture range. A selection of special narrow stile mortice locks are also available to suit hinged and sliding door applications.

The Gainsborough mortice lock range includes:

  • 1700 Series Mortice Deadbolts
  • 1800 Series Mortice Sliding Door Deadlocks
  • 3400 Series Mortice Vestibule Locks
  • 3500 Series Mortice Combination locks
  • 3600 Series Passage Latch
  • 3900 Series Mortice Nightlatches

Lockwood Paradigm 005 Deadbolt Range is a simple, yet at the same time, powerful and novel approach towards door furniture, combining a chic, high-security deadbolt with modernised handles from Lockwood’s Symmetry, Daintree, Artique, Meridion, and Entrance Handles ranges. Lockwood Paradigm™ 005 Deadbolt Range is available in a Square Rose as well as a Round Rose format in Bright Chrome, Satin Chrome, Gold, Satin Stainless Steel, and Brushed Satin Chrome finishes. Security features include DualSelect Locking, SafetyRelease, and LockAlert.

Compatible with a range of Lockwood door handles + Finishes: Bright Chrome, Satin Chrome, Gold, Satin Stainless Steel, and Brushed Satin Chrome + Designed to meet Australian Standards

Lockwood Key in Lever Series Locksets feature a special locking mechanism that isolates the exterior level handle from the latch spindle, preventing operation of the latchbolt if the exterior handle is forced. have been manufactured as per international standards, and have gained much recognition with respect to efficiency, reliability, and quality. The Key in Lever Series is manufactured from high-purity zinc alloy, and available in a broad selection of finishes and functions. Common applications include semi-commercial complexes, residential buildings, and child care centres.

Special locking mechanism for added security + Long life-span + Standard Finishes: Bright Chrome, Satin Chrome, Brown, Polished Brass Plate + Wide product range of more than 15 different handle styles and configurations

Backset: 60-70 mm + 5-pin tumbler mechanism

The 3580 Series Cylinder Mortice Lock is a range of automatic latchbolt deadlocks featuring spring-loaded furniture and clean, stylish aesthetics. This range of locks has been designed especially for installation on narrow-style hinged doors, which are often difficult to fit with a larger cylinder mortice deadlock mechanism. The 3580 Series range of cylinder mortice locks is made from the finest, high-performance materials, resulting in a solid feel, assured security, durability and ease of operation. The 3850 Series locks can easily be maison keyed, grand master keyed, or construction keyed in Lockwood Security Keying Systems.

Backset: 23 mm standard + Latchbolts: 15 mm (stainless Steel) + Timber Doors: 32-50 mm + Metal doors: 35-50 mm

The 3500 Series Electric Standard Backset Mortice Lock is a commercial electric mortice lock that can be operated by buttons/intercom systems or Key switches and other higher security devices such as card readers and keypads. The 3500 Series Electric Standard Backset Mortice Lock is best-suited for use on doors between 32 mm and 50 mm thick, however Assa Abloy also offer locksets suitable for installation thicker doors. This strong, easy-to-use electric backset mortice lockset is available in Bright Chrome, Florentine Bronze, Polished Brass, and Satin Chrome finishes, to complement a wide range of door hardware colour schemes and styles.

Reversible stainless steel latch bolt + Can be easily master keyed, or construction keyed + Pure zinc alloy backplate and case + Tested as per Australian Standard AS1905.1:1990 Part 1 Fire Doors + Available in a range of metal finishes

Backset: 60 mm, 127 mm, and 89 mm + Beeper Frequency: 2.7 KHz + Card Format: 125 KHz Proximity Cards

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