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SunSky profiled polycarbonate sheeting from Palram is a roofing material offering superior physical properties.

It is favoured for noncorrosive industrial, structural roofing and sliding as well as by homeowners for a multitude of in-house applications. It also offers high strength and a wide temperature range. Resistance to corrosion and a self extinguishing capability make SunSky suitable for uses as versatile as industrial roofing and siding, architectural skylights, and awnings.

The virtually unbreakable polycarbonate sheet allows a high degree of light transmission while filtering over 99% of UV radiation, and is resistant to both hail and wind. Easily and safely installed and supplied with a ten year warranty, the SunSky is the optimum product selection for industrial and residential projects alike.

Main features and benefits:

  • Virtually unbreakable
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Maintains high light transmission
  • Makes for an ideal alternative to other materials
  • Wide temperature range -50°C to 120°C
  • Easily installation
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Hail and wind resistant
  • Filters over 99% of UV radiation

Suitable applications:

  • Architectural roofing and skylights
  • Skylights and sidelights for metal roofs and walls
  • Residential roofing, pergolas, canopies
  • Light roofing and awnings

SunSky is available in a wide array of colours and an unlimited range of profiles allowing it to integrate as a high quality roof light into any roofing profile.

Cost efficient and easy to handle, Palram foamed PVC sheets provide an excellent surface for printing and laminating to create high quality stands and displays. Flexible, versatile, and easy to cut and fabricate, the low weight flat sheets are lighter than standard market counterparts.

Offering high chemical resistance and insulation, low water absorption, and receptive to an array of conventional fabrication techniques, the non-toxic material is best suited for signage and interior decoration applications. 

Versatile, durable, and with high light transmission capabilities, PALCLEAR transparent sheets are suitable for various indoor applications. Combining a high fire rating with ‘Water Clear’ clarity and optional high-impact and UV resistant surface treatments, PALCLEAR can be used for cladding, signage, machine guards, and numerous other functions.

PALCLEAR panels are highly formable, compatible with fabrication methods including thermoforming, vacuum forming, and hot or cold bending.

Offering all the light transmission, strength, and gloss capabilities of glass but with less than half its weight, PALGLAS acrylic sheets are transparent panels that double as acoustic barriers. Suitable for use in light boxes, furniture, and signage, PALGLAS offers good chemical resistance and thermal insulation with an attractive high gloss appearance.

The versatile material is inherently UV resistant and transmits up to 92% of light, and can be formed and fabricated to suit the requirements of any project. 

The Ferrari ranges of ‘heavy’ tensile membrane fabrics have been acknowledged for years as leaders in the field of fabric construction and coating technologies. This enviable reputation has continued to grow with the introduction of the *Fluotop T2 PVDF* and *‘S’* alloyed PVDF coated ranges.

In a move to further increase fabric longevity and ease of maintenance, Ferrari have now combined these coating technologies to create the “*Fluotop T2 Back PVDF*” range of architectural textiles. The new textile range combines the *T2*’s excellent UV and pollution resistant surface with the highly cleanable *‘S’* coating on the underside for ease of fabrication and future maintenance.

*Fluotop T2 Back PVDF* textiles are leading edge structural textiles offering the very best performance characteristics for architecture demanding products that will last long into the future.

The *metallic* finishes available in Ferrari Précontraint architectural grade textiles present a dazzling finish for temporary and permanent tensile membrane structures in both industrial and commercial environments.

Bold metallic shades incorporated into the newly updated *502* colour range create striking results for shade sails, awnings and canopies.

*702 ALU* fabrics possess an aluminium-coloured front-side that offers resistance to pollution, while the options of a white, black or grey underside provide versatility of aesthetic presentation. Also finished on both sides with a weldable acrylic lacquer, the textile is easy to manufacture and suitable for frequent assembly and de-rigging or more permanent applications.

The *Metallic range (1002 – 1502)* available for heavier tensile membrane products introduces lustrous gold, silver and bronze colours suitable for a wide range of shapes and designs in permanent structures. Finished on both sides with a special titanium-based metallic surface coating, the textiles offer resistance to weathering, soiling and pollution and are backed by a 10 year warranty.

Manufactured with the exclusive Précontraint® technology ensures superior strength and dimensional stability, enabling the fabric to keep its shape and continue to perform even with the most demanding and frequent use. Stringent pigment selection processes and high-performance formulations also give matchless UV resistance and colour fastness.

The versatile and brilliant colour range of Ferrari’s flagship lightweight tensile membrane textile – *Précontraint 502* – has been brightening Australian architecture for more than 17 years. In 2009, the range was given a breath of new colour, bringing life and freedom of choice with its 32 new and 8 existing shades to complement modern architectural designs.

Manufactured with the patented Ferrari Précontraint® technology ensuring superior strength and stability enables the fabric to keep its shape and continue to perform even with the most demanding and frequent use. Stringent pigment selection processes and high-performance formulations also give *502* matchless UV resistance and colour fastness.

*Précontraint 502* has a superb record of longevity in the Australian marketplace, designed to resist harsh Australian conditions that can cause fading and mechanical degradation. *502* will continue to perform years beyond its warranted or expected life – another demonstration of Ferrari’s reputation as a market leader in colourful and reliable tensile membrane textiles.

Offering unique and new solutions for interior ceilings, *Batyline Classic, Tweed & XP5* are highly flexible, functional and aesthetically pleasing textiles designed for refurbishing and new interior architecture projects.

Manufactured utilising the patented Ferrari Précontraint® method ensures superior dimensional stability and consistency of the membrane allowing the fabric to retrain shape during installation and over time. The exceptional flexibility and mechanical resistance of *Batyline* fabrics allow it to fit all shapes and constructions.

*Batyline* is ideal for swimming pool facilities where ceilings are subject to irreversible degradation from corrosion, condensation and mould. Specific qualities of the material make it immune to humidity and bleach attacks while the lightweight and open-work design enables air circulation and interior comfort and the ability to play with transparency, opacity and light diffusion to create striking visual effects.

Specifically designed with an openness factor of 63%, *Batyline XP5* also complies with stringent fire-safety requirements.
Also available in the *Batyline* range are textiles suitable for outdoor applications, from furniture to balcony enclosures. Utilising the patented Précontraint method of manufacture, these fabrics deliver improved performance over a longer span than inferior structural meshes. Possessing in-built resistance to micro-organisms and fading, the *Batyline* outdoor ranges are available in a combination of striking plain colours or unique patterns and are ideal for any outdoor structural mesh application.

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