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Luminess LED Flat Panel recessed luminaires are ideal for commercial offices, schools, retail and healthcare applications. Luminess LED is an ideal solution for applications requiring a UGR<19.

Outdoor Brilliance: Ideal for general security applications, commercial exteriors and walkways, schools and stairwells, use these LED luminaires for a robust, energy efficient solution that will stand the test of time.

Ideal for warehouses, factories, storage facilities and shopping centres, the powerful Vortex LED Highbay is 58% more energy efficient than traditional metal halide highbays and outputs 17,800 lumens.

Legrand’s weatherproof battens are ideal for car parks, shopping centres, stairwells, industrial sites and general security lighting, as perform in all conditions, including: humid, damp, dusty and corrosive. Available in LED as well as T5 and T8 fluorescent.

A great way to save money is to install large ceiling lights, like the LED panel and oyster lights from Legrand’s HPM. Because their light output covers larger areas, you won't need as many as when using downlights. So you'll save on both installation and running costs. And you'll help save our planet too.

If you're lighting a suburban backyard, it's not usually the size of a football field, so you won't need the power and expense of a commercial floodlight. You need something that's fit for purpose. That's where Legrand’s HPM can help. Take a look at the best in new LED flood lighting.

Imagine, you flee from work tired, grumpy and hungry. Then, you hit home and you're welcomed by a beautifully lit garden of fragrant foliage and sparkling lights. Your own little piece of paradise. Browse and dream with Legrand’s HPM’s garden lights.

A fusion of discretion and efficiency, Legrand’s HPM’s Zinnia starlights are an in vogue choice for those with an eye for detail. Whether illuminating under cabinets, or wall features indoors or outdoors, Zinnia is the epitome of versatile style.

Scale the heights of style with Calla step lights from Legrand’s HPM. An illuminating choice for hallways, stairwells or wherever your imagination takes you. Whether indoor or outdoor, Calla excels with its IP65 weatherproof rating.

Where other lights fear to tread, Legrand’s HPM’s Riba calls home. Free your imagination and have some fun with Riba. Be it a confined space or delicate mood lighting, satisfaction is assured.

Beautiful restaurants and hotels are fabulous spaces in which to note great design and lighting tips. Architects and Interior Designers sure know the power of lighting. And here's one of their secrets for adding texture and visual delight: wall lighting. If you like clean lines, take a peek at Legrand’s HPM’s LED wall lights.

Globe technology is evolving in leaps and bounds. Replace your old globes with these long-lasting LED alternatives and start saving energy, pronto. Whether you need a PAR38 or an A60, Legrand’s HPM are expanding their range every day to cover your needs.

Walk into any modern home down under and you are bound to see downlights in abundance. LED downlights are brilliant energy-saving alternatives to traditional halogen downlights. Choose from a variety of sizes, brightness and efficacy levels to suit your project and budget. Downlights from Legrand’s HPM are available in 70mm, 90mm and 125mm diameter cutouts.

Inspired by a garden cloche that covers and protects fragile plants, the new Cloche ceiling light from award-winning ISM Objects is designed to provide the same sense of security and comfort within a range of interior environments. Its spherical form casts a warm protective glow, enhancing the feeling of wellbeing within a room.

The Cloche ceiling light is a fitting addition to ISM’s award-winning collection. Made from spun aluminium, it is available in a selection of three sizes – small diameter 350mm, medium diameter 500mm and large diameter 800mm. Standard exterior colours are Signal Orange, Quartz Grey and Marine, all with white interior. Custom colours can also be provided on request. All Cloche sizes feature a powerful LED lamp source in 3000K or 4000K, with dimming options available.

Simple, elegant and stylish, The Cloche ceiling lights are another show of brilliance from a company with a well-deserved reputation for shining a light into unexplored territories.

Ceilector offers a range of lights for the installation in their ceilings.

Ceilector LED Lights are a modern LED panel that is available in 3000K Warm White, 4000K Cool White and 6000K Daylight. It increases energy efficiency in commercial building spaces and is an alternative to fluorescent lights.

Product Properties:

  • Extruded Aluminium Frame
  • Powder Coated Finish
  • High Transparency opal polystyrene backed diffuser
  • Constant current LED Driver included
  • 1.2m flex and plug fitted
  • Compliant to AS2293
  • 3 Hours Emergency Operation

The Ceilector Troffer Light is highly energy efficient and provides long lasting lighting to all commercial building spaces. This product can be custom made to fit new or existing ceiling systems.

Product Properties:

  • Performs at efficiencies above 94% LOR
  • Available in single or twin version
  • Features a reflective Miro 5 parabolic louvre

The LED GU10 6W 350 is a non-dimmable light globe 
by Brilliant Lighting, a highly popular item. Featuring a 45 degree light beam angle and energy efficient LED technology, this 3000K warm white light creates a cosy ambiance. Equivalent to 35W halogen globes, this smart energy saving globe has up to 25,000hrs of light.

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