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Ci is Australia’s leading LED display resource, responsible for Australia’s best civic, university, stadium and shopping centre LED projects as well as it's most exciting LED screens for commercial buildings.

Ci is particularly interested in promoting screen use for artistic content, whether commissioned or data-driven, and like to work collaboratively with content providers on such projects. The world has some inspirational examples of such work and Ci wants Australia to join in on the action.

LED foyer screens can also be used for a variety of other uses including corporate video display through to live news and weather feeds or even advertising. Ci can equip you with whatever you need. This includes fully interactive LED walls on a giant scale with multiple independent zones, suspended LED signage whether fixed or flexible, or transparent window LED. No one offers you a greater choice of possibilities.

Ci is an unrivalled design resource for large format LED display. Among Ci’s notable achievements in the technology are Australia’s best stadium LED (MCG/Etihad), best light transparent media façade (Emporium) and Australia’s most impressive shopping centre LED screen examples, both indoor and outdoor (QIC, Stocklands, Vicinity). Ci’s specialty is business-critical permanent display.

Ci offers access to the best range of such product in the world, from the affordable to the state of the art, and is endorsed as a project partner for all leading brands.

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Interactivity offers engagement at a higher level. It puts people in control when searching for information, and allows them to discover items of interest on their own terms. This makes it a powerful means of communication.

So too is a very large screen. It can present images with high impact to command serious attention and deliver a far more immersive experience.

Ci have recently installed Australia’s first giant interactive LED wall at QUT and there is nothing else to match it in Australia. Operable via gesture or touch it provides independent zones within its giant display so that multiple users can interact with the wall simultaneously.

The technology involved was first developed for Sega world in Japan and is on the cutting edge of large-scale interactivity. Appropriate uses are corporate showcases, visitor centres, student centres, shopping plazas, hospitality and entertainment venues, museums, retailers and more.

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Ci offers a range of digital media and display products to suit a wide variety of applications. No other range is as comprehensive. Ci can also help you succeed with content creation.

There are LED display screens for outside or inside buildings, including varieties that are light & air transparent or those that are flexible and able to be suspended in mid-air. All leading brands of LED display are available though Ci and each rates Ci highly as a project partner.

It’s not all LED. Ci also offers LCD walls, LCD digital signage, kiosk supply, two way IPTV systems and sophisticated wayfinding. Ci’s custom control and operations room is another popular service.

Some of the technologies Ci offer are exclusive such as the globally acclaimed Videro content management system and the multizone interactive LED walls it enables. Other such exclusives include animated signposts and ceiling tile LED panels.

Ci can also help you succeed with content creation.

For certain display requirements within workplace and learning spaces the days of LCD panels are numbered. Once you get above a certain screen size LED matrix display takes over. Likewise once you get over a certain brightness level LED display holds a clear advantage.

Sometimes these two attributes are needed at the same time, such as in a daylight filled corporate lobby, large training room or presentation facility. In such instances LCD panels fall well short of the mark and so does projection.  The only thing that will do the job effectively is LED display.

Up until recently, what has held LED display back from dominating such applications has been the tightness of the pixel pitch available in LED product and the considerable cost. Today these formidable stumbling blocks have been largely overcome. LED display is now replacing projection in lecture theatres, theatrettes, large boardrooms and large meeting rooms. With tighter pixel displays, wider viewing angles and with screen dimensions readily scalable for picture perfect results, seamless LED display is winning on all fronts.

So if you’re looking to put an LCD screen, LCD wall or projector into a space, why not check whether there is a viable LED display alternative built for the purpose now available? No one wants technology that may be soon out of date.

Ci is an unrivalled architectural resource for large format LED display, whether indoor or outdoor. Achievements include Australia’s best stadium perimeter LED (MCG/Etihad), best light transparent media façade (Emporium), first giant interactive LED wall (QUT) and Australia’s most impressive shopping centre LED examples, whether indoor or outdoor. Very soon Ci will also complete Australia’s two most exciting Civic LED projects. There is no company in the country better qualified.

LED display offers many traps for the unwary but Ci can provide you with the technical knowhow necessary to ensure you get the right product specified for your project. Ci offers every LED display category imaginable, from screens seen up close to roof top giants, from ceiling LED to flexible wall LED, from boardroom screens through to the most exciting lobby installations in Australia. Ci can supply, install and support on an ongoing basis all leading brands of LED and are considered to be the best implementation partner available. Advice is given freely to designers to ensure better-informed decisions are made.

This clever product makes good use of existing infrastructure in order to enable display on a large scale.  Conceived in Europe by LEDGO of the Netherlands it makes use of suspended ceiling bracketing to house specially engineered LED display ceiling tiles that can be readily daisy chained to display as one image. This means that ceilings, a previously under used asset for the purpose, can now be used for display and that stretches of ordinary ceiling tiling can be replaced by something extraordinary instead.

The design also makes project implementation easier. Retrospective installations are made very simple, and installations in yet to be built environments made more affordable. The ceiling tile technique also makes it very easy to move displays about to suit changes in floor layout.

In the corporate environment, striking content can be used above boardroom tables for high impact effect or the ceilings in reception areas can be brought alive with suitable content whether corporate or artistic.Retailers are also potential candidates for this product, as it enables them to use ceilings for general display or to highlight special merchandising areas directly underneath the screens.

The technology means suburban shopping centres can get a massive makeover at a modest cost. Airports and railway stations can use ceiling display space to relay important information to travellers in transit. Visitor centres can use ceilings as large format displays when wall space is limited.

CI is the exclusive agent for this product in Australia, and enquiry is welcome from architects and designers as well as direct from end users such as retailers, corporations, local government, universities, schools, hospitals and airports.

Tredsafe utilize the latest in LED technology to manufacture illuminated nosings to help navigate stairs in dark areas, or to install as a feature. Available in a variety of single colour options, or multicolour LED so you can change colours at the touch of a button. Illuminated profile inserts provide a slip-resistant surface, and can be chosen from a range of colours to comply with contrasting luminance requirements, giving you the ultimate in stairway safety. Compliant with NCC requirements.

For more information visit the brochure section.

Luminess LED Flat Panel recessed luminaires are ideal for commercial offices, schools, retail and healthcare applications. Luminess LED is an ideal solution for applications requiring a UGR<19.

Outdoor Brilliance: Ideal for general security applications, commercial exteriors and walkways, schools and stairwells, use these LED luminaires for a robust, energy efficient solution that will stand the test of time.

Ideal for warehouses, factories, storage facilities and shopping centres, the powerful Vortex LED Highbay is 58% more energy efficient than traditional metal halide highbays and outputs 17,800 lumens.

Legrand’s weatherproof battens are ideal for car parks, shopping centres, stairwells, industrial sites and general security lighting, as perform in all conditions, including: humid, damp, dusty and corrosive. Available in LED as well as T5 and T8 fluorescent.

Forget fumbling in the dark trying to find door keys or switches. Automating simple tasks, such as turning lights on and off, is super convenient, improves safety, and reduces the energy wastage. It's win, win, win! Legrand’s HPM provide light-sensitive switches, programmable switches and motion sensors. Legrand also offers motion sensors in its Excel Life range.

A great way to save money is to install large ceiling lights, like the LED panel and oyster lights from Legrand’s HPM. Because their light output covers larger areas, you won't need as many as when using downlights. So you'll save on both installation and running costs. And you'll help save our planet too.

If you're lighting a suburban backyard, it's not usually the size of a football field, so you won't need the power and expense of a commercial floodlight. You need something that's fit for purpose. That's where Legrand’s HPM can help. Take a look at the best in new LED flood lighting.

Imagine, you flee from work tired, grumpy and hungry. Then, you hit home and you're welcomed by a beautifully lit garden of fragrant foliage and sparkling lights. Your own little piece of paradise. Browse and dream with Legrand’s HPM’s garden lights.

A fusion of discretion and efficiency, Legrand’s HPM’s Zinnia starlights are an in vogue choice for those with an eye for detail. Whether illuminating under cabinets, or wall features indoors or outdoors, Zinnia is the epitome of versatile style.

Scale the heights of style with Calla step lights from Legrand’s HPM. An illuminating choice for hallways, stairwells or wherever your imagination takes you. Whether indoor or outdoor, Calla excels with its IP65 weatherproof rating.

Where other lights fear to tread, Legrand’s HPM’s Riba calls home. Free your imagination and have some fun with Riba. Be it a confined space or delicate mood lighting, satisfaction is assured.

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