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Pawling® Wall Protection Systems are an attractive solution for any kind of handrail, door, wall or edge protection. As a solution for especially high visibility areas, they are being successfully used in facilities like hospitals and healthcare facilities, sports venues, public spaces or high traffic areas.


  • Weatherproof
  • Anti-bacterial surface
  • High performance materials
  • Maintenance free
  • Impact resistant
  • Conceals minor scratches and marking on walls
  • Unlimited custom colours
  • 5 years warranty by manufacturer


  • Wall finishing and protective wall covering
  • Hospitals and sanitary institutions
  • High traffic areas
  • Handrails, chair rails, crash rails, bumper rails
  • Cart bumpers
  • Corner guards
  • Door frame guards
  • Door edge protector

This board lets you take it easy.

EGGER Ergo Board is an innovative ship lapped edge profiled board, which has been specially developed for drywall construction. It is the ideal board for internal applications, due to its high structural strength and formaldehyde-free glue.

This is why you should be building with EGGER Ergo Board:

* Safe to use – light and ergonomic with shiplap joint providing a secure grip

* Saving costs and time – quick installation with minimal waste

* Flexibility – easy to work with and compatible with plasterboard, timber studs, steel studs and drywall screws

For more information, please click here for Egger’s website. 

Gyprock® Ceiling Panels are plasterboard ceiling tiles used as decorative linings in commercial applications. Gyprock® manufactures ceiling panels with various surface finishes and with different properties to suit a variety of commercial applications. All tiles in the Gyprock® Ceiling Panels range are 600mm x 1200mm with square edges to suit most exposed grid systems.

  • Freshtone™ Ceiling Panels
  • Supatone™ Ceiling Panels
  • Perforated Ceiling Panels

Polyflor’s wall cladding collection features the standard Polyclad PU and the Polyclad Plus PU. With only variations in colour and thickness with the Polyclad Plus PU having a total thickness of 2mm whilst Polyclad PU stands at 1.25mm, both products exhibit excellent durability and ease of maintenance. The polyurethane surface treatment ensures flexibility during instalment and a continuous floor-to-wall surface providing maximum protection against dirt and infection, making it an ideal product for wet and hygiene-critical areas.

To achieve a desirable stone facade without the high cost, CraftStone offers a range of stone veneer that provides a fine replica of real stone for any interior or exterior space. This material also mimics the durable qualities of stone without the heavy mass and is water resistant through the addition of a water-based repellent. 

The European Castle Stone follows a sandstone appearance reminiscent of ancient European buildings. The randomly sized pieces allow a unique pattern and texture to be formed to bring classic elegance to any structure.

Reflective of traditional stone, CraftStone’s Quarry Stone selection reproduces the natural beauty that has captivated its users over time. The advantages of such stone being lightweight allows its strong pattern to be adapted into areas previously unheard of, expanding the bounds of modern design.

The Stacked Ledgestone collection is manufactured from real dry stacked ledgestone to guarantee an genuine stone finish. The regular shape of the stone makes it easy to install with pieces spanning between heights of 25 to 150mm and 75 to 500mm long.

For those who prefer sharper details, CraftStone offers the Classical Ledgestone range with thicker stone. Like the Vintage Ledgestone, pieces are available in varying lengths to easily achieve a popular, stacked look. 

With a wide selection of colours and tones, no two pieces are identical in the Mountain Ledgestone series, creating a facade that can easily be passed off as real stone. The diversity of thicknesses of each segment also adds a sense of grandeur to any structure.

Vintage Ledgestone is CraftStone’s flagship product, available in a common height of 100mm and varying lengths of 200mm, 300mm and 500mm. The assortment of lengths ensure a unique and authentic appearance to the surface and a modern aesthetic to the structure.

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