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With bold, confident colours, 2000 PUR has the power to transform any commercial environment. Available in 20 vibrant shades, 2000 PUR features a sophisticated directional duotone marbleised decoration, with marbleised highlight tones. Ideally suited for heavy traffic areas, 2000 PUR is recommended for use throughout commercial interiors, healthcare and education facilities, as well as retail outlets. 100% recyclable, 2000 PUR contains 25% recycled material.

The volcanic tile range from RMS includes Peperino Grigio, a deep grey coloured volcanic natural stone. The hard wearing and durable qualities make these tiles perfect for outdoor patios, porches and pathways and is available in a honed finish. Peperino Grigio is also supplied in slab form.

The Samsung Radianz Quartz Tiles from RMS Natural Stone & Ceramics are the perfect combination of aesthetics and function. The tiles are fabricated from polymer resins and pigments fused with 93% quartz, further enhancing the long-lasting qualities of regular quartz whilst still retaining the organic beauty of the natural mineral. This makes it ideal as the feature piece of residential or commercial spaces.

RMS supplies Luxor slate tiles available in a honed or natural finish. The dark and dense aesthetic provides a durable surface attracting a versatile range of applications such as indoor floors, outdoor driveways and wall cladding.

Because of its volcanic origins, Basalt is categorised as a “lavatic stone”, with a unique structure and remarkable uniformity due to the gases that escape during the initial cooling process.  Bluestone is essentially the same as Basalt, but with slightly different source locations and therefore a slight variation in appearance.

Prized throughout history as a superior cobblestone for paving roads and pathways, Basalt is an age-old material that has undergone a recent renaissance, growing in popularity as a paving stone for residential streets and pedestrian malls.
Basalt also retains this attractive aesthetic in tile form, which explains its popularity as an outdoor cladding material. RMS Stone carries an extensive range of honed and polished basalt and bluestone tiles, all suitable for domestic and commercial building applications.

Most people don’t realise, but travertine is actually what stalactites and stalagmites are made of! Travertine has much the same chemical and structural composition as  limestone, but has a couple of "extra" benefits. The natural cracks and veins in its structure can be filled in with various substances such as colour-matched or bright, eye-catching poly resins, often with stunning visual effects. But the main advantage of travertine when compared to other stones is that is actually strengthens and hardens with age and exposure. It’s certainly been proven to stand the test of time as a building material: just look at the Colusseum in Rome! These days, RMS travertine tiles most often makes an appearance as floor tiles, wall cladding, steps and sills, for paving, as mantle pieces, and around windows and doors.

Limestone tiles add a sophisticated yet rustic look to any commercial or residential space where they have been placed. These natural stones prove to be a perfect bonanza for the household and commercial projects. This material has been in use as a building material since a long time. Now, it has become a reliable building material among the other various types of stones. Limestone tiles can be used for various application areas like flooring, wall and kitchen counter tops. Being one of the most fragile rocks present on earth, they are the sedimentary rocks that are made up of Calcite. This article will help to know more about these tiles.

These tiles are not only utilised in various different spheres, but they can also be used in agriculture and in many industries. These tiles provide their users a huge variety of collection that has a range of tiles in various colors, shape, patterns and textures. Limestone tiles offer various aesthetically pleasing features such as light veining and speckles.  Their designs are unique and elegant in their own way, hence making the interior of any house look different from the rest. These tiles offer a good opportunity to interior and exterior designer to show their talent as with their unique designs and styles they are able to adorn the home with an exceptional beauty. Limestone tiles are growing in popularity across Australia, more and more people are using limestone for projects that call for a hard-wearing yet look pleasing material.

As most people are opting for this material for flooring and various other uses, limestone tiles are becoming famous on a larger scale. With a fragile appearance, they bring a natural feel to your homes and workplaces.

With a fine-ribbed, 100% polypropylene composition, the Avondale brings style and durability to any interior project. The stain-resistant fabric is an Autex staple, preferred by architects and designers in even the most hard-wearing of environments.

Supplied with a lifetime anti-run and anti-fray warranty, Avondale is an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal carpet suitable for schools, retail environments, and hospitals. Avondale also offers some acoustic insulation qualities, and is available in a selection of 10 contemporary colours.

Corrugated is the textured carpet result of zooming into everyday wonders, emulating the ribs found in a cross-section of cardboard. This broadloom and eKo® modular carpet is part of J+J/Invision’s Magnify collection and coordinates to all three existing products: Stacked, Strapped and Rusted. Corrugated has been designed for exceptional depth, lustre and dimension, made from 100% Ultron Nylon BCF. Available in rich colourways that range from neutral beiges to dark brown, Corrugated is a modern carpet that is highly complimentary to any indoor setting.


Static free carpet  +  Carpet tiles  +  Striated texture  +  Nine colours  +  Multi-level tip sheer loop  +  Modular and broadloom carpet  +  Linear pattern  +  Space-dye yarn  +  Coordinates with existing Magnify products


100% Ultron® Nylon BCF (with permanent static protection)  +  Modular available with PVC-free eKo backing (NSF 140 Platinum Certified)  +  Broadloom available as standard on PremierBac® Plus backing (NSF 1400 Gold Certified)  +  28 oz. (w)

Carpet Republic brings the calm of nature into the commercial carpet environment with Urban Canopy by J+J/Invision. This modular carpet collection is built upon three neutral colour lush patterned products – Up A Tree, Branch Out and Barking Mad. Each recognises nature and are created using 100% J&J Industries Encore® SD Ultima® solution dyed nylon with thoughtful eKo® PVC-free modular backing. These recycled carpet tiles are available in a sophisticated range of greys and beiges and provide a peacefulness from the hustle of city life to any office atmosphere.


Modular carpet tiles  +  Patterned loop carpet  +  Dyed nylon carpet  +  Nature inspired designs  +  Organic patterns  +  9 colourways  +  Neutral carpet colour palette  +  Compliments a multitude of textiles and finishes  

100% J&J Encore® SD Ultima® Nylon with recycled carpet content  +  PVC-free eKo® backing (NSF 140 Platinum Certified)  +  22 oz. (w)

Exclusively crafted by J+J/Invision for the senior living market, the Luminism Collection is an uplifting addition to Carpet Republic’s range, providing the Australian market with a considerate commercial carpet collection solution. Made from a durable resistant fibre, this stylish carpet ensures comfort and peace of mind with both Sentir™technology for an odor free carpet and ColorLoc® technology for a stain resistant modern carpet. Catering to both large spaces and more intimate settings, this aesthetically pleasing pattern carpet is available in streamlined transitional patterns, complimentary as a broadloom carpet or modular carpet choice.


Sentir™ odor-blocking technology  +  100% bleach-resistant fiber  +  ColorLoc® Plus stain resistant technology  +  Disguises soiling  +  Stain resistant carpet  +  Sophisticated carpet colour palette  +  Compliments a multitude of textiles and finishes  +  4 patterns  +  9 Colourways   


Danish Modern, Nouveau, and Minimalist are available in both broadloom and modular  +  Craftsman available in broadloom only

Style Plantation specialise in the import, distribution and manufacture of quality renewable resource products throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Discover a renewable resource company that specialise in pre-finished, ready to install Bamboo flooring, furniture board and blinds.

Bamboo is allergy free, environmentally friendly, repels termites, superior in quality and more durable than most hard wood timber floors. Ideal for refurbishment with no unnecessary mess and dangerous fumes and can be laid over existing floors.

Style Plantation also offer a range of natural fibre wallpapers, hemp textiles, soft furnishings, manchester, decking, fences and screens ideal for domestic and commercial applications.

The WOODLAND™ Strandwoven EUCALYPTUS flooring collection, captures the character and charm of the original wood grain in a unique and contemporary visual. With beautiful rustic features, each board is an original masterpiece guaranteed to bring warmth and exclusivity into any interior and delight designers, architects and homeowners alike.

Using only fast growing and sustainable species to minimize the impact on the environment, our WOODLAND™ Strandwoven EUCALYPTUS collection, is excellent for both residential and commercial applications due to its exceptional hardness and indentation resistance.


Unique and contemporary visual with beautiful rustic features  +  Extremely hard and durable with excellent indentation resistance  +  Exceeds performance of most old growth tropical hardwoods at a fraction of the price  +  Made from a fast growing sustainable species  +  Solid timber product excellent for high traffic commercial application  +  Premium quality Treffert coatings for easy cleaning and maintenance  +  R10 Slip resistance rating  +  Solid boards can be resanded and refinished  +  Excellent Limited Product Warranty

Bamboo flooring is becoming increasingly popular because it has an enduring quality, is hard wearing and is suitable for both domestic and commercial applications.

Although bamboo is technically a grass, it is classified as a timber flooring product, and compares favourably in terms of its performance, look and price against hardwood timber flooring.

Style Plantation offers wide range of bamboo flooring in a selection of colours, finishes and structures including:

Vertical bamboo flooring

Horizontal bamboo flooring

• STYLEBOARD™ Strand-woven bamboo flooring


Extremely durable flooring choice for any location subjected to high usage + Ease of maintenance + Favourable cost against premium grade hardwood timbers

Carpet designing is no longer a taxing experience thanks to Axminster Carpets’s Ready to Weave carpet design facility, brought to Australia by Carpet Republic. This concept provides designers with an opportunity to effortlessly create tailored schemes online, without any pattern limitations, in a wide choice of specifications and colours to suit every individual décor. Marvel at your high quality carpet creation in 3D from a choice of room sets and re-edit to adjust highlights till content. Both cost effective and with a usefully short lead time of no more than 4 weeks, Ready to Weave carpets provide unique and individual schemes for any installation, large or small, modestly or with feature impact.

To see stunning creations others have made click here.


Create unique carpet schemes  +  Hassle free carpet designing  +  No pattern limitations  +  Online visualisation   +  Contemporary and traditional designs  +   Examples for inspiration  +  Palette of 32 colours  +  Short lead time  +  Cost effective carpet  +  Low making quantities   +  Created on ‘super 8 pitch’ loom  +  High tuft density  +  Excellent appearance retention


Yarn bank colours always available  +  Minimum quantity 50m2  +  91cm or 3.66m width 

Cork flooring has a whole new refined appeal thanks to the designers from Toryl, providing Carpet Republic’s clients with beautiful, easy to maintain, smart, green flooring. A high density fibre core enables excellent acoustic and thermal insulation and high dent resistance – making this cork flooring perfect for office floors, kitchen floors, or feature floors in living rooms. Their excellent colour range is compatible with any décor and is available in three style levels to suit your ambiance needs.  


25-35% higher density than most cork floors  +  Durable air-packed cork layer  +  Dent Resistant floor surface  +  Beneficial insulation  +  Reduces floor noise  +  Long lifetime  +  Canadian design  +  Designer-inspired styles  +  30 colours to choose from +  Lightweight  +  East to install    


Cork flooring  +  Plank and tile  +  Patented Uniclic joint system  +  Premier, Elite and Designer styles  +  Available in lengths 910mm to 1746mm (all 194mm wide)  +  25 Year Residential Wear Warranty  +  Lifetime Structural and Joint Warranty  +  5 Year limited Commercial Warranty  +  35 Year Designer Range Warranty 

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