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Dorma MUNDUS patch fittings offer unique and inspiring design combined with simple, fast installation.

The Dorma MUNDUS patch fittings are striking in appearance thanks to their elegant shape with straight edges and radiused corners, and no visible fixings to disrupt their smooth surface. Suitable for a range of glass thicknesses without the need to change gaskets.

Visually and technically advanced, the Dorma MUNDUS range supports 24 standard systems as well as toughened glass constructions of almost any conceivable design.

  • Clear design, no visible fixings
  • Wide range of finishes, colors and materials
  • Fast installation, adjustment even when mounted
  • Always fits – adjusts to different glass thicknesses without the need to change gaskets
  • Suitable for laminated safety glass employing the established Dorma Clamp & Glue technology for high demands on quality and safety
  • Easy to retrofit and integrate in existing systems – patch fittings and locks can be readily replaced by Dorma MUNDUS components

Pro-Fit® Modera™ Ledgestone.

Our Modera Pro-Fit® collection offers a practical way to achieve a tailored ledgestone look with small-scale, low relief stones. It's quick and easy to install because it isn't applied one stone at a time. Instead, the primary building blocks are groups of small stones meticulously bundled together to form modular components of equal height.

Modera Pro-Fit® products also feature the patented Cultured Stone® cladding interlocking mortar groove for secure adhesion without grouted joints.

The new Morada brick collection from PGH delivers stunning finishes to modern buildings. Formed in Spain using ultra fine clay, this premium range delivers clean lines and a matte, porcelain-like finish.

Providing architects and builders with versatility, Morada includes a designer colour palette in three sizes, from Standard and Splits to the long, sleek look of the Linear shape. The epitome of modern European style, Morada is a fresh, colour through brick for sleek, sophisticated and creative projects.

* Standard size available from September. Allow 8-10 weeks for major orders.

For certain display requirements within workplace and learning spaces the days of LCD panels are numbered. Once you get above a certain screen size LED matrix display takes over. Likewise once you get over a certain brightness level LED display holds a clear advantage.

Sometimes these two attributes are needed at the same time, such as in a daylight filled corporate lobby, large training room or presentation facility. In such instances LCD panels fall well short of the mark and so does projection.  The only thing that will do the job effectively is LED display.

Up until recently, what has held LED display back from dominating such applications has been the tightness of the pixel pitch available in LED product and the considerable cost. Today these formidable stumbling blocks have been largely overcome. LED display is now replacing projection in lecture theatres, theatrettes, large boardrooms and large meeting rooms. With tighter pixel displays, wider viewing angles and with screen dimensions readily scalable for picture perfect results, seamless LED display is winning on all fronts.

So if you’re looking to put an LCD screen, LCD wall or projector into a space, why not check whether there is a viable LED display alternative built for the purpose now available? No one wants technology that may be soon out of date.

Extreme 32 is a shade sail cloth designed and engineered for the full spectrum of shade applications from large commercial shade sails to unique architectural shade structures.

Due to its unique monofilament and tape construction, this fabric not only has a high burst strength specification to handle large spans, it also provides outstanding solar protection.

With a 10 year warranty and proven reputation, this shade cloth is perfectly suited to your next large-scale shade sail or shade structure project.

Making the most of a precious resource – water

Water is a precious resource in Australia and installing a water tank can help reduce your water bills and ensure you have a reliable backup for when water becomes scarce.

When looking for water tanks you may hear reference to AQUAPLATE® steel. AQUAPLATE® steel water tanks are available in COLORBOND® steel colours so they can be matched to complement the look of your home. They are manufactured with a food-grade polymer film lining on the inside of the tank so you can safely harvest and consume rain water in your home.

MOVENTO – concealed runner system for wooden drawers and pull-outs

MOVENTO is the perfect solution for wooden drawers and pullouts when the runner system is required to match the beauty of the furniture construction. The MOVENTO concealed runner system creates many exciting design options and achieves a unique comfort of motion for the furniture user.

MOVENTO is designed to withstand intense daily use for the lifetime of the furniture. The superior runner smoothness and top quality design is ideal for the high demands of everyday kitchen or furniture use such as the storage of heavy items and frequent opening and closing.

The elite concealed runner system created to meet the highest expectations:

  • Integrated BLUMOTION ensures silent and effortless closing
  • Full extension; providing complete overview and unhindered access to drawer contents
  • High dynamic carrying capacity of 40/60kgs with excellent sag values and high stability

Further support for freedom of design and effortless functionality:

  • Freedom of design. Flexibility in drawer dimensions combined with high load bearing capacity and assured stability opens up numerous possibilities for furniture design with extra wide, high and deep pull-outs
  • Handle-less designs are possible when fitted with SERVO-DRIVE electronic opening support system, drawers and pull-outs open with just a light touch on the front
  • When power is not available; TIP-ON BLUMOTION introduces a 100% mechanical opening and soft closing support system that offers functional opening and soft closing support for handle-less furniture.
  • Optional use with Blum’s CABLOXX locking system to ensure additional security for high-quality furniture. CABLOXX is a system-independent solution and extends the range of applications for MOVENTO drawers and pull-outs. Items can be stored securely and protected against unauthorised access.

Dedicated to sustainability and quality design, MOVENTO is certified to ISO14001, ISO50001 and ISO9001 quality and environmental standards.

Experience Elegance with LEGRABOX

Sophisticated simple and slim. Experience elegance with LEGRABOX. The elegant box system is unprecedented in its level of performance and is characterised by a slim design with straight lines and a particularly high quality of motion.

LEGRABOX adds an elegant character to all living areas combining sophisticated design with a new quality of motion achieved by a completely new runner system. The innovative runner system offers a greater ease of use with low opening forces from the very first millimetre.

  • Blum’s adaptive BLUMOTION soft-close technology is integrated into the LEGRABOX runner ensuring silent and effortless closing
  • The dynamic carrying capacity of 40kg and 70kg and low sag value allows for a wide range of design freedom whilst increasing storage space using wide and heavy pull-outs
  • LEGRABOX offers a completely new colour concept of Silk White, Terra Black, Orion Grey and Anti-Fingerprint Stainless Steel in a matt coat finish
  • Supporting handle-less designs, LEGRABOX is compatible with SERVO-DRIVE electrical opening support system and TIP-ON BLUMOTION the 100% mechanical opening and soft closing support system
  • Optional use with Blum’s CABLOXX locking system to ensure additional security for high-quality furniture. CABLOXX is a system-independent solution and extends the range of applications for LEGARBOX drawers and pull-outs. Items can be stored securely and protected against unauthorised access.


Characterised by a slim design with straight lines, the LEGRABOX pure design supports current living and design trends and opens a wide range of design options.

  • At 12.8mm and straight on the inside and out, the impressively slim side panels make complete use of the interior
  • Extra high fronts that conceal inner drawers and pullouts are becoming more significant as a design solution. LEGRABOX pure supports this trend with a new type of front fixing bracket that guarantees maximum stability when opening and closing
  • More design possibilities; create deeper drawers, pullouts and handle-less design options whilst maintaining horizontal lines with easy ergonomic functionality, access and optimal space utilisation


LEGRABOX free supports unique designs in the kitchen and living areas throughout the home; whilst continuing to offer the characteristics known of LEGRABOX including its unprecedented performance, impressively slim drawer sides and particularly high quality of motion.

LEGRABOX free is exclusively available in C height pull-outs. Supporting currently living and design trends; Freedom to individualise is offered through large surface area design elements made from different materials.

  • Large surface area design elements made primarily from 10mm thick clear glass
  • The clear glass design elements ensure an open and light overall appearance and works especially well in Blum’s SPACE TOWER pantry solution. The user has clear visibility and ergonomic access to contents from all three sides
  • The elegant design of LEGRABX free supports attractive product presentation

Harmonious in combination LEGRABOX free can be elegantly paired with LEGRABOX pure.

Blum’s space saving cabinet solutions; SPACE TOWER (pantry), Sink Cabinet and Narrow Cabinet are all achievable using LEGRABOX drawer systems.

LEGRABOX has been recognised on an international scale for excellence in design and innovation for a product with superior functionality with the highest quality.

Dedicated to sustainability and quality design, LEGRABOX drawer systems are certified to ISO14001, ISO50001 and ISO9001 quality and environmental standards.

Blum’s Hinge Systems for all applications. 

Blum’s extensive hinge programme offers you the right solution for every door. Blum hinges blend harmoniously into the furniture interior; different large opening angles are available to support access to the cabinet interior. Special application hinges are also available providing, even more, design freedom.

Blum has responded to the growing demand for elegant looking fittings for furniture with the release of the new CLIP top BLUMOTION in onyx black. Supporting the trend towards darker furniture, the onyx black hinge variant integrates harmoniously into darker cabinets creating new design possibilities. Common hinge types such as; CLIP top BLUMOTION in 110° design, CLIP top 155° zero protrusion hinge, hinges for profile/thick door and blind corner applications and hinges for 45° angles are now available in onyx black. To support handle-less furniture designs; CLIP top in onyx black will be available to use with TIP-ON mechanical opening support system.


Blum’s CLIP top BLUMOTION brings together innovative technology, award-winning design and enhanced user convenience within the smallest space. CLIP-top BLUMOTION range especially impresses with their silent and effortless closing action thanks to integrated BLUMOTION soft-close.

Whether a standard, profile door, blind corner, aluminium frame or angled hinge, with CLIP top BLUMOTION you can cover many different applications. The integration of BLUMOTION into the hinge means that CLIP top BLUMOTION stands out with its sophisticated technology, high level of motion and elegant design.

  • Blum hinges are available for different door heights, thicknesses and material including aluminium frames and glass doors
  • BLUMOTION ensure silent and effortless closing regardless of the door weight and closing speed.
  • 3-dimensional hinge setting for a uniform and precise gap design
  • Different large opening angles available to support access to the cabinet interior
  • CLIP-top BLUMOTION concentrates motion functionality into the smallest space.

CLIP top

This proven classic in the Blum hinge programme ensures every door opens and closes with reliable ease. In the rare circumstance that an integrated BLUMOTION hinge is not available, simply combine CLIP top with add on BLUMOTION for doors.

Supporting handle-less furniture design; TIP-ON mechanical opening support system can be combined with CLIP top (unsprung hinge) to provide a functional opening solution for handle-less doors.

  • The CLIP top 155° hinge for use in cabinets with inner drawers and pull-outs, providing an improved feature of cabinet design by gaining storage space and ease of access.

Dedicated to sustainability and quality design Blum hinge systems are certified to ISO14001, ISO50001 and ISO9001 quality and environmental standards.

The perfect partnership of product design and functionality for handle-less design

Every kitchen and living area has different requirements in terms of design and functionality. Blum’s comprehensive product offer provides endless possibilities and exciting scope for new and creative interior designs.

Today handle-less furniture is a must for the kitchen and many living areas throughout the home. Furniture fronts without handle, large expansive surfaces, clear cut design and minimal gaps create a smooth uninterrupted look and are beautiful characteristics of handle-less design.

Blum offers fitting solutions that inspire and support this trend allowing unique design ideas to be carried through to furniture interiors. Blum also realises that the functionality of furniture is particularly important for everyday use, it needs to promote ergonomic workflows, provide enough storage space and be easy to use.

Blum’s innovative motion technologies not only make furniture more practical but when combined with Blum fittings create endless possibilities for handle-less furniture design and achieves high quality of motion with impressive ease of use.

Blum’s motion technologies enable a small front gap of just 2.5mm for handle-less lift systems, doors and pull-outs. All four motion technologies, BLUMOTION, SERVO-DRIVE, TIP-ON BLUMOTION and TIP-ON can be combined as required extending the possibilities for handle-less designs throughout the kitchen and home.

Blum fittings and motion technologies provide options to design, plan and realise handle-less furniture possibilities and create furniture tailored to individual user needs, taste and style.

Practical Inner Dividing Systems for organisation

Blum’s practical inner dividing systems organise every drawer and pull-out. Storage space is used optimally, items are easily accessible and interiors are tailored to individual needs. AMBIA-LINE for LEGRABOX and ORGA-LINE for TANDEMBOX bring the design characteristics of the respective box system into the drawer and pull-out interiors creating a harmonious overall look.


Intuitive and universal, AMBIA-LINE inner dividing system is organisation at its best. The inner dividing system AMBIA-LINE stands out on account of its slim minimalist design and diverse setting option. The narrow frames, which complement LEGRABOX in colour and style, can be used universally and are designed to fit LEGRABOX ensuring perfect organisation in any living area.

AMBIA-LINE offers a completely new solution of organising drawer and pull-out interiors. The frames are compact, versatile and are easily positioned in any configuration to suit individual needs. In addition, AMBIA-LINE kitchen accessories are available to complement the LEGRABOX and AMBIA-LINE design.

AMBIA-LINE inner dividing system is internationally recognised for its sophisticated design and functional excellence.

  • AMBIA-LINE frames are easy to insert and can be positioned as desired. Steel frames for the high fronted pull-out are held securely by a magnet
  • The flexible cross dividers can be easily adjusted to fit the size of the goods being stored
  • AMBIA-LINE extends the timeless elegance of LEGRABOX throughout drawer and pull-out interiors
  • The powder coated steel frames are available in an Orion Grey Matt, Terra Black Matt and Silk White Matt finish
  • Providing secure storage of bottles in kitchen applications; the AMBIA-LINE bottle set clips onto and elevates the AMBIA-LINE drawer frame whilst dividers securely hold bottles in place


Practical and versatile, ORGA-LINE inner dividing system provides clear visibility and organisation in every drawer and pull-out. ORGA-LINE makes optimal use of storage space in TANDEMBOX drawers and pullouts; everything has a place and is always close at hand with easy access to drawer contents. Dividers are customised to match the TANDEMBOX drawer profile in colour and style.

ORGA-LINE is a superior quality inner dividing system that offers enhanced design possibilities for drawer and pull-out interiors that can be customised to suit any storage need:

  • Storage space is optimised with a range of adjustable containers and flexible drawer dividers ensuring all items are organised and stored safely; maximising space and ensuring ease of access
  • Flexible dividers allow for unlimited customisation and can be arranged to suit the items being stored
  • Stainless Steel containers and nylon parts are durable and dishwasher friendly
  • A range of ORGA-LINE kitchen accessories simplify many tasks, provide organisation and can be easily transported to food preparation areas

Dedicated to sustainability and quality design, AMBIA-LINE for LEGRABOX and ORGA-LINE for TANDEMBOX are certified to ISO14001, ISO50001and ISO9001 quality and environmental standards.

Practical and sophisticated cabinet solutions for modern kitchens

Blum’s practical and sophisticated cabinet solutions can be adapted to meet the individual needs of kitchen users and make optimal use of the storage space available. These cabinet solutions enhance kitchen workflows with items being stored where they are needed for everyday kitchen use.

Practical cabinet solutions ensure stored items such as provisions, plates, cutlery and cleaning agents are within easy reach and immediately at hand. Blum provides a practical cabinet solutions for both wall cabinets and base units ensuring individual storage requirements are met, resulting in not only a beautiful kitchen but a practical one also.

SPACE TOWER Pantry Unit                                                                                             

A well-thought-out solution for everyday use, Blum’s SPACE TOWER uses every inch of storage space available. The inner pull-outs can be opened individually, giving users easy access and clear visibility from all three sides.

The SPACE TOWER pantry solution is achievable with LEGRABOX and TANDEMBOX drawer systems and MOVENTO runner system. For handle-less furniture design, he SPACE TOWER is compatible SERVO-DRIVE electrical opening support system and TIP-ON BLUMOTION a 100% mechanical opening and soft closing support system.


Too often space available in the kitchen corner cabinet is wasted with stored items uncomfortable to access and easily forgotten. Blum’s SPACE CORNER make optimal use of the space with the full extension angled drawers utilising the available space providing access into the furthest corner.

The SPACE CORNER solution is achievable with TANDEMBOX drawer systems. For handle-less furniture design the SPACE CORNER compatible SERVO-DRIVE electrical opening support system.

Sink Cabinet 

The Blum Sink Cabinet makes optimal use of the space available in the cabinet under the sink. The solution combines Blum’s Sink Drawer and Waste Bin pull-out applications. Additional space is gained through the Sink Drawer u-shaped cut out around the sink bowl and the Waste Bin pull-out is divided into two sections, one for storage of cleaning items and another for the waste bins allows for effortless and convenient access when required.

The Sink Cabinet is achievable with LEGRABOX and TANDEMBOX drawer systems and MOVENTO runner system. For handle-less furniture design, the Sink Cabinet is compatible SERVO-DRIVE electrical opening support system.

Narrow Cabinet

Making use of even the smallest storage space available in the kitchen whilst maintaining a uniform appearance Blum’s Narrow Cabinet solution provides a simple solution that creates valuable storage space by making use of the even the smallest space in the kitchen. Spices, oils and baking trays can be stored between the preparation and cooking area providing quick and convenient access when needed.

The Narrow Cabinet solution is achievable with LEGRABOX and TANDEMBOX drawer systems and MOVENTO runner system. For handle-less furniture design the Sink Cabinet is compatible SERVO-DRIVE electrical opening support system.

Folding Arm Awnings require no frames, beams or posts for support, leaving the below area entirely free from obstruction. Ideal for providing sun and weather protection for your patio, terrace, balcony, outdoor entertainment area, café or restaurant.

Folding Arm Awnings are a practical solution to a big problem – Melbourne’s unpredictable weather. Durable and versatile in design and suitable for many different fixing structures. These awnings are available in widths up to 12 metres with a 4 metre projection and with either a manually or electronically operated gear mechanism. A large combination of colour options are on offer, and the pitch of the awning can also be manually adjusted when in use.

All awning frames are available in a standard colour range with the options upon request.


With a colour range inspired by current trends in the Australian exterior design market, this Hunter Douglas external sunscreen range is the perfect solution for any rooms with heavy sun exposure. Featuring a symmetrical 2×2 b/asket weave, the Extraview Plus external sunscreen achieves excellent glare reduction & light control whilst maintaining an excellent view through.


Available in 13 colours

External sunscreen fabric

5% openness

1% openness is available in 5 colour options

Suitable for external contemporary drop awnings

Mildew and fungi resistant


The external Everview Plus range has undergone stringent testing to ensure it performs extremely well under Australian conditions, including heat resistance, opacity maximisation and colour UV fastness.


The Hunter Douglas Alpha Awning Series offers a seamless colour coordination with the Everview Plus External Sunscreen Fabric range. The new Everview Plus colour palette has been perfectly co-ordinated with the Alpha Awning range hardware colours.

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