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Hinged Door – Panel Size

  • Door panels – 115mm rail and 65mm stile
  • Mid rail options of 50mm or 115mm are available.
  • Optional 50mm glue on bars also available.

Hinged Door – Frame

  • Single or paired doors are available.
  • Robust 102mm commercial aluminium door frame.
  • Inward or outward doors are available.
  • A variety of thresholds are available, including disability access.

Gainsborough offers a range of quality architectural hinges to suit commercial or upper residential building requirements. All products are manufactured to Gainsborough’s high-quality standards and feature stainless steel, steel or brass materials with flat capped pin design. The range features the popular sizes required for commercial applications with a cross section of fixed pin or loose pin varieties to cater for external or internal doors.

D&D Technologies Pty Ltd, the Australian design and manufacturing company that invented magnetic safety gate latches and polymer safety gate hinges, has introduced its range of SureClose® hydraulic gate hinges and closers for commercial-style gates. 

These precision-engineered hinge-closers are constructed of high-grade aluminium housings and stainless steel components for lasting operation. Dual sealed thrust-bearings in each hinge give the capacity to cope with the heavy loads (up to 680kg point load) of commercial-style and high-traffic gates.

Closing adjustment nozzles located at the top of these hinge-closers provide fine adjustments for either gate-closing speed or a ‘final snap-close’ feature that not only reduces gate slam noise and enhanced gate latching, but also helps protect and prolong the life of the gate and its latching mechanisms.

SureClose are designed to replace conventional hinges and many of the commercial door and gate closers used on certain upmarket applications. Think gates and accesses around shopping centres, childcare centres, schools, playgrounds, hotels-motels, apartments, industrial complexes, airports, gated communities, high-end glass pool gates… Through its unique design that conceals the closer hydraulics inside the fence post, SureClose provides greater strength and performance over traditional heavy duty hinges and closers, with an installed cost at or below current alternatives.

SureClose®FlushMount and CentreMount come in three basic models, with screw-on or weld-on mounting brackets that cover most square-posted gates and fences, notably steel and aluminium. Some models feature the “final snap-close action” for overcoming electric or coded locks found in many security applications, and there is also a non-self-closing hinge model designed for large estate gates.

Each self-closing hinge comes with its own adjustment tool and gate mounting bracket. Post mounting brackets are sold separately to match specific applications.

The Q-Bolt™ is a stylish and affordable drop-bolt designed to retain a range of common household gates.

The Q-Bolt is made from high-grade stainless steel that has also been electro-polished to add to its rust resistance. It is then powdercoated to further protect it from harsh weather elements.

Because locking security is only required in certain situations or applications, an optional padlockable feature has been built into the Q-Bolt. For convenience, the Q-Bolt also offers a padlock storage facility for when the padlock is not being used.

A bolt retention feature prevents the rod from dropping and dragging across the driveway, and also keeps the rod from being pulled out of its mounting brackets when mounted to a gate.

The Q-Bolt™ comes in lengths of 610mm & 1016mm (24” and 40”). There are models for metal gates, and also models with wider mounting brackets ideal for wood gates.

Like all of D&D Technologies’ products the Q-Bolt™ comes with a limited Lifetime Warranty.

All products are Australian owned and Australian made, from D&D Technologies Pty Ltd.

The LokkLatch® DELUXE is a heavy duty privacy and security gate latch designed to last the test of time.

It takes an innovative approach to the traditional gravity latch principle and combines the unique benefits of key-lockability and reliable latching action with superior design and rust-proof components. Importantly, the latch can be operated and locked from either side of the gate, which is ideal for privacy and security gates around homes, schools and commercial areas.

It is constructed of strong, moulded polymers and stainless steel components and so is guaranteed against rust, binding and staining.

Side-fixing legs provide double-face fixing strength and easy alignment. It requires only one drilled hole through the post.

The LokkLatch Deluxe also offers adjustability both vertically and horizontally to ensure proper fit and reliable latching. This latch is ideal for all square post gate and fencing materials as well as left- or right-hinged gates.

All products are Australian owned and Australian made, from D&D Technologies Pty Ltd.

D&D Technologies’ new TruClose ‘Series 3’ polymer gate hinges feature improved strength and advanced D&D-patented tension adjustment. All TruClose Child Safety Gate Hinges are guaranteed against rust, binding, sagging and staining.

The top-selling TruClose gate hinges have been the most reliable self-closing hinges on the market, and used widely by fencing professionals the world over.

TruClose Series 3 now also offers a unique, custom approach to gate hardware, with optional decorative trim covers (Black, Brushed or Chrome) which gives customers the opportunity to match the hinge finish with their gate and fence materials. The clever, clip-on decorative trim covers also means no visible fasteners, which provides a clean, modern look.

TruClose® TCA1S3 is a regular range model that was specifically designed to comply with the strict Standards associated with swimming pools and childcare centres. it is the most common choice for thousands of swimming pool gates all over the world. They are designed to fit onto most new or existing metal gates. 

The TCA2S3 models have a wider leaf on one side to accommodate fixing wood gates to a metal post, such as those posts that might be mounted to a brick wall.

The TCA3S3 models have wide leafs on both sides for added strength on wood gates and wood fence posts.

TruClose hinges give you reliable self-closing action, along with dual-end adjustability to suit closing speed and gate weight.

All products are Australian owned and Australian made, from D&D Technologies Pty Ltd.

LokkLatch® MAGNETIC is an industry-first, push/pull handle action with an internal magnetic latching/locking system.

It features D&D Technologies’ patented ‘Lost Motion Technology’ used in its world-famous MagnaLatch® Child Safety Gate Latch. The lock features dual rekeyable 6-pin lockcyclinders and vertical and horizontal adjustment. Importantly, it operates and locks from both sides of the gate!

Another feature is the ability to customize the latch with decorative handle trims (Black, Brushed or Chrome) to enhance your outdoor living environment by matching to D&D’s TruClose® hinge trim covers.

A Gate Kit is available in either Black or Brushed trim covers. It contains a LokkLatch® MAGNETIC Gate Lock and a pair of TruClose® Heavy Duty TCHD1AS3 gate hinges, also with trim covers to match the latch.

Engineered with the most durable materials and finishes that withstand the hard effects of both time and weather, paired with the quality components only D&D is known for, makes LokkLatch MAGNETIC the ideal locking solution for many privacy and security gates.

All products are Australian owned and Australian made, from D&D Technologies Pty Ltd.

Australian design and manufacturing company, D&D Technologies, announces the release of its new SureClose® ReadyFit Gate Hinge & Closer (all-in-one).

ReadyFit is D&D Technologies’ newest compact, heavy-duty hinge-closer designed for heavy duty gates.  Its external mounting brackets mean it is now 100% externally mountable, and is designed to replace traditional, bulky gate closers and expensive and potentially troublesome floor-closers. It requires no drilled holes or specialist tools. 

SureClose hinge-closers are ideal for gates around business complexes, schools, childcares, playgrounds, upmarket homes, hotels/motels, shopping centres, apartments, airports, gated communities and high-end swimming pool gates. SureClose hinges are currently being used by institutions such as Disneyland (USA) and the US national railways, among other heavyweights.

Each pair of ReadyFit provides convenient screw slots and holes for sturdy fixing. The 25mmx12g self-drilling Tek screws are supplied. The slots allow fine vertical adjustment, and the screw holes then secure the product firmly in place. A built-in horizontal adjustment ring adjusts the level of the gate. 

All SureClose® models are made of high-grade aluminium, but some can be matched with L-shaped steel mounting brackets for welding to gate frames and posts if preferred.

D&D Technologies invented the world-famous MagnaLatch® magnetic Child Safety Gate Latch in the early 1990s, and offers a comprehensive range of innovative gate latches, locks and hinges for residential and commercial projects.

For almost 25 years the MagnaLatch® ‘Top Pull’ has been trusted to keep toddlers safe around pools, homes, playgrounds and childcare centres.

Designed to keep the release knob out of toddler’s reach, MagnaLatch has set the standard and become the world’s best-selling pool safety gate latch. And now the new MagnaLatch® ‘Series 3’ range offers even greater safety and security.

With its patented Lost-Motion Technology, the innovative magnetic action engages every time and stays shut, no matter how much it’s pulled or shaken. For convenience, the key lock can now also be rekeyed (by a locksmith) to match other household doors and accesses.

A new, visible Lock Indicator shows at a glance whether the latch is locked or unlocked.

Easy to install and adjust for gate sag and ground shift, the new MagnaLatch® ‘Series 3’ Top Pull comes with a Lifetime Warranty (limited) and is available from good hardware stores and fencing contractors.

All products are Australian owned and Australian made, from D&D Technologies Pty Ltd.

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