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New Envirotec Dual Climate Energy Control Film is a range of spectrally selective window films improved with a microscopic metallic coating. They have been optically designed to reflect some electromagnetic radiation wavelengths, so that at the same time, they remain transparent yet block out light from other angles. Heating infrared radiation is blocked completely, but a high proportion of sunlight, or visible solar radiation is transmitted. This product therefore provides a dual climate benefit: during the summer season, heat from sun is reflected away, but during the winter season, a certain quantity of heat from outer area passes through glass. This leads to reflection of radiant heat back inside the room. Envirotec Dual Climate Energy Control Film therefore makes windows more efficient, irrespective of season.

Protection from glare and heat + Transparent for good visibility + Lower utility operating costs + Long-lasting good looks ensured by scratch-resistant coating + Blocks around 99% of UV rays + Blocks around 55% of solar energy on the whole + High visible light transmission up to 70%

Building operators and owners would be able to provide protection to property and people from dangers of falling or flying broken glass, with Safety Films from High Performance Window Films. They have been produced out of multiple layers of superior quality polyester film that is bonded with adhesives, to form a high tensile, heavy gauge barrier. The film is then affixed to the inner surface of the glass with super active pressure-mounting silicone adhesive, whose characteristic have been designed especially to complement the high-tensile film. *FEATURES* ISO 9001 certified + Exceptional Quality + Patented scratch resistant coating + Safety from broken glass + Security against smash and enter

Damage Control Anti-Graffiti Film is one of High Performance Windows Films’ range of highly successful Security and Safety films, providing protection against any malicious damage, scratching, or vandalism. This product is best-suited for exterior application towards metal and glass surfaces. Damage Control Anti-Graffiti Film is best implanted in high pedestrian traffic regions, with the objective of protecting signage, shopping centre balustrades, public transport vehicles, public access areas, and retail shop units, as well as train and bus windows. *FEATURES* Cost-effective + Easy, quick installation and replacement + Cost-effective compared to graffiti removal or damage repairs

Make a statement with a stunning customised design on internal or external surfaces for impact, privacy, branding promotion, or simply decoration. Lateral Decorative and Designer Films are the newest design and decorative films from High Performance Window Films. Full photo quality images can now be digitally printed directly onto frosted, opaque or clear films, providing cutting edge design solutions for corporate and retail identity. Whether it be logos, internal office partitions or signage, HPWF is the only group to offer full in-house design and production facilities to meet tight deadlines and client demands. In addition to these, HPWF have a full spectrum of coloured translucent films, all with a durable and unique scratch resistant coating. This interior glass film product adds novel dimensions to various plain glass surfaces such as windows, doors and partitions, redefining the way in which they interrelate with interior design and conventional architecture. There is a broad spectrum of coloured and patterned films available, all of which are suitable for both exterior and interior applications. Anything imaginable can be printed onto film and then applied to glass to create a stunning visual effect, hpwf can even help you design a tailor made solution for your exact needs. *FEATURES* Custom-tailored visual effects + Dramatic impact + Internal and external application + Suitable for use on various glass surfaces

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