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SUNLITE has a cellular polycarbonate structure that yields a lightweight sheet with high impact strength and superior thermal insulation.

High light transmission makes SUNLITE ideal for varied roofing, wall cladding, and glazing applications.

Interior designers and advertisers take advantage of SUNLITE’s special appearance and add a unique touch to their designs.

The SUNLITE product range includes heat-blocking SolarSmart™ sheets that reduce heat build-up and anti-condensation treatment for greenhouses and garden centres.

Main benefits:

  • High thermal insulation
  • Extremely Lightweight yet impact resistant
  • High light transmission
  • Excellent structural durability
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Blocks virtually all UV radiation
  • Easy to handle and install
  • High fire ratings

Typical Applications:

  • Architectural roofing and glazing
  • Skylights and sidelights
  • Conservatory roofing
  • Covered walkways
  • Illuminated signage and displays
  • Decorative partitions
  • Greenhouse and garden centre roofing
  • An ideal way to utilise natural light and airflow or perfect to divide that special room and create a unique interior design.
  • Blade heights can be 152mm or 102mm high, both with 6mm glass.
  • 130mm overall aluminium window frame (138mm minimum recommended reveal frame with 130mm frame).
  • Installed as a single frame or ideal for combination styles with hinge doors, fixed lites or sliding doors.
  • Ergonomic curved handles as standard.
  • Handles can be placed in high or low, left or right position of the window.
  • All glazing options are Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) rated, providing a wide range of energy efficient solutions.
  • Acoustic solutions available.
  • Complies with Australian Standards – AS2047 and AS1288. Options for Fall Prevention compliance are available.
  • Awning windows are great for creating a sense of size, letting you create a broad expanse of glass that makes the most of natural surroundings.
  • Ideal for combination styles, where Synergy® awning windows can be coupled with fixed lites.
  • 48mm awning window sash section, which has a continuous hinge hood as standard. Perfect to protect from adverse weather conditions.
  • Stainless steel chain to stops windows slamming, while the hood protects against the elements.
  • Glazing available in single or double glazed units up to 18mm.
  • All glazing options are Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) rated, providing a wide range of energy efficient solutions.
  • Acoustic  and Bushfire solutions are available.
  • Complies to Australian Standards – AS2047 and AS1288.

WoodNature Blinds provide you the look of real wood, with the quality and durability of advanced technology that is resistant to discolouration and warping.

WoodNature blinds have been produced from Polystyrene for long term performance on the window. Polystyrene provides improved resistance to fading, cracking and peeling, allowing these blinds to be used in areas with high humidity, extreme temperatures and direct sunlight.


The composition of WoodNature Blinds means they are easy to maintain. The slats can be easily wiped and cleaned with a damp cloth with no need to continually re-stain the blinds as you do with real wood.


WoodNature allows for wider tape spacing due to the thickness of the slats lending more strength to the overall blind. This means less tape is needed making the fabrication and installation process quicker, as well as having fewer cords visible through the blind producing a more visually appealing end result.


The V-Lift Operating System is one of the latest introductions to the Hunter Douglas hardware collection with a focus on innovative technology, child safety and quality design.

Without the need for complex release mechanisms, V-Lift allows you to raise or lower venetian blinds to any desired position by moving the bottom rail.

This is controlled by advanced motor gears designed for effortless and precise operation.

With a large range of colours, finishes and designs, Aluminium Venetians can easily be incorporated into any décor scheme.


Available in a range of modern designs and finishes in a variety of slat widths including 16mm, 25mm and 50mm.


Grouped slats that can be closed in a number of zones providing the ultimate in flexibility and comfort control.



Has been designed to eliminate light filtering through slats. The positioning of rout holes and closure of the slats provides minimal exposure of incoming light offering greater privacy and light control.


Has been designed to fit between glass panels of a double glazed window providing superior energy efficiency. Can be adjusted with a tilt control knob or remote control. Also available with an internal or external cord raise for maintenance purposes.



Raise and lower the blind by the use of a cord.


Offers a cordless operating system for the 16mm Micro and 25mm Slimline Venetian Blinds that is the ultimate child-safe control option suitable for blinds up to 4m2.

SGI Architectural prides itself on being one of Australia’s leading distributors for high-quality glass manufacturers from around the world.

With a wealth of experience in glass for projects focusing on hurricane resistance, acoustics, blast mitigation or high performance coatings, SGI Architectural is a gateway to specialised knowledge and the highest quality contacts within the glazing industry.

SGI Architectural is an established distributor of product ranges that include High Quality Low-E Coated Glass, Solar Reflective Coated Glass, Insulated Glass Units, Laminated Glass, Tempered Glass, High Quality Clear Float Glass, Tinted Glass and Silkscreen Glass.

With a number of significant small-scale and large-scale residential and commercial projects, SGI Architectural is a trusted name in glazing professionalism.

Retaining heat in winter and providing a cooling effect in summer, GLASSX is a glazing system for passive solar control and energy storage. Using a salt hydrate Phase Change Material (PCM), the 5cm thick glass module is able to mimic the thermal storage capacity of a concrete wall of about 20cm thickness. During the day, solar heat is retained in the melted PCM, which recrystalises at nightfall to emit the stored heat.

Available in double, triple, and quadruple glazing options, PCM is the ideal glass facade solution for projects requiring optimum levels of thermodynamism. LAROS technologies offers a wide range of colouring and size options for the GLASSX range, and works with clients at every stage of the design process to ensure delivery of the best solution in every case.

Envirotech Facade solutions offers a broad selection of curtain wall suites, including dry glazed, structural glazed, and structural glazing tape options. Depending on the specific project requirements, facades can be supplied as either complete systems or in pre fabricated and pre machined components.

Alongside a broad product catalogue, Envirotech Facade Solutions also offers co-ordination and management services for all facets of the project design process, as well as bespoke services to suit any design brief. 

The 130mm unitised curtain wall framing system is fully compliant with the relevant Australian and New Zealand standards, and is compatible with double and single glazing alike. 

A structural glazing system that ensures a completely flat facade profile, the Pilkington Planar is a revolution in bolted glass systems.

Combining high quality Pilkington float glass with an ISO 9000 certified design and fabrication process, Planar structural glazing is a complete building cladding system. The specially engineered system is suitable for anything from curved facades to opening lights, roofs, and three dimensional facades, with minimal countersunk holes and stainless steel fixings allowing maximum visual clarity.

Silicone seals are applied between adjacent panels to ensure weatherproofing against any environment. 

Using Danmac’s unique Ultimate Clamp system, semi frameless shower screens from Danmac offer a 90 degree opening in both directions with only two holes on the door glazing panel. 

Designed to fit 6mm glass, the Ultimate Clamp system also features an adjustable pivot base and magnetic door stop, and is available in chrome, satin, and pearl white finishes. 

For clean, contemporary design in commercial and residential projects alike, look to Glass Outlet’s Glass Vice. Made of weatherproof stainless steel, the Glass Vice is ideal for uninterrupted views along balustrades in a range of outdoor scenarios. Holes need not be made in the glass panels, maximising cost efficiency and ease of installation.  

Designed with the installer in mind, the Eurowood Ezi-Glaze system uses a captive wedge design making glass install easy. Using a 40mm sq design, the system gives you the visual advantages of a 50mm round and the modern look of a square post. The complete system also incorporates glass gate systems, hardware, handrails/balustrade where needed and a comprehensive range of 10mm glass to meet any job requirement.

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