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Hospitality and Service Hardware Systems and Supplies made available by CR Laurence in a range of designs and styles.  CR Laurence have ensured that the range is versatile so that it will match an existing design or desired appearance.  The hardware systems and supplies include standoff systems, glass panel connectors, counter posts, partition posts, prefabricated booth divide posts, partition clamps, elegant series sneeze guards, contemporary series sneeze guards, sculpture series sneeze guards, sneeze guard accessories, tray slide hardware, and service rails and brackets.  The products are available in different high quality finishes for the glass hardware collection and CRL Cap Rail and Hand rails available.


Provide an extensive range  +  For whole sale  +  Can specify for large or small scale projects or refer to distributor if not business or industry related  +  Collected knowledge and products for over 40 years  +  Versatile finishes and colours

CR Laurence’s Frameless Vertical Post System is used to stabilize glass panels in shower fixtures, without the unnecessary usage of a bulky header. The Frameless Vertical Post System features a two point ceiling mount which embodies more than enough strength to support the heavy glass panels of a shower, thus allowing regular usage without the need of a typical horizontal header. The Vertical Post System also comes in a variety of finishes which include polished stainless steel, brushed stainless, polished brass, and oil rubber bronze, thus providing a clean and sleek minimalist aesthetic for any bathroom. Furthermore a lot of contemporary bathrooms feature glass panels with intricate and unique designs, thus due to the texturalised nature of the glass traditional headers cannot be used. For a unique and shower fixture that doesn’t compromise aesthetics look no further than the Frameless Vertical Post System.



For 5/16″, 3/8″, and 1/2″ (8, 10, and 12 mm) Glass 

CR Laurence’s range of windscreen clamps have been designed as an effective way of attaching a glass façade to any structure. The clamps are composed of a matte polished stainless steel which provides a sleek modern aesthetic that doesn’t compromise the quality of the glass. The component is used ideally to attach a glass pane onto the front of a wall or planter box, and as such there is a vast number of arrangements for the component’s connection. Furthermore in terms of its mounting attachment there are no mounting anchors or screws included instead a prefabricated back plate that accepts 8 millimetre flathead screws. The clamps are designed for the attachment of glass that is 10mm thick or 12mm thick tempered glass.



316 Grade Stainless Steel in Two Architectural Finishes + accepts 8mm (5/16”) flathead screws + glass fabrication requires two ¾” (19mm) holes per clamp + for 3/8” or 1/12” tempered onolithic glass and 9/16” (13.52mm) Tempered Laminate Glass.

CR Laurence’s range of frameless glass clamps are an elegant and modern way of fixing frameless glass pool fences and architectural balustrades.  Commonly found in modern day pool fencing, the CRL range incorporates models for core mounting, surface mounting and fascia mounting, as well as models made from Duplex 2205 and #316 S.S.   Visit to see the full range.

A revolutionary Dry Glaze Glass Railing system that solves the problem of using messy grout to install glass panels in Balustrading.  Taper Loc’s lock the glass in place and can be easily removed to allow glass panels to be installed and removed.  If a glass panel is broken the glass can be replaced in minutes, rather than hours or days.  The labour saving alone on large installations makes Taper Loc the most cost effective railing installation method available.

CR Laurence’s Aluminium Channel Base Shoe system is designed to accommodate Frameless glass Balustrading.  Base Shoe is a fully engineered frameless glass Railing solution and is ideal for all applications from pool fencing to stairs to high rise apartment blocks. This balustrading system comes in sizes to suit 10,12,15,16,19mm toughened glass and 13.52mm, 21.52mm, 25.52mm toughened laminated panels.  For an even easier install use with CRL’s patented Taper Loc Dry Glaze installation system.

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