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Designed for use with glass and timber, Dorma MUTO Comfort benefits from self-closing and integrated locking, a sleek mechanism that stays completely out of sight, plus a multiplicity of user-friendly options to create customized solutions. With Dorma MUTO, installing manual sliding door systems is quick and easy – all relevant functions can be adjusted from the front after mounting. Suitable for glass, wall and ceiling installations.

  • Suitable for glass and timber solutions
  • Door shuts automatically thanks to the power-free self-closing action
  • Door panel is gently taken to its end position through DORMOTION
  • Easy locking by remote control or from a wall switch
  • Status indicator allows connection to a facility management system
  • Pass through a double-leaf door by moving just one of the two panels – thanks to the synchro function
  • Safe use with laminated safety (LSG) and switchable glass
  • Individual design: simulated satin stainless steel, white, silver and special powder-coated and anodized finishes on request
  • Saves energy: offsets energy consumption in buildings and rejects unwanted ultraviolet and infrared light from entering the building
  • Provides onboard power: incorporates electronic functionality into windows without the need for wiring and expensive installation
  • Invisible: ClearView Power™ film covers vertical window surfaces without blocking the view or the quality of natural lighting

Opportunity: Building-integrated solar technologies are a promising pathway to capturing solar energy and increasing building efficiency at the point of electricity utilization. However, the widespread adoption of such technologies is severely hampered by the aesthetics associated with mounting traditional solar cells.

ClearView Power Solution: ClearView Power technology is an invisible, power-producing coating for windows. It provides a level of transparency to enjoy natural lighting and a view of surroundings while converting infrared and ultraviolet light into electricity to offset energy consumption. ClearView Power can also serve as an onboard source of electricity to autonomously power electronic smart window functionality.

Similar to the stone-on-glass product offering, stone-on-aluminium is an offering that consists of the stone being carefully attached to a sub-structure of aluminium honeycomb board.  This introduces lightweight veneer panels of marble, granite and limestone.

The stone veneer can vary in thickness from as little as 3mm-10mm where weight is a consideration.

Stone-on-aluminium is an ideal material for use on luxury boats, feature doors, walls and ceilings, in lift cars, access floor panels and feature walls where stone can be used as panelling instead of conventional joinery.  This product offers the aesthetic advantages of natural stone without the weight, allowing greater flexibility for use and a broader range of applications.

The stone-on-glass technique is used to create a striking visual lighting effect, with translucent marble giving a luminous highlight to interior decoration.  Stone-on-glass is perfect for feature walls, bar tops, skylights and as a contemporary alternative to conventional windows.

Retaining heat in winter and providing a cooling effect in summer, GLASSX is a glazing system for passive solar control and energy storage. Using a salt hydrate Phase Change Material (PCM), the 5cm thick glass module is able to mimic the thermal storage capacity of a concrete wall of about 20cm thickness. During the day, solar heat is retained in the melted PCM, which recrystalises at nightfall to emit the stored heat.

Available in double, triple, and quadruple glazing options, PCM is the ideal glass facade solution for projects requiring optimum levels of thermodynamism. LAROS technologies offers a wide range of colouring and size options for the GLASSX range, and works with clients at every stage of the design process to ensure delivery of the best solution in every case.

Curtain wall systems from Reynaers aluminium seamlessly blend performance with a sleek contemporary aesthetic, resulting in an outstanding level of architectural expression.

Oriented towards maximising daylighting and ventilation capabilities whilst offering significant energy savings, toughened glazing is combined with sturdy aluminium framing to provide high security and structural stability.

Available in a modular system that allows rapid on-site assembly, the curtain walls can also be fully customised to suit the requirements of any project.

For use in commercial and corporate facades, Norwest Glass & Aluminium’s broad range of aluminium windows and doors is modern and high performance. Using only the most experienced fabricators and glaziers, Norwest ensures quality and customer satisfaction for any project brief.

Utilising a powder coated or anodised aluminium frame, the external windows and doors incorporate toughened glass panels, resulting in a high level of durability and security.

Suitable for interior and exterior applications in industrial, commercial, or residential projects, the Profilit Glass System is one of the most cost efficient systems of its kind currently on the market.

Featuring a unique U-shaped channel system, Profilit can be installed vertically or horizontally, and provides excellent sound reduction and thermal insulation. Available in a wide selection of surface textures, colours, and profiles, Profilit provides high light diffusion and allows the construction of curved walls, while retaining the durability, performance, and ease of maintenance of all Pilkington toughened glass products.

A structural glazing system that ensures a completely flat facade profile, the Pilkington Planar is a revolution in bolted glass systems.

Combining high quality Pilkington float glass with an ISO 9000 certified design and fabrication process, Planar structural glazing is a complete building cladding system. The specially engineered system is suitable for anything from curved facades to opening lights, roofs, and three dimensional facades, with minimal countersunk holes and stainless steel fixings allowing maximum visual clarity.

Silicone seals are applied between adjacent panels to ensure weatherproofing against any environment. 

Constructed from A-grade 10mm Australian toughened safety glass, Frameless shower screens from Clearlyframeless are as durable as they are sleek. 

The contemporary screens incorporate a wide selection of finishes including chrome, stainless steel, and 24 carat gold to pose a versatile solution for residential and hospitality bathrooms alike. Produced through a collaborative consultation process that involves both designer and client, the range of Clearlyframeless shower screens is broad and certain to contain a solution to any design brief. 

Merging the traditional brick form with the transparency and illuminative properties of glass, the VetroPieno range from Seves Glassblocks is a modern reimagining of the conventional glass block.

VetroPieno bricks can be used to create dramatic interior walls and partitions that maximise natural light penetration, and can also be incorporated into existing brick walls as subtle design accents.

The bricks are available in square and rectangular modules, in a selection of four colours. A reduced width and profile compared with typical glass blocks allows designers to achieve thinner structures with VetroPieno, thus maximising interior space. The low-maintenance bricks are water resistant, and suitable for use in indoor areas where exposure to moisture is expected.

Offering more than 200 unique products, the Pegasus range is Seves Glassblock’s largest and most versatile selection of glass modules. Using the latest in production technology, the customisable blocks can be seamlessly joined to create a continuous glass surface or structure.

The Pegasus range features square and regular blocks that are combined with linear, curved, or angular terminal components to construct a complete surface. All products in this range can be finished with satin, waved, or transparent surfaces, and have exceptional light transmission properties.

For projects requiring an amplified level of light and colour, the Pegasus Metallizzato range of metallised glass blocks is supplied in vibrant colours and patterned surfaces. Pegasus glass blocks are highly durable and easy to maintain, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Suitable for vertical and structural applications requiring high levels of fire protection, fire resistant glass blocks in Seves Glassblock’s Technology Line are the ideal product for fire safety.

The clear blocks are certified according to the relevant international regulations, and are resistant to flames, smoke, and heat for 60 minutes. Fire Resistant blocks in the Technology Line are excellent thermal insulators that reduce radial heat gain, allowing signifiant reductions in heating and cooling costs. Used in conjunction with High Thermal Insulation blocks (another product in the Technology Line), the blocks can be used to increase the environmental sustainability and thermal comfort of any building.

Seves Glassblock’s fire resistant blocks are suitable for buildings in the public sector, or environments where flammable or combustible materials are stored or handled.

For clean, contemporary design in commercial and residential projects alike, look to Glass Outlet’s Glass Vice. Made of weatherproof stainless steel, the Glass Vice is ideal for uninterrupted views along balustrades in a range of outdoor scenarios. Holes need not be made in the glass panels, maximising cost efficiency and ease of installation.  

Designed with the installer in mind, the Eurowood Ezi-Glaze system uses a captive wedge design making glass install easy. Using a 40mm sq design, the system gives you the visual advantages of a 50mm round and the modern look of a square post. The complete system also incorporates glass gate systems, hardware, handrails/balustrade where needed and a comprehensive range of 10mm glass to meet any job requirement.

A complete system inclusive of glass gate systems, hardware, handrails/balustrade where needed and a comprehensive range of 12mm glass, Eurowood frameless glass pool fencing is perfect for every outdoor space. Their Suresafe spigots have been tested and approved for usage in pool fencing and balustrade. They are forged out of stainless steel 316L (low carbon) and are available in polish or satin finish.

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