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A stylish feature among many prestigious domestic and commercial projects, Chelmstone’s Pier Caps are a fantastic finish for gates, fences, posts and pillars. From houses to schools and commercial developments, Chelmstone’s range of styles, colours and sizes are designed to suit your needs.


By combining the best of optical & physical barrier technology, speedgates are the very latest in high tech entrance control turnstile systems. The fast acting barriers are obvious physical deterrents and the state of the art optical technology is designed to detect and deter tailgaters, as such security is at a premium.
Speedgate entrance control systems provide an elegant and contemporary look with glass barriers that keep the business secure. The pedestals can be finished in a variety of different materials thereby making them the ideal choice for the modern office building, where a high speed entrance control system is required to provide a secure environment whilst blending in with the building fabric

Models –      Centurion EasyGate LX

Speedstiles are a new approach to the old barrier turnstile cliché of being too big and bulky. This product group incorporates unforgettable aesthetics. Speedstiles uses glass barriers in conjunction with optical detection technology to provide a high throughput / high security gate. The glass barriers are designed to work in a normally closed mode and swing away from the user after a valid card has been presented, giving the authorised user a clear lane to pass through. The barriers quickly close behind the authorized person, thereby deterring any unauthorised entry or tailgating. The familiarity of the ‘door-like’ action of the barrier gives users confidence in operating the system ensuring quick acceptance and enable pedestal width from 180mm for both standard and wide DDA lanes

Safety is high on the agenda for Speedstiles. IR beams monitor the length of the pedestal to ensure the lane is clear before the barrier attempts to close. If the barrier senses an obstruction they stop moving until the obstruction is moved.

The Speedstile design concept enables it to be ‘wrapped’ in nearly any material to help it integrate in to the theme of the foyer in which it’s being deployed. The ability to ‘wrap’ the Speedstile in nearly any material and its open side panel pedestal allow the turnstile to be easily and cost effectively supplied to match most building designs. A design team can pick the material they want to match the turnstile to, be it the marble from the floor, wood or Corian from the reception desk of a particular metal finish.

The Centurion Speedstiles are ideal for high end leisure facilities, corporate offices and VIP areas.

Models      Centurion EasyGate HG, Centurion EasyGate SG, Centurion EasyGate BV, Centurion EasyGate IM

Tripod Turnstiles are ideal for access control and make life easier for reception staff at entrances to offices and administrative buildings, industrial installations, banks, authorities, health clubs and many other places. Tripod turnstiles are quick, reliable and easy to use. The Tripod or TriArm Turnstile is a tried and tested, yet cost-effective access control solution with low power consumption and high reliability. Suitable for internal or external use, tripod turnstiles regulate the flow of people with ease, even during the busiest periods of the day and are compatible with all types of access control readers.

Intelli-Motion Speed Control Technology 

The motorised Centurion Tripod Turnstiles feature Intelli-Motion speed control which is designed to improve the user experience by providing a consistently smooth, controlled, rotation. The turnstiles microprocessor custom-adjusts the rotation speed of the turnstile to the user. If the user pushes gently, the turnstile turns slowly. If the user pushes hard, the turnstiles’ speed automatically increases. This kind of consistently controlled rotation is safer for the user and substantially reduces turnstile wear and tear in heavy use installations for lower maintenance requirement and a longer life span. Intelli-Motion solves the issue where certain turnstiles are harder to push than others and where recoil from the turnstile arms can sometimes be a problem.

Models      Centurion 100 Tripod,   Centurion 200 Tripod, Centurion 400 Tripod,  Centurion Bar One

EntryGates are an elegant and subtle pedestrian entrance gate, that is ideal when security and design are of equal importance. EntryGates are a highly effective means of access control in and out of any facility.

The Centurion EntryGate combines a highly reliable mechanism with a choice of barrier designs making it ideal for applications such as reception areas in office buildings and leisure clubs as well as museums, transport and stadium applications. The low barrier height deters any climb under attempts.

Models      Centurion EntryGate G,  Centurion EntryGate S

Most access control systems allow you to control who can gain access at which doors, but once a door is open any number of people can pass through it without being authorised. Following an authorised user through a door is known as tailgating and it is very easy to do. We have all been told that it is good manners to hold doors open for other people and more often than not good manners, win over the good security practice of closing the door firmly behind you to stop someone else coming in. Intruders may therefore be willingly let in to a secure area and the access control system is beaten.

Centaman Entrance Control’s range of free standing and door mounted barrier free tailgate detection systems can help solve this problem by detecting unauthorised entrants as they pass and triggering suitable outputs to drive CCTV to record the events or operate local or remote sounders.

Tailgate detection devices create an infra-red field across a doorway to monitor the passage of every individual passing through the door, only alerting the security staff to the presence of unauthorised entrants.

Tailgate detection products help the access control system overcome the age old problem of controlling how many people pass through a doorway, and in which direction, once a valid access card has been presented and the door is open.

Models     Fastlane Door Detective Compact, Fastlane Door Detective Plus

CENTAMAN Entrance Control offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor full height turnstiles for access control applications in industrial entrances, sports arenas, military installations or other premises, where you want to achieve a high security turnstile solution without manned monitoring.
A full height turnstile deters any chance of unauthorised users climbing over or tailgating making them ideal for unmanned areas; whilst their robust construction suits both indoor and outdoor applications making this range ideal where control is the key need.
The Centurion full height turnstiles come with a sealed motorised drive which provides greater reliability, lower maintenance and faster, easier throughput than traditional mechanical units

Models      Centurion ECO, Centurion Max,       Centurion XGL

The SwingGates are a safe and user friendly passgate allowing the passageway of disabled users, people requiring assistance, prams, deliveries and visitors. The Centurion SwingGate combines a highly reliable motorised mechanism with a choice of barrier designs. The barrier can either be a glass panel or steel frame. The barrier heights can be up to 1800 mm tall. This motorised gate can either be used as a single or double unit to provide opening of up to 1.8 metres wide.
The Centurion SwingGate is designed to either integrate with an access control or membership system or to link in with a variety of sensors to enable free exit in set directions.

SwingGates have a very smooth and quiet motorised drive mechanism, with a 180˚ swing allowing for bidirectional use, additionally it has the intelligence to detect, if it’s being obstructed and will stop moving. A SwingGate can be configured to either close automatically after a programmed amount of time or upon instructions from its operator.

SwingGates can be installed alongside the Centurion range of tripod turnstiles or pedestrian gates to provide a complete perimeter security solution. SwingGates are ideal for Corporate, Stadium or Leisure applications

Model Centurion SwingGate G, Centurion SwingGate P, Centurion SwingGate F, Fastlane Intelligate

Designed for ease of assembly, the Eurowood aluminium slat fencing uses pre-machined frames at various spacings. Incorporating tension legs (Tension- Loc), the system eliminates the requirement for any positive fixings including screws. Unlike other systems, there are no snap infill pieces or gaps in U channels, resulting in a high quality finish.

Eurowood Aluminium Gate Systems are designed for simple assembly and installation without losing the strength that comes from welding. Due to the aluminium top and bottom rail actually protruding into the side frames of the gate, it provides more strength than a welded gate. Dispatched to you as a flat pack, all you have to do is assemble the gate and screw in the concealed screws in each corner.

Designed with the installer in mind, the Eurowood Ezi-Glaze system uses a captive wedge design making glass install easy. Using a 40mm sq design, the system gives you the visual advantages of a 50mm round and the modern look of a square post. The complete system also incorporates glass gate systems, hardware, handrails/balustrade where needed and a comprehensive range of 10mm glass to meet any job requirement.

A complete system inclusive of glass gate systems, hardware, handrails/balustrade where needed and a comprehensive range of 12mm glass, Eurowood frameless glass pool fencing is perfect for every outdoor space. Their Suresafe spigots have been tested and approved for usage in pool fencing and balustrade. They are forged out of stainless steel 316L (low carbon) and are available in polish or satin finish.

With a comprehensive range of aluminium and glass fencing options, Eurowood can meet all pool fencing requirements. From your typical tubular fence up to your premium frameless glass pool fencing, Eurowood has a simple-to-install system that eliminates a lot of the issues incurred in a fence installation.

Using pre-machined frames for fixed louvers, Eurowood provides pre-machined side frames and clearview control bars with spring loaded end caps for operable louvres so they can be assembled on site. Make yourself a fixed or operable louvre in a fraction of the time with a tradesman’s quality finish.

Designed for quick and easy assembly, the Eurowood privacy and window aluminium screen systems can be used on balconies, carports, over windows or as hood awnings above windows and doors to provide sun shading. Perfect for hiding unsightly objects such as rubbish bins, gas tanks, air conditioners, or clothes lines, the system is perfect for any space


FDF Entry Gates offer stock and custom solutions to suit your requirements. They offer everything from single pedestrian gates, double & sliding gates for vehicle access through to large commercial security gates.

With well over 20 original designs, each is available in a series of styles, colours and sizes. You can choose from these styles or FDF create gates from any of their Product range including Tubular Garden Fencing, Aluminium Slats, and Hercules Security Fencing.

Gates can be manually operated or automated and motorised with remote control access.

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