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Garage doors that are secure, strong and beautiful

Your garage door is usually one of the most visible features of your home, so it’s important that it looks the part. And whether you’re coordinating colours with other COLORBOND® steel elements around your home, or with other building materials, the 22 colours can help you to easily co-ordinate your garage door with the rest of your home’s colour scheme.  But of course, it’s not just great looks that matter. A garage door made from COLORBOND® steel will also give long life performance. Thanks to the five layer design of COLORBOND® steel, it resists chipping, flaking and blistering, it’s easy to maintain, corrosion resistant, non-combustible and termite resistant too.

Garage doors come in a wide variety of designs, sizes and special finishes, so you’re sure to find something to suit your taste and budget. The main types of garage doors available today are:

  • Sectional. These comprise a series of hinged panels with rollers that run in a track up and along the ceiling. They open easily and allow space for storage.
  • Tilt. This is a single panel door that tilts and recedes into the garage. Ideal for garages with little headroom.
  • Roller. The most common and cost efficient door on the market.

Maximising garage and driveway space whilst seamlessly blending into residential facades of any style, Hormann’s Rollmatic roller doors are a versatile roller garage door option.

The RollMatic utilises a single tension spring assembly for reliable and safe operation, and operates softly and silently. The entire series of thermally insulated profiles retracts into a bracket installed at the top of the door recess, thus consuming only minimal roof and internal floorspace.

Customisation options include numerous surface finishes and the incorporation of glazing elements or ventilation grilles, alongside matching lintels and side guides.

Available in either timber or high-quality corrosion free aluminium, the fully automated RollMatic is easy to maintain and operate, with a centralised control located above the door’s internal support bracket.

For garages with tight space constraints, Hormann’s selection of Side Sliding Sectional doors is the optimum solution. Opening horizontally and sliding on tracks installed on the interior wall of the garage, the sliding doors require only minimum space during installation and operation.

The horizontal configuration of the tracks allows independence from the ceiling, meaning that side sliding doors can easily be installed beneath pitched or unconventionally formed roofs.

Employing a sectional door design, the side sliding doors can be opened either incrementally or entirely, with twin rollers ensuring a smooth and quiet operation. Both manual and motorised options are available, with finger trap protection included with all products of either specification.

With over 20 fully customisable products, the Hörmann selection of up-and-over garage doors is certain to include the optimum garage entry solution for any residential project. Reflecting over 50 years of experience in the garage door design and manufacturing industry, Hörmann’s up-and-over doors are engineered for performance and aesthetic excellence.

Employing a multiple spring safety system and flexible protective caps and strips on metal components, over-and-up garage doors have a long service life and high standard of operational safety. A cushioned stop and rotary catch lock means that Hörmann doors come to a safe, quiet stop on every close, and act as a secure garage enclosure.

Featuring handheld radio operation and a remote LED sensor to determine whether the gate is open or shut at the push of a button, Hörmann up-and-over doors provide excellent performance and user peace of mind.

The range of up-and-over doors is available in timber or metal with a range of finishes including ribbed, smooth, and Decograin, making it  a versatile addition to any garage and home.

For design elegance, exceptional automatic performance, and unrivalled durability, Hörmann’s broad selection of sectional garage doors is unbeatable.

Operating vertically and retracting completely into the top of the door recess, sectional garage doors maximise space both inside and in front of the garage, and can be installed in garage openings of any size. Incorporating flush-fitting fascia panels, highly efficient thermal insulation, and innovative driving mechanisms, Hörmann’s sectional doors can be customised to suit any home.

The range is available with a selection of Decograin surface finishes and in a variety of colours, with matching door frames and eaves also on offer. Every product in the German-engineered range is highly weather resistant, enduring extreme wind, rain, and snow conditions with no compromise in performance quality.

Other security features include a handheld radio control, LED transmitter to remotely determine whether the gate is open or shut, and an integrated boom stop and anti-lift technology. 

Insulated Sectional Doors are composed of 100% CFC free polyurethane and galvanized sheet steel which give it a completely weather proof finish, while maintaining excellence in insulation. Austcold Industries Insulated Sectional Doors, can withstand up to class 3 wind pressures, while providing sound dampening of up to 22dB. Furthermore the wide range of options and user friendliness is inherent in its design, from its user detection, control system, security, and safety features. The Sectional Doors also come with two variations from 42mm for temperatures above 0, and 80mm for temperatures below zero. This makes it ideal for a number of applications from: Cool Room Doors, Freezer Room Doors, Garage Doors, and Factory Doors. Austcold Industries Insulated Sectional Doors, are a world leader in insulated automated doors through their user sensitivity, insulation properties, and exceptional performance and quality.



Large range of track options + superior temperature and sound insulation + scratch resistant double glazed windows for clarity + quality drive motors + state of the art control systems + intelligent security and safety systems.


Max Width: 8000mm + Max Height: 7000mm + Wind Pressure: Class 3 + Sound Insulation: -22dB + Thermal Insulation: 1.0W/m².

KONE Roller Shutters are ideal where there is limited floor space, because the door is hung from an overhead frame attached to the wall, and is fully supported by side piers fitted within the structure, so there is no need for extra elements to support the door weight. The internally located side beams also eliminate the possibility of external vehicle damage’ when door is completely open. There is a wide variety of configurations available, including optional automation and finishes.


Logic control or push button option + External and internal application + Remote control units + Motion detectors + Various locking options + Vented slat options + Manual or automated operation

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