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The incorporation of Effortless Motion Technology (EMT) and Capral’s AGS “Smart Hinge” Channel makes Artisan folding doors effortless to use with a quiet and smooth operation. The door frame is constructed from aluminium, making it lightweight and is completed with marine grade hinges for long-lasting performance.

For a high strength, hinged door, Wintec’s French Hinged Door is the solution. Hollow rails, stiles and midrails give this product its beneficial qualities in addition to the unique “Z” seals for excellent protection against the weather. The French Hinged Door can also be partnered with any of Wintec’s other door and window products for a cohesive design.

Like all Ingersoll Rand products the Schlange FE range does not compromise the safety or style of our homes.   The Schlage FE/BE series replaces the simple common day problems of forgetting where you’ve left your keys or walking around with a metal smell on your hands, with electric keypad entry locks.  These locks simplify home security with no keys to lose or hide, or contribute to the essential material objects in your front/back pocket.  The door handles come in a variety of classical and contemporary styles that are understated in appearance and, provide an opportunity to effortlessly fit in with your door choice and ultimately the style of your home.  


Auto-lock  (after 5 seconds)  +  flex-lock  +  Grade 2 ANSI/BHMA certified  +  Mechanical Key override  +  tested to 1000 000 cycles  


For Timber or Metal  +  35 to 44mm door thickness standard  +   Warranty lifetime mechanical and 1 year electronic  +  Steel – Plated finish  +  Cold rolled steel – corrosion treated

The Legge 995MF and 990MF mortice locks and latches are designed and manufactured to Australian requirements, available in broad and narrow stiles respectively. Each may be used in timber and metal doors, coming in a range of vestibule and combination locks and latch functions for flexibility in door sizes and types. The series includes high purity die cast zinc alloy casing with stainless steel or sintered steel and copper alloy internal components for sturdy and precise construction. Products have been extensively tested for durability to ensure security in a range of scenarios, from commercial, industrial to institutional and government usage.


Fire Rated + Multifunction case for vestibule and combination lock function + Reversible stainless steel latchbold for inwards/outwards opening and left/right hand use without disassembly + Extended cylinders, spindles and strike plates available for thicker doors and wider jambs + Compatible with most electric strikes + 10 Year Warranty


990 MF Series: Standard lock size 32mm to 50mm thick + 995MF Series: For hollow stile metal door sections, hollow stile timber and french doors with internal depths of 39mm and up + 990MF Series: bolt through fixing 50.8mm diagonal and 38 mm – 41mm horizontal fixing, 7.6mm – 8mm furniture spindles + 995MF Series: for 159 mm vertical fixing door furniture, 7.6mm – 8mm furniture spindles

Corinthian Doors, a Jeld-Wen Company, has an established reputation as Australia’s largest and most innovative manufacturer of quality doors. Established in 1942, Corinthian Doors promise is “Consistent Quality, Reliability and Value for Money”. Corinthian has worked hard and long, since its foundation in 1942, to establish a reputation as a company with total commitment to customer service and quality. Corinthian offers an extensive range of timber doors, entry doors and internal doors to suit every decorating theme and style. Corinthian Doors also provides a range of door systems to take the hard work out of installation – such as the Quickslide Wardrobe, Cavity door units, Pre-hung and Pivot door systems. An innovator in the door industry, Corinthian’s development of groundbreaking manufacturing technology has delivered stylish doors with consistent quality. When you purchase a Corinthian door or door system, you are assured of a quality product backed by the Corinthian Doors Five Year Guarantee.

Windsor Entrance Doors are the choice for affordable renovations and new homes. Their select grade laminated veneer finish and solid construction utilises traditional joinery stile and rail construction. The doors also have charming solid timber panels and precision flush joints. Available in a range of 13 designs, many feature ‘cricket bat’ mouldings, which add a distinctive and authentic look. Perfect for period or reproduction architecture.

Meranti Veneer suitable for staining or painting + Stylish cricket bat mouldings + Five matching Sidelights + Available in 19 glass options such as Rice Paper, Translucent, Bevelled, Clear, Slumped , Obscure and Desert Sand, in addition to Lead light, Zinc Light and Ceramica + Dimensions: Door: 2040 × 820 × 40mm and Sidelights: 2040 x 400 x 40mm + Special sizes available for some models + Backed by the Corinthian Doors 5 year guarantee

Urban Entrance Doors are subtle and contemporary doors designed for the modern home. These products will give your home the edge where city style is important and you want to complement the architectural mood. The doors feature CoriTech construction with a tempered hardboard skin, routered on both sides then finished in Corinthian’s signature square corner rout. Urban entrance doors are low maintenance and suitable for urban apartments, villas and modern houses.

Eight door designs to choose from + CoriTech core construction + Available in Duracote Tempered Hardboard + Pre-primed ready for painting + Square corner routered both faces + Dimensions: 2040 × 920/870/820 × 40mm or 2340 x 820 x 40mm + Special sizes available + Backed by the Corinthian Doors 5 year guarantee

New Corinthian Sunburst entrance doors are designed in double door sets to make a creative and symmetrical statement with your front entrance. These doors are engineered with Merbau and feature stile and rail. The funky design which radiates the power of the sun is sure to impress visitors. There are three bold designs available in Sunburst Grand, Sunburst Zen and Sunburst Arc. *FEATURES* Seven glass options including Slumped, Desert Sand, Rice Paper, Translucent and Obscure + New splayed glazing bead profile + Solid timber construction + Can be painted or stained + Dimensions: 2040 × 820 × 40mm + Sunburst Grand is also available in 1200mm wide door for use in a pivot system + Backed by the Corinthian Doors 5 year guarantee

Studio Entrance Doors are a range of high quality square routered doors featuring four designs which suit architectural styling from the contemporary home to the modern villa. The doors are provided in Duracote Tempered hardboard and are pre-primed ready for painting. These products have a superb selection of glass options, including a choice between the subtle look of ‘Rice Paper’ or the textural ‘Slumped Waterfall’. The doors will add an additional stylish look to the decor of the house.

Four door designs to choose from + Nine glass options including Slumped, Crystal Leaf, Rice Paper and Translucent + Available in Duracote Tempered Hardboard + Square corner routered both faces + Dimensions: 2040 × 920/870/820 × 40mm or 2340 x 820 x 40mm + Special sizes available + Backed by the Corinthian Doors 5 year guarantee

Slimlite Entrance Doors have a sophisticated look with clean lines and slim glass apertures designed to complement sleek contemporary styling. There are seven different designs all with deep bevelled routing finished in Corinthian’s signature square corner rout. Choose from an inspiring selection of glass options, including metallic which uses a semi transparent reflective mirror glass with a silver finish for additional privacy.

Seven door designs to choose from + Four glass options including metallic, translucent and rice paper + Available in Duracote Tempered Hardboard for painting + Select veneer option for staining + Dimensions: 2040 × 920/870/820 × 40mm or 2340 x 820 x 40mm + Special sizes available + Backed by the Corinthian Doors 5 year guarantee

Corinthian knows how to make an entrance. The Pivot Door System, which handles taller, wider and grander doors is available in different styles and dimensions that standard entrance doors. The Pivot door system handles the weight of an imposing timber door with total ease and functionality. Pivot comes complete with commercial quality pivot hardware, factory fitted to high quality jambs. They come pre-assembled and contain a factory fitted door, entry frame and pivot hardware. It’s available in select designs from the Infinity, Sunburst, Lumina and Madison collections

11 door designs to choose from + Eight glass options including Desert Sand, Obscure, Slumped and Rice Paper + Strong enough to support heavy Merbau doors + Dimensions: Lumina, Infinity and Sunburst: 2040 x 1200 x 40mm and 2340 x 1200 x 40mm; Madison: 2040 x 1200 x 45mm + Special sizes available + Backed by the Corinthian Doors 5 year guarantee

The Madison range of entrance doors exemplifies forward thinking in door design and manufacture. The design and workmanship employed in the construction delivers a number of valuable qualities including noise reduction and thermal efficiency. All designs are constructed with solid MDF and square corner routered on either side.

Nine door designs and four Sidelights to choose from + Nine glass options including Desert Sand, Translucent, Slumped and Rice Paper + Available in Duracote Tempered Hardboard for painting + Select veneer option for staining + Dimensions: Door: 2040 × 920/870/820 × 40mm or 2340 x 820 x 40mm / Sidelights: 2040 x 400 x 40mm or 2340 x 400 x 40mm + Special sizes available + The Madison PMAD104 is available in a 1200mm widestyle door for use in the Pivot door system. + Backed by the Corinthian Doors 5 year guarantee

Corinthian presents the Lumina Entrance Door, which boasts superior craftsmanship and the latest technology to yield a variety of visually arresting glazing effects. These are stile and rail joinery doors which have Merbau veneered panels and stainless steel inserts that appear to float on the surface of the glass. Corinthian offers six designs and two different glazing options. Also featuring the ease and functionality of the pivot door system, the stylish Lumina door promises to transform your entrance.

Six door designs to choose from + Two glass options: Translucent and Clear + Stile and rail flush construction + Solid Merbau engineered construction + Dimensions: Door: 2040/2340 × 1200 × 40mm + Backed by the Corinthian Doors 5 year guarantee

The Corinthian Lifestyle Patio Door System is a terrific option for connecting the living area with the outside world especially during the warmer months. The doors can be partially or fully opened, allowing light and space to flood in. The majority of Australian homes are built near the coast so maximum strength and high corrosion resistance is essential when selecting the materials used. This product uses Enviro-seal ™ technology and is ready for staining or painting. Matching servery windows are also available.

Available in 3, 4, 5 and 6 leaf configurations + Doors use Enviro-seal ™ technology to ensure maximum protection + A-Grade safety glass + Lockable flush bolts and built-in pull handles + Stainless steel hardware available in three finishes: polished stainless, satin stainless and titanium gold + Dimensions: 2400 × 900 × 40mm (each leaf) + Backed by the Corinthian Doors 5 year guarantee

It is not always easy to control the light, look and privacy of a room all at the same time: entrance doors must be elegant, stylish and maintain your privacy, but still be able to admit light. Interblind Entrance Doors by Corinthian feature an internal blind system between two sheets of tempered safety glass. This allows for the choice between light and privacy without any of the cleaning or maintenance hassles of conventional blinds.

Available in full lite or half-lite design, routered on both sides + Magnetically driven + Low maintenance + Duracote Tempered Hardboard pre-primed ready for painting + Merbau veneer ready for staining or painting + Integrated blind insert backed by 20 year guarantee + Dimensions: 2040 × 820 × 40mm

Infinity Entrance doors are a versatile range which can suit almost any residence. They are durable, stable and made from Merbau timber making them suitable for hot and humid areas in the Australian climate. These Corinthian doors have rich red grain with classic stile and rail flush construction. Some also have solid panels making them an excellent choice for security and privacy.

Ten door designs available + Four sidelight options + Nine glass options including slumped, translucent and clear + Solid Merbau construction ready for staining or painting + New splayed glazing bead profile + Dimensions: Door: 2040/2340 × 820 × 40mm and Sidelight: 2040/2340 x 400 x 40mm + Special sizes available + Selected doors from the Infinity range are available in 1200mm wide for use with the Pivot system + Backed by the Corinthian Doors 5 year guarantee

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