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The AGS 400 Narrowline framing system has set the standard for centre glazed framing for over two decades. With an aesthetically balanced look and the option of bevelled or square finishes, the AGS 400 Narrowline is the most versatile and adaptable framing system in the range.
With a multitude of compatible window and door suites, the AGS 400 Narrowline offers enormous design flexibility making this product ideal for commercial or residential projects that require a bold modern look and high levels of structural performance.
Features & Benefits
-101.6mm x 44mm centre glazed framing system
-Suits most commercial or architectural applications
-Supports single glazing
-Crisp, narrow unbroken lines for clean aesthetics
-Captive glazing wedge options for easier on-site glazing
-Flexible design with wide range of mullion and transom options
-A wide range of compatible AGS window and door suites

A structural glazing system that ensures a completely flat facade profile, the Pilkington Planar is a revolution in bolted glass systems.

Combining high quality Pilkington float glass with an ISO 9000 certified design and fabrication process, Planar structural glazing is a complete building cladding system. The specially engineered system is suitable for anything from curved facades to opening lights, roofs, and three dimensional facades, with minimal countersunk holes and stainless steel fixings allowing maximum visual clarity.

Silicone seals are applied between adjacent panels to ensure weatherproofing against any environment. 

Encompassing the Euro casement, awning, and ‘Tilt & Turn’ windows, Capral’s Euro range of windows combine high functionality with sleek modern design.

Able to accommodate single and double glazing up to 27mm in thickness and utilising European designed components for maximum functionality and adjustability, the windows are suitable for residential and commercial projects alike. All Euro windows feature an optional and fully integrated screening system, and bear multiple and adjustable locking points. For easy cleaning, the Euro Tilt & Turn is hinged on both the bottom and side, using a locking mechanism to prevent unauthorised opening. 

Capral Aluminium’s 125 louvre frame is a standout of its kind due to the high level of flexibility. The frame is able to house any type of louvre blade whether it be wood, glass or curved aluminium. The product can also be fitted with a flyscreen if required.

The 406 St Lucia achieves a flush external appearance through the use of an external cap glazing system. This enables structure to exhibit a neat and clean surface whilst still providing adequate weather protection for indoor spaces. Single and double glazing is compatible with the 406 St Lucia.

The 419 Flushline is a flush glazed framing system suitable for use in most commercial and architectural applications. The product is available in frame depths of 100mm, 150mm and 250mm with all choices displaying the same crisp, seamless appearance.

Modeled on the successful 400 Narrowline framing system, the 425 Narrowline adds the extra flexibility of using either single or double glazing. Double glazing is often used for its superior thermal properties and the 425 Narrowline makes this possible in a modern, functional manner.

The 400 Narrowline boasts to have set the standard for centre glazed framing for over two decades. This is attributed to the aesthetically balanced look and the adaptable nature of the framing. The framing system supports single glazing and can be completed with a bevelled or square finish.

Part of Capral’s new high performance range; the 900 Series Sliding Door extends beyond the traditional boundaries of sizing with dizzying heights of 3 metres and widths of 2.5 metres per panel. You will experience the ultimate in high performance wreathing, low air infiltration, commercial strength and unique AGS advanced tracking system. Tested to AS2047 and utilising Capral ecometal™, the 900 Series Sliding Door has been engineered to suit Australia’s harsh conditions making it one of the highest performing doors onthe market. Developed for high-rise apartments and quality residential projects, the 900 Series Sliding Door offers a wide range of configurations with a stackable head, sill and jamb allowing multiple sashes to be used. It can be coupled to the Capral 400 Series Narrowline framing system allowing you to experience a flawless sight line with a sleek modern look through its innovative styling.

The Genesis louvre window is part of Capral Aluminium’s wide range of residential building products made possible by Capral Aluminium’s national network of authorised fabricators.  The Genesis louvre’s curved blades can  accommodate various sizes and configurations to suit different requirements, while its aero shaped design can fit into any standard louvre gallery.  Louvres offer control over both ventilation and light through out your home and are striking architectural features on their own.  Capral Aluminium also offer windows that are compatible with timber, aluminium and glass louvre blades with a range of screening options to suit your needs. 

The Capral 300 Narrowline centre glazed framing system is among Capral Aluminium’s extensive range of commercial aluminium products.  As leading Australian suppliers, Capral are experts in everything aluminium, producing only quality products.  The 300 Narrowline’s crisp and sleek appearance is ideal for shopfronts with moderate to large dimensions, to create a minimal and modern look.  A discreet self-draining feature embedded in the 300 Narrowline’s design minimises water leakage to building interiors and is also suitable for dry glazing.  Glass thicknesses ideal for the 300 Narrowline range from 4mm to 10mm.  Capral Aluminium also specialise in industrial, architectural and residential aluminium products that span from window frames, geometric sections and doors.  

Glass thicknesses: 4mm – 10 mm  

Awning windows are a popular choice as they are easy to operate and provide ventilation even during wet weather conditions. Wintec improves upon these general qualities with rounded, hollow extrusions for added strength and stability and easy maintenance. The window can be easily fitted with an insect and security screen and will accept double glazed glass up to 24mm thick.

Aluminium Double Hung Windows by Wintec offer practical modern window security without compromising the style of your building. Select either the reliable standard window stile or the wide Federation stile according to aesthetic preference; both elongated and Australian made to a structural rating of 1200Pa for long lasting weather endurance. Standard offers chic minimalist design while Federation offers decorative horns for decor compatibility in new and refurbished homes.   


Strong and secure windows  +  Removable security & insect screens from inside the building  +  2 sash types available  +  Standard and Federation wide stile

Standard:  Hollow rails for added strength  +  Stiles are flush  +  Clear sight lines  +  Built in extruded handles in both top & bottom sash  

Federation (Wide stile): Wide sash stiles replicate that of timber double hung windows  +  Dual window colour combinations  +  Decorative window horns


Aluminium double hung window  +  Frame size: 48 mm (w)  +  61.5 mm (w) (With flyscreen channel)  +  1200Pa Structural Rating  +  Water penetration resistance rating of 200 Pa 

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