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Samsung’s 30cm ceramic cooktop with 2 single elements and a bevelled frame is perfect for tight kitchen spaces around the house. For those opting for a clean modern look, the cooktop’s sleek ceramic glass-cooking surface  includes radiant heat surfaces on high tech cooking zones that cook food thoroughly and evenly while reducing kitchen clutter.  The ceramic cooktop’s two single elements can be adjusted to boil or gently melt dishes all with the ease of finger tip control on  smart touch LED sensor buttons.  Samsung have thoughtfully included a safe-to-touch H shape indicator as well as an auto-safety shut-off and child lock for the safety of all users. The bevelled design with a shiny black finish by Samsung also means that the ceramic cooktop is a complimentary addition to both modern and traditional interiors.


Ceramic cooking  +  Angled bevelled frame  +  2 single elements  +  Smart touch LED  +  Auto-shut-off  +  Child lock


288 x 505 x 54mm  +  7.5kg  +  Radiant heater

Whether you’re in a tight space or enjoy the convenience of an all in one unit in the kitchen, the 42L fast cook oven by Samsung is the perfect solution. Occupying just half the size of a conventional oven with the same power, the fast cook oven cleverly combines convection systems, a double grill and microwave source with 6 power levels to suit a variety of dishes. With the touch of a button, a steam clean function ensures an oven clean of any oil and grease within fifteen minutes. The oven’s additional stainless steel anti-fingerprint coating and vivid blue LED display combines easy control with an easy to maintain sleekness.





6 power levels + 5 multiple heating sources + 9 functions + 1500 W convection systems left and right of oven + Double grill including two settings + 900W microwave behind oven + Steam clean + Square ceramic tray + Wide blue LED display + Multi rack + Clock + Childlock + Timer + Halogen lamp within oven + Pop out dial





42L capacity + 595 x 460 x 521 mm + Upper grill (in/out): 2800W + Lower grill: 1000W + Convection (upper/lower): 3150W

An essential part of any commercial kitchen, Williams Refrigeration preparation counters perform to the highest standard under tough hospitality conditions. Available in one, two and three door models, features include energy saving CoolSmart temperature control, polyurethane insulation for premium thermal efficiency, self-closing doors and removable shelves for ease of use. 

Williams Refrigeration manufactures premium quality blast chillers and freezers to meet the needs of any hospitality operation. Ranging in capacity from 10kg to 320kg, each unit features advanced ‘AirSmart’ airflow design to rapidly and efficiently reduce the temperatures of hot foods. 

Williams Refrigeration offers the ultimate selection of one, two and three door upright refrigeration units, in a range of temperatures suitable for chilling, freezing and heated storage. Manufactured to premium standard and featuring the latest in cooling technology, the upright models can be altered to fit any space. Features and available options include energy saving cool smart controller, self closing lockable doors, and easy to clean removable shelving. 

Highly functional and visually striking, Williams Refrigeration’s coolers are ideally suited to sleek modern kitchens. Available in one, two three and four door models, boasting accurate tempurature control, self closing doors, and stainless steel construction, Williams Refrigeration efficient design withstands heavy duty use and is effective in 43 degree ambient temperatures. 

Combining sleek design with function and efficiency, Williams front of house products offer high-tech solutions to refrigeration and display needs. The range of food and beverage displays and counters are fully customisable, and boast ultra clear glass, LED lighting and variable cooling system. 

Forget scrubbing pots and pans or stacking mechanical washers; Power Soak has revolutionised the dish washing process. Just ‘drop & go’, allowing the pots and pans to gently roll over and over as Power Soak’s patented water-jets powerfully wash all faces of the pots as they rotate in the wash tank. Washed, rinsed, then sanitised, the pots require less than half the labour required of a traditional mechanical washer, and do not require condensate exhaust hoods, providing enormous savings in fit-out and operation costs.

From temperature controlled food storage and display, to dish handling and trolleys, the Culinaire range is a comprehensive offering to the food industry. With every product designed and manufactured in Australia, the Culinaire range is built to last.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, Woodson food service equipment has earned a reputation for performance, reliability and quality service. With stringent quality control, each item is fully tested to exacting standards before leaving the plant. A 12 month parts and labour warranty is provided for all Woodson products in Australia.

Energy efficient, every Anets fryer is built to conserve shortening. With its easy cleaning features, fast recovery and durable construction, an Anets fryer is the best value top-quality electric and gas fryer available.

Converting over 90% of energy into the cooking pan, CookTek induction cook-tops are a significant improvement on conventional burners. The leaders in induction buffer systems, CookTek’s extensive hot-hold or cook range includes the patented Incogneeto system, providing an “invisible” heat source to pans sitting on stone benchtops. Offering unparalleled performance, CookTek meal delivery systems maintain temperature and limit moisture content.

Designed and manufactured in Europe, the Electrolux Professional range incorporates cutting edge technology to deliver better cooking results with unrivalled green performance. The range includes combi ovens, blast chillers, modular cooking equipment, warewashing equipment and thermetic appliances.

Halton is the most efficient and safest kitchen ventilation available. Their exhaust hoods and ventilated ceilings use up to 50% less air than standard exhaust hoods resulting in lower energy consumption. For the KCJ the Capture Jet™ technology effectively captures heat and pollutants from the kitchen to create a better work place environment. In conjunction with the laminar flow type make up air system it reduces air flow rates by 15% compared to traditional ventilated ceilings. Optionally ultra-violet technology can accommodate discharge at low level.


For a food preparation space that is both energy efficient and spacious, Skope’s Pegasus range is the solution. Pegasus products feature benchtop space integrated with a chiller or freezer, under counter chillers and singular chiller and freezer units. The exterior is constructed from stainless steel for durability and ease of cleaning and includes a front breathing refrigeration system so that compartments can be placed flush against the wall. The products also boast energy efficient qualities and an ergonomic design.

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