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EcoWall is one of the most durable, high impact and versatile types of panel available. The possibility of both vertical and horizontal express jointing lends flexibility to the pattern of your choice. Whether a modern architecturally designed home or a large commercial project, the decorative applications are unlimited.

EcoWall is an ideal choice when facing lightweight constraints. It complies with the requirements set by the External Hardboard in AS/NZS 1859.4: it is a strong and robust product, yet lightweight and the large size panels make installation quick and easy.

EcoWall durability makes it the best choice for:

  • Wall and façade linings
  • Exhibition buildings, sports facilities and entertainment centre’s linings
  • School halls
  • Decorative linings in homes and commercial premises

Weathertex can be used internally and as an external wall cladding in bushfire attack levels up to and including BAL 19 construction.



  • 3660 x 1220mm
  • 2745 x 1220mm
  • 2440 x 1220mm
  • 1220 x 1220mm
  • 1220 x 915mm
  • Thickness: 9.5mm

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Weathertex Classic Weatherboards are truly an Australian classic.

Choose Smooth or Ruff-Sawn surface finishes to create a clean, smart-looking home. Weathertex Weatherboards are designed to blend beautifully with alternate building materials such as brick, render, stone and, of course, Weathertex Architectural Panels, providing limitless design and decorative solutions and applications.

Weathertex will complete your home with a high quality, highly durable and low maintenance product. Weathertex can be used internally and as an external wall cladding in bushfire attack levels up to and including BAL 19 construction.


Weathertex Classic Weatherboards are 3660mm in length and 9.5mm thickness.

Product Range:

Available in various profiles: Classic Smooth 200mm or 300mm width Classic Ruff-Sawn 200mm or 300mm width Classic Rusticated Smooth 200mm width

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A new generation of Façade systems: Innovative, flexible and effective

AGROB BUCHTAL’s bracket-mounted, rear ventilated façades are highly efficient through rapid installation, variable mounting systems and self-cleaning with its HT ceramic material. As one of only a few tile manufacturers world-wide, AGROB has been operating in the sector of curtain-type, rear-ventilated facades for decades.

Agrob Buchtals’s bracket-mounted, rear ventilated façades are highly efficient through rapid installation and variable mounting systems. The product families KeraTwin and KerAion offer innumerable design possibilities in a variety of glazed and unglazed styles.

Key benefits of AGROB Facades:

  • Improved insulation and acoustics
  • Building protection from rain and moisture
  • Lower CO₂emissions
  • Cleaner air, HT technology decomposes exhaust fumes
  • Easy Maintenance, ability to access building membrane or replace sections
  • Rapid installation
  • Low cleaning costs, due to HT self-cleaning technology
  • Enhancing the status of existing buildings through renovation

For future details visit www.ceramicsolutions.com.au/agrob

Ci is an unrivalled architectural resource for large format LED display, whether indoor or outdoor. Achievements include Australia’s best stadium perimeter LED (MCG/Etihad), best light transparent media façade (Emporium), first giant interactive LED wall (QUT) and Australia’s most impressive shopping centre LED examples, whether indoor or outdoor. Very soon Ci will also complete Australia’s two most exciting Civic LED projects. There is no company in the country better qualified.

LED display offers many traps for the unwary but Ci can provide you with the technical knowhow necessary to ensure you get the right product specified for your project. Ci offers every LED display category imaginable, from screens seen up close to roof top giants, from ceiling LED to flexible wall LED, from boardroom screens through to the most exciting lobby installations in Australia. Ci can supply, install and support on an ongoing basis all leading brands of LED and are considered to be the best implementation partner available. Advice is given freely to designers to ensure better-informed decisions are made.

Add colour, texture and protection to your home

Wall cladding made from COLORBOND® steel adds another dimension to your home. Whether as a beautiful, long lasting exterior facade or as feature walling on the inside, it creates depth and texture.

Available in 22 attractive colours inspired by the colours of Australia, COLORBOND® steel wall cladding also delivers a lot of practical benefits. It is easy to maintain, long lasting, lightweight and extremely durable; resisting chipping, flaking and blistering.

Weather tight and secure (when installed to Manufacturer’s specifications), COLORBOND® steel walling is available from an extensive network of suppliers. To find out more about using COLORBOND® steel wall cladding on your home, please contact us or use our business finder to find a local supplier.

A tough, durable, waterproof external cladding system, BGC Duratex™ provides a solid substrate for applied decorative finishes when combined with proprietary jointing and coating systems. Tough, durable, waterproof and fire-resistant, Duratex™ is great for lightweight construction and features a factory-applied blue tint to help your identification.

BGC Durasheet™ provides first rate external cladding for gable ends, eaves, soffits, carports and verandah linings. It’s a general-purpose sheet you can use on both timber and steel-framed buildings. Durasheet™ comes in two thicknesses to suit both residential and light commercial fibre cement applications, significantly extending your professional specifying choice.

Durascape™ is a 9mm-thick base sheet. Excellent for covering large areas, its 5mm wide shiplap joint gives the sheet a subtle vertical shadow line. To create an appealingly ‘rendered’ look, try finishing Durascape™ onsite with a roll-on textured paint.

For up to the minute exteriors or interiors, choose BGC Duragroove™ cladding. A peerlessly adaptable, vertically-grooved panel available in different profiles and spacing, Duragroove™ has a shiplap join to ease and speed your installation. Specify Duragroove™ for single-storey and medium-height projects.

Duragroove™ comes in four variants:

  • smooth wide (150mm)
  • smooth extra wide (400mm)
  • smooth narrow (100mm)
  • woodgrain wide (150mm)

BGC’s market-leading fibre cement sheeting makes the Duragrid™ facade system a wise choice for cladding exteriors of both low to medium-rise homes and light commercial properties. Extremely robust and hardwearing, Duragrid™ will give any building an excitingly modern sheen. With its smooth, flat surface, a square-edge finish simply made for expressed jointing and panels that won’t rot, burn or corrode, Duragrid™ enables easy decoration in an exciting variety of design finishes.

With its smooth, flat surface and square-edge finish, BGC’s Duracom™ Facade System is ideal for the exterior cladding of low to medium-rise buildings. Utilising BGC’s trusted fibre cement-coated compressed sheeting, Duracom™ delivers a strikingly modern, durable finish. Lightweight yet exceptionally resilient, Duracom™ facade system is perfect for expressed jointing and a variety of finishes – from painted to textured coatings.

A popular choice amongst architects, designers, and builders, double or single standing seam cladding can be installed vertically or horizontally on virtually any surface.

Quick and easy to instal, standing seam systems are ideal for projects with large surface areas or short completion deadlines. Architectural Panel Systems Australia supplies standing seam cladding panels in a broad selection of metals, ranging from Colorbond and Zincalume to copper and pre-weather titanium zinc. 

Available in several profiles and dimensions, the range of Facade Screen components from Biowood Australia is contemporary and low maintenance. Fabricated from a termite resistant blend of wood and plastic, Facade Screen products achieve a realistic timber finish alongside outstanding durability and an extended product lifespan.

Products in this range are available in lengths of either 5.7m or 5.85m, and are supplied in 84 piece quantities and in a selection of timber finishes. Certain products in the range also feature a clip edge for easy attachment to battens. 

SymoniteHD composite panels are manufactured using a heavy duty fibre reinforced thermosetting resol phenolic resin core finished with decorative coloured aluminium surfaces available on either one side or two. The phenolic cores are vastly superior in performance characteristics as compared to thermoplastics such as polyethylene or polypropylene, and perform exceptionally well in impact resistance and wind load performance. The unique superior qualities of Symonite include excellent temperature stability, increased rigidity and improved durability whilst emitting zero VOC’s as a finished panel.

SymoniteHD is unique amongst composite panels as its core does not melt or contribute to the spread of fire along a building facade. Symonite's phenolic resin core has excellent fire performance properties. CSIRO fire tests confirm that Symonite complies with the Building Code of Australia requirements for use as interior and exterior cladding.

The outer face of SymoniteHD panels standardly consist of an aluminium skin continuously coil-coated with a PVDF paint system. PVDF coating is used extensively worldwide for curtain walling and facades. This enduring paint coating removes the need for repainting and requires little ongoing maintenance, making it an excellent façade choice. Because of the flexibility, this finish is ideal for fi nishes where panels are required to be folded or rolled. PVDF has a minimum life expectancy of 20 years under normal conditions. Visit www.symonite.com.au for the latest colour range.

SymoniteHD panels are also available with a mill raw, quality raw, anodised, two pack polyurethane and photo printed finishes.

Developed to introduce a more efficient way of creating a facade free of exposed fixings and sealants, the smartfix fixing system is responsive to architectural and aesthetic demands. With an emphasis on flexibility, a wide range of smartfix extruded profiles have been developed to provide the designer with a number of fixing options for both internal and external applications.

Exclusively profiled to client specifications, cassette cladding – cladding elements with folded edges on all sides – allow flexibility in relation to formats, the layout of joints, and fixing principles.

3M™ VHB™ Tapes expand the range of design and material options by joining dissimilar materials. Preventing bi-metallic corrosion, the tapes allow the use of lighter weight and thinner substrates that cannot be fastened with conventional fasteners.

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