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White oak is a tan colored exotic timber floor with subtle colour variation. It features a straight, coarse grain patterns.  The colour of the White Oak remains consistent even when exposed to varying shades and hues of light.  This consistency compliments a versatility which make it a favourite interior product as it can be matched with a range of spaces, uses and decor fittings. The installation of White Oak entails the best possible customer service, from the first viewing and testing of the product to ordering and installation.

The IndusFloor range of hardwood floors have the ambience and warmth of natural timber. Each with its own unique grain and character markings, they create a radiant and opulent environments. Macchiato Pecan is one such product, a statement floor which combines interest and elegance in its uniquely patterned finish.

This engineered timer flooring product originates from Brazil. South America provides an abundance of hardwood flooring, famed for its beauty, durability and distinctive finish. Of these products hardwood flooring from Brazil is one of the most admired flooring choices available. Brazilian Oak, also known as Amendoim, is renowned for its natural tones, from classical pale oak tones to soft maple. The flooring can be custom cut from lengths of 148 x 14 up to 2134.

Tigerwood is a distinctive species unlike any other exotic hardwood and is admired for its striking diversity and creativity. The Tigerwood is a striped species featuring a background of golden tans and shadows of neutral browns and as the name suggests, is coupled with eclectic streaks and stunning contrasts that become the heart of your home.

Santos Mahogany includes reddish brown to deep red colours and features a unique grain variation that adds an exquisite feel to the environment. With its visual warmth and comfort, the Santos Mahogany is a graceful choice to compliment an inviting atmosphere.

Tiete Chestnut features a combination of medium brown, tan and golden brown tones, that combine to create a warm and welcoming environment. Equal to the Brazilian Teak in hardness and durability, the Tiete Chestnut is a stylish choice to revive an inviting atmosphere.

Brazilian Walnut is known for its blends of chocolate brown and nearly black hues that mix to form an exotic colour spectrum of rich dark browns. The Walnut is an impressive hardwood, popular amongst architects and designers for its exceptionally fine graining, superior hardness and natural dark colouration. The Brazilian Walnut is a perfect choice to bathe your home in timeless beauty and style.

Brazilian Teak’s colour varies from medium tans browns and includes yellow and light brown hues, that when coupled with its unique grain pattern, creates an exclusively natural atmosphere. Brazilian Teak, unlike most exotics, undergoes very little colour change when in contact with sun light and is the leading choice for residential and commercial properties because of its beauty and superior hardness and durability.

The Brazilian Cherry is one of the finest hardwoods, known for its natural beauty, superior hardness and rich glow. Featuring distinctive and varied grain patterns, together with a mix of colourful hues that matures over time, to a rich reddish brown, creating a refined and luxurious environment. The Brazilian Cherry has a hardness rating of 12.5KN, over fifty five percent harder than the Kempas.

IndusFloor specialises in the importation and distribution of CE Tested & Certified Brazilian Plywood. The CE marking is recognised worldwide as a symbol of code compliance and performance. Its presence on products gives manufacturers instant recognition for quality and reliability, while assuring Architects, Builders and Engineers that their products comply with all relevant requirements and that the compliance has been accessed according to applicable certification procedures.

IndusFloor is an Australian owned and operated company, specialising in the importation of the finest Brazilian Hardwood flooring, available on the market. IndusFloor represents Indusparquet, a quality manufacturer of exotic hardwood, offering us the privilege of attaining the highest quality products. South America provides an abundance of hardwood flooring, renowned for its natural beauty, superior durability and individuality. Brazilian Hardwood Flooring is one of the most admired flooring choices available. Highly desired by discriminating Architects and Designers, very few flooring options are as visually powerful. With the ambience and warmth of natural timber, IndusFloor provides a graceful range of hardwood, each with its own unique grain and character markings, creating a radiant and opulent environment.

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