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With bold, confident colours, 2000 PUR has the power to transform any commercial environment. Available in 20 vibrant shades, 2000 PUR features a sophisticated directional duotone marbleised decoration, with marbleised highlight tones. Ideally suited for heavy traffic areas, 2000 PUR is recommended for use throughout commercial interiors, healthcare and education facilities, as well as retail outlets. 100% recyclable, 2000 PUR contains 25% recycled material.

It’s a known fact that playgrounds are a place for children to run wild, so utmost care should be taken while designing them. Fun and safety need to go hand-in-hand, so that the playground is filled with learning and laughter, not tears and tumbles. Tiger Turf synthetic grass surfaces from All Grass Sports Surfaces have been designed with this in mind, so they are tremendous shock absorbers, and can transform slippery playgrounds into all-weather playscapes which minimise injury and maximise delight. There are countless design options to choose from, including various colours, textures, and shapes that can be combined to obtain the desired surface.

Long life + Low maintenance + Shock absorbance + Low slip surface

_All Grass Sports Surfaces supply as well as install complete range of Tiger Turf acrylic surfacing products for tennis, multi-sport applications, netball, cricket and other sporting needs, as well as products that meet International Tennis Federation (ITF) certification standards. All Grass Sports Surfaces meet a broad range of user requirements, from hard court economic systems to performance cushioned acrylic surfaces. The company also offers a complete turnkey service, from design, to installation and also long-term maintenance._

Confident footing + Low maintenance + Skid resistant + Easily cleaned + Proper ball bounce

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