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Gainsborough introduces a complete range of architectural door hardware to fully complement other architectural products offered in the range.

These items include:

  • Pull Handles and Push Plates
  • Indicator Bolts/Sets
  • Flush Pulls
  • Flush Bolts, Barrel Bolts and Skeleton Bolts
  • Floor Stops and Wall Stops
  • Brass Double Ball and Roller Catches
  • Rim Nightlatch
  • Electric Strike Plates

Gainsborough’s tubular latches are dual sprung to allow firm action during normal operation of door handles. A secondary latchbolt spring also provides soft door closure. The self-aligning cam allows for easy installation with Gainsborough door hardware.

Gainsborough offers the following tubular latches:

  • 480: Rectangular Face with D Strike
  • 481: Rectangular Face with D Strike
  • 480T: Rectangular Face with T Strike
  • 488: Radius Corner Face
  • 981: Rectangular Face (Sintered steel cam)

The latitude lever and nickel finish are a welcome addition to the innovatively designed door handles under Ingersoll Rand’s Schalge F-Series.  Concerned with both the appearance and the safety of residential dwellings, the fixtures have been designed to ANSI Grade 2 superior security, together with a lifetime mechanical warranty and a 10-year warranty on the satin-chrome finish.  The natural patina with deep charcoal tones, smooth texture and timeless appearance will enhance any modern home without compromising security. The levers effortlessly compliment natural materials including marble and slate. With the growing realization of the beauty of distressed nickel finish, this new range will execute a rustic look that compliments modern residential designs.  


Distressed nickel finish  +  created to ANSI Gade 2 Security  +  Lifetime mechanical warranty  +  10 year warranty on the satin-chrome finish 

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