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The Lockwood 2616 CAM Action Door Closer is a premium, high-quality door closing device. When opening a door fitted with a Lockwood 2616 CAM Action Door Closer, the force required is less than that of a rack and pinion type door loser and continues to decrease through the opening arc.

This aesthetically appealing, narrow profile CAM Action Door Closer is suited for public and commercial applications where children, the elderly and the disabled are likely to be using the door. The Lockwood 2616 is light to open, but its adjustable closing force is high enough for heavy duty applications. One model (2616)
covers right hand and left hand applications, pull side/ push side applications and also features an adjustable arm height.

The 2616 has a very high efficiency of 70% – 80%

The TS 93 cam action door closer system provides a high-quality architectural solution for all project application requirements, featuring the Dorma heart-shaped cam to ensure exceptional ease of opening.

  • Perfect solution for all applications
  • Door widths up to 1250 mm / 1600 mm
  • With adjustable power size, “”thinking”” backcheck and delayed action
  • Suitable for all fixing positions
  • Modular system
  • For single- and double-leaf door

Designed to meet the needs of residential and commercial applications, Gainsborough introduces a range of surface mounted, quality door closers. With high purity aluminium body, rack and pinion hydraulic controlled piston, Gainsborough door closers are suitable for today’s building requirements. Gainsborough's door closer offerings range from the economical 3000 Series to the 3100, 3200 and 3050/3060 Series, which cater for the mid to top end range of multi-strength power adjustment requirements of the commercial end of the market.

The Gainsborough 3000 Series Hydraulic Door Closers are the ideal solution for those projects where value and ease of installation are absolute requirements.

The Gainsborough 3100 Series Hydraulic Door Closer suits both internal or external doors. It features a compact design with minimal projection, and standard backcheck with regular and parallel arm installation and power adjustment.

The Gainsborough 3200 Series Hydraulic Door Closer is a multi-strength, power adjustable surface mounted closer for exterior doors and doors in high traffic areas. The 3200 Series complements the 3100 Series in appearance and has as standard, adjustable regular arm, parallel arm bracket and backcheck.

The Gainsborough 3050/3060 Series Slimline Hydraulic Door Closers feature a minimum projection from the door face of 36mm for the 3052 and 41mm for the 3063, designed to reduce the risk of damage to the closer when the door is opened against adjacent walls. The Slimline series is suitable for interior or exterior doors and is available in size 2 or size 3. The range includes standard and parallel arm functions, with or without backcheck.

The TS 93 cam action door closer system provides a high-quality architectural solution for all project application requirements. The proven DORMA technology featuring the heart-shaped cam ensures exceptional ease of opening. The Contur design offers an even more impressive specification – thanks to:

  • concealed fixings
  • height-adjustable G-N slide channel
  • delayed closing action as standard
  • smoke detector integrated in the slide channel
  • simple, fast installation

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