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Patch fittings are ideal for almost any frameless all-glass design. DORMA’s range of patch fittings allow designers to create interior and exterior openings that are both technically sound and visually attractive. DORMA offers three fitting styles with a broad range of options and configurations— Universal, ARCOS, and EA offset. For a detailed overview visit the brochure section. 

DORMA’S Coastal Series Door Furniture is made from exceptional technical expertise in the manufacture of stainless steel components that meet both the economic and practical needs of the customer. The DORMA Coastal Series has an extensive combination of possibilities with co-ordinated roses and backplates. Moreover the Coastal Series lever handles on rose, plate designs and accessories are characterised by exemplary functional integrity, wear resistance and excellent loadability in both commercial project and residential applications. For comprehensive product information visit the brochure section.

Award winning Italian designer Sandro Santantonoi’s Change series, exclusive to Parisi Doorware, offers fourteen interchangeable patterned and coloured inserts with a classic chrome plated leaver. With such a wide range of inserts, Change can be used to complement any interior trends, lifestyles and atmosphere.

Doric’s Twiin Sliding Patio Door Lock Range of stylish and modern handles is unmatched within the hardware industry and is the perfect accompaniment for any high end residential or commercial projects. Featuring two 316 grade stainless steel tongues and a 6 point keeper fixing, the Twiin Sliding Patio Door Lock’s allow for maximum security for home owners. Featuring a C4 pin cylinder system that can be keyed alike to any existing Doric hardware, this range also utilizes industry standard 82mm door preparation details and conforms to BCA safety requirements. The standard model offers selectable deadlatched or deadlocked security functions that incorporate anti-crash features to avoid any damage to the hook tongues. The Twiin actuator system also meets Doric’s Limited Dexterity Function performance requirements, making it ideal for users with hand disabilities or limited strength. A range of powdercoat colours are available to suit all tastes.

+ DS3000 Tumut Sliding Patio Door Lock
+ DS3010 Carey Sliding Patio Door Lock
+ DS3130 Timbarra Sliding Patio Door Lock

The Biio Chassis Sliding Patio Door Lock range is the latest non-handed twin actuator system by Doric. Made with quality 316 grade stainless steel tongues and a 6 point keeper fixing, the Biio offers a high level of security and peace of mind for any home owners. A range of 5 different modern and aesthetically pleasing handles shapes are available, as well as a range of powdercoat finishes to suit all tastes. The Biio Chassis utilizes the industry standard 82mm machining details and incorporates an anti-crash feature to avoid any damage to the hook tongues and keepers. The Biio sliding patio door lock also employs “locked” and “unlocked” indicators with night alert/ glow in the dark capabilities for ease of use. All products in the range form part of the Doric One Key Solution and can be keyed alike to existing Doric hardware. The Biio also accepts all Doric external pulls and is compatible with the Doric wafer cylinder and C4 5 pin cylinder.

+ DS2130 Bisarra
+ DS2010 Alpine
+ DS2120 Snowy
+ DS2150 Avana
+ DS2160 Navana

The Doric DS177 chainwinder is Australia’s only restricted opening chainwinder. The fold away lever offers a smooth and reliable lever action combined with sleek contemporary styling and exceptional durability. The Polesium constructed body ensures the Doric DS177 chainwinder provides complete protection against corrosion. Featuring restricted opening the DS177 complies with new the new National Construction Code (NCC) requirements for window restriction. It is also able to be operated on windows up to 30kg and requires only 16 winds to open fully or close. The in-built spring back mechanism ensures the chain stays straight during travel for smoother operation. This product is available in a full range of powdercoat colours as well as an optional 304 stainless steel chain for extra protection against corrosion.

Doric’s DS1500 is a premium range of hinged entrance door locks featuring 5 different handles, and are designed for French Door and bi-fold door security. The DS1500 uses an innovative quad sprung twin shuttle lever return mechanism to ensure a positive lever return time after time. This series also employs two engagement points to ensure maximum security. From the elegantly tapered Swan to the minimalist Timbarra, these marine grade 316 stainless steel handles are aesthetically pleasing, durable and unsurpassed in both quality and feel within the market. Matching products include Doric DS1160 Internal Lever on Rose series hardware.

+ DS1500 #3 Manly
+ DS1500 #5 Swan
+ DS1500 #6 Tumut
+ DS1500 #7 Waikato
+ DS1500 #10 Timbarra

The Twin Point Bi-Fold Lock is made from a zinc die cast construction and can be used for both bi-fold and hinged aluminium doors or windows. The satin nickel or powdercoat colour finish compliments the modern aesthetics of the handle and adds to any residential or commercial environment. The DS1250 forms part of the Doric Swan family of internal and external handles ensuring that your home will have the same stylish look throughout. The bi-fold lock employs D shaped, internally threaded stainless steel tips that provide easy adjustment and can be operated by right or left hand. It also has universal packers to suit all window and doors suites. To aid ease of installation no screws are required – just slide under tabs provided and you’re done! Matching products include DS1500 #5 Swan Stainless Steel Furniture.

The DH40X Architectural range is the latest development from Doric’s AWA award winning DH40 hinge and features an increased leaf thickness, improved bushes and larger fixing screws. This hinge is unmatched in the market and exhibits a 100% opening potential, swinging a full 180 degrees whilst maintaining its flexible personality. Designed with bi-directional and universal fixing abilities, the DH40X has improved load carrying capabilities, is suitable for any installation and requires no specialized mounting machinery. It also allows for easy adjustments once it has been fitted, with both vertical and horizontal adjustments of 6mm which can be carried out by a lone installer. The DH40X is suitable for both light and heavy applications and the high security mounting system does not allow for the door to be removed even with the pins detached.

The ITS 96 offers all the benefits of a regular cam action door closer however it has an additional aesthetic appeal, the closer is completely concealed within the door leaf and frame. This allows reliable door mechanisms to operate whilst still maintaining a minimalist appearance.

To complement a frameless glass door, VISUR is the ideal door pivot. This product is 100% transparent and secures double action glass doors without any visually disruptive functional elements. Instead, the system is hidden within the floor. The fitting is also proven to be highly durable, successfully completing a 500,000 cycle endurance test.

ARCOS Universal Patch Fittings are unique, designed fittings with in-built system versatility. The range consistently features a curved arc motif to produce elegant patching fittings, connectors, locks and handle bars that are visually harmonious with the glass. The products have also been manufactured to ensure easy glass preparation and installation and are compatible with all common glass thicknesses. 

The Coastal Series contains an extensive range of lever handles, roses and backplates to offer endless combinations of door furniture. The collection is characterised by its modern gleaming finish and its heavy duty construction with all components fabricated from 316 stainless steel. This makes the product wear resistant and high strength, perfect for commercial or residential structures.

The MANET Ambient range consists of sliding and pivoting systems that can transform the functional into stylish designs. These products can be partnered with glass or fine wood surfaces, providing the designer with an unlimited scope for creativity. The collection is also the result of careful engineering, as despite its minimalist appearance, the systems boast high durability and strength.

Porteo is the solution to a quiet and safe automatic operator for swing doors. The product is compact, elegant and impressive as it makes use of high end technology with the option of integrating access control functions and voice output, depending on the individual’s needs. Porteo is easy to install and adaptable to most door types.

The latitude lever and nickel finish are a welcome addition to the innovatively designed door handles under Ingersoll Rand’s Schalge F-Series.  Concerned with both the appearance and the safety of residential dwellings, the fixtures have been designed to ANSI Grade 2 superior security, together with a lifetime mechanical warranty and a 10-year warranty on the satin-chrome finish.  The natural patina with deep charcoal tones, smooth texture and timeless appearance will enhance any modern home without compromising security. The levers effortlessly compliment natural materials including marble and slate. With the growing realization of the beauty of distressed nickel finish, this new range will execute a rustic look that compliments modern residential designs.  


Distressed nickel finish  +  created to ANSI Gade 2 Security  +  Lifetime mechanical warranty  +  10 year warranty on the satin-chrome finish 

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