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In response to many enquiries, Allplastics now stocks two way mirrored acrylic.

A ‘See-Thru’ or ‘Two Way’ mirror has a semi-transparent aluminium film deposited on the substrate which allows a percentage of incidental light to pass through, while reflecting the remainder. From the illuminated side, it is a mirror, while from the dark side, it is transparent.

‘See-Thru’ mirrors are used successfully in monitoring/surveillance operations, eg. in stores, hospitals and casinos. It is also used in advertising, point of sale displays and for special theatrical props and effects.

Metaline® splashbacks and panels offer a unique source of inspiration. This advanced, aluminium-based system is the smart alternative to glass, and is available in a range of contemporary colours in a spectacular, high-gloss finish. Featuring a sleek, continuous look with minimal join lines, Metaline splashbacks and panels offer an inherent flexibility, which makes them adaptable to enhance the appeal of any space. The unique flame retardant composition has been independently certified by SAI Global as suitable for use behind both gas and electric cooktops.

Metaline® can be easily CNC Routed by Allplastics to accommodate power points, fixtures and taps. As easy to clean as they are to install, these panels are ideal for a wide range of applications including wall linings, lifts, columns, shop fit-outs, bathrooms and shower recesses. And with superior stain, mould, and heat resistance, their outstanding durability is guaranteed by a seven-year limited warranty. With such enduring beauty, Laminex Metaline splashbacks and panels are the smarter choice.

Staron® Solid Surfaces is manufactured from a natural mineral refined from bauxite, and blended with pure acrylic resin. Staron® Solid Surfaces are suitable not only for commercial projects, but for endless applications around the home including kitchens, bathrooms and laundries.

With a range of over 80 colours to select from, Staron® offers the most extensive range of solid surface in Australia. Staron® is both aesthetically and functionally pleasing. It can be thermoformed into flowing curves or sculpted into any shape imaginable. The flexibility of Staron® extends to limitless edge profiles, drop down edges, splashbacks and tile coves. Selected Staron® colours are also translucent and can be backlit to bring your design to life.

The non-porous nature of Staron® provides a surface that no stain can penetrate – providing a durable benchtop that is hygienic and easy to clean. Staron® is also repairable and renewable. Even after years of use it can simply be sanded, thus restored back to its original condition. Staron® does not have any finishing polishes or sealers applied, it is the same solid material throughout its thickness. Because of this nature, every wipe to your benchtop will rejuvenate the surface.

Staron® is seamless – it creates long and wide continuing surfaces with no open or conspicuous joins. With a collection of integrated Staron® kitchen sinks and vanity bowls – a seamless benchtop space can be created. No dirt-trapping joins or crevices to clean, just one continuous surface that looks and performs like one piece.

Allplastics has launched the brand new line of Dekodur™ decorative panels in Australia. Dekodur is the world's first CO2-neutral high-pressure laminate (HPL) free of formaldehyde and phenols. New ideas require innovative materials to keep up with them: translucent laminated panels as well as surfaces covered with real gold leaf, fig tree bark or glass allow an even wider spectrum of uses.

Dekodur™ has many applications, including cladding for walls, ceilings, doors or frames, furniture, company nameplates, counters and displays as well as fitting out shops, trade-fair stands, ships and railway carriages. Dekodur™ allows unique, innovative and creative cladding solutions in a flourishing range of 3500 metal, natural and artistic finishes.

Acrylic Couture is a completely new light plastic with intoxicating effects and artistic colour combinations.

Through the interplay of the finest acrylic and exclusive, selected, Italian-made materials, Acrylic Couture allows for the creation of designs with unprecedented appearance, depth and “magic”, whether luxurious, mystical, refined, graceful or spectacular.

This highlight for the senses is achieved through unique nanoparticles in the acrylic. In the presence of light and LED technology, this extraordinary material composition makes it possible to achieve intensely radiant effects and thereby create the perfect setting for shine & shimmer, light & shade, and colours & shapes.

Key Features:

  • 30-year guarantee on UV resistance / weathering
  • 100-year guarantee based on very high molecular density against polymer degradation
  • “Cross-linked” polymers for higher resistance to scratching and many chemicals compared to conventional PMMA
  • Special nanoparticles for the extremely efficient scattering and reflection of light

Applications and Functions:

  • Graceful reflections of light
  • Light and LED technology
  • Radiant effects
  • Perfect setting for shine & shimmer, light & shade, colours & shapes

The use of Plexiglas® Radiant acrylic sheets will ensure a visually stunning feature within any space through its unique lighting effect. The single-sided surface coating causes the mirror-like panel to appear to change colour, depending on the viewing angle. This makes it an ideal product for displays, store decor and signage, effortlessly capturing any viewer’s attention. Allplastics also allows flexibility in design as the material can be thermoformed in almost any shapes, and can easily be sawed, milled, drilled and polished.

Corflute® is a hollowed fluted plastic board made from polypropylene with a wide range of use in signage, graphic, industrial, packaging, and building applications. The material is durable, economical, lightweight, hygienic, easy to print and UV-resistant. 

+ Packing Grade Corflute® is suitable for surface protection applications, concrete forming and packaging. This material comes in a thickness of 2.8mm, and colours of Black and White.

+ Print Grade Corflute® is specially developed to meet the needs of the print sector for screen, flexo, inkjet and flat bed digital printing and laminating. This material comes in thicknesses of 3.3mm and 5mm, and in six different colours.

Makrolon® Multiwall polycarbonate glazing system provides outstanding flexibility in design and advanced heat reflecting and light transmitting performance. Both sides of the sheet have a co-extruded UV barrier, giving superior resistance to outdoor weathering and reliable protection from UV rays. The material offers design freedom for a wide range of commercial, industrial and domestic applications and is suitable for use in bush fire prone areas (backed by CSIRO appraisal) with good resistance against high wind and extreme outdoor temperatures.

Using high-tech, ski production and a transparent UV-stable adhesive, Allplastics have developed an economic and innovative, translucent honeycomb construction with the smallest of adhesion surface areas. The AIR-board® Panels are fabricated from 7mm polycabonate tubes with a transparent or coloured polycarbonate coating to provide a light and fire resistant structure.

Allplastics Acrylic Noise Barriers are a unique and innovative product that utilises new technology in noise reduction, made especially for cross populated urban areas with high levels of traffic. They have provided Queanbeyan Council with an effective freeway screen of durability that is free from optical distortion, suitably showcasing the surrounding scenic landscape to motorists. The product provides a clear view from both sides of the barrier, fitting harmoniously into the environment while reflecting noise and acting as a good sound insulator. These barriers also increase road safety through light-transmitting sheets which cast no shadows on the roadway.

Zenolite® Splashbacks from Allplastics is the ultimate high gloss panel that provides a smooth glass-like appearance, seamlessly complimenting the retail interior of Ocean Foods in Drummoyne. This safe acyrlic panel is perfect for longevity in the busy hospitality shop setting and can transform any flat surface into something clean and professional looking with 25 times the impact resistance of glass. Backed by a 10 year indoor warranty, this material is easy to maintain and a cost effective way to give any commercial or domestic area a new designer look. Perfect for any kitchen splashbacks, this modern finish is also suitable for use in bars, bathrooms, shower walls, counters, receptions, food courts and more with 14 colours available. 

EuroMir® Acrylic Mirror panels from Allplastics are a high quality, European grade acrylic mirror that can provide spaces with a fresh reflective appeal. Their shatter resistant attributes make it an excellent alternative to glass mirror for internal cladding and there is no limitation of choice, available in 15 stunning colours and a satin or gloss finish.

The Marketing Zoo in Sydney’s Pyrmont has taken advantage of Clear-PEP Stage 40‘s versatility to ensure its premises are eye-catching and unique through its patented core geometry. This material combines toughness, detailed visual complexity and a gently smudged translucence to provide a contrast of a lemon-lit flooring section between brushed concrete and polished floorboards.  

The scratch resistant surface provides provides full or partial privacy, combined with its excellent light transmission capabilities it can be turned into a coloured feature. With the reliance of a high load bearing capacity of up to 500 kg/sq m it is both durable for high-use and excellent for high-impact applications including: trafficable mezzanines, illuminated floors and landings, showroom and venue flooring, feature awnings, pathways, walkways and more. 

Perspex® Frost sheets from Allplastics were used to transform the news anchor desk and background set at Sydney’s CNBC Studios. The Frost range is available in an attractive double-sided translucent matte finish which can be utilised for unique feature applications; Perspex® Sapphire Blue Frost and Crystal Clear Frost sheets were used at the studios in conjunction with LED lighting to create a professional yet distinctive glow effect. Its consistent quality and rich colour palette of 24 colours can create inspiring surface effects that will complement any project, ranging from bathroom sinks, bench tops and privacy screens. 

As featured in the new fit-out for the Castle Hil RSL, TOTALStone® is a decorative cladding panel can be used internally and externally. Selected by Paynter Dixon Project managers, TOTALStone® was chosen for its versatility and practicality, allowing Beckton Joinery to meet the project’s very tight deadline. Its combination of crushed stone, fibreglass and polyester resembles real stone in every way but it is beneficially lightweight, more affordable and easy to apply onto any surface. Allplastics‘ TOTALStone® comes in a variety of stone and brick textures all of which are UV resistant, waterproof and fireproof.

Allplastic‘s supply of high quality Perspex® acrylic sheet is a versatile material, available in a large range of colours, tints and textures. It can be cut and shaped into unique forms for various applications such as lighting, door details, work station dividers, and logos. The extensive Perspex® range ensures there are no boundaries for design whilst still catering the functional needs of a space, from light penetration to acoustic properties.

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