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Long before “modularity” and “high tech” entered the design lexicon, Charles and Ray Eames were using industrial production techniques to extend the boundaries of design and create a modern aesthetic. These desk and storage units complement each other, and each can stand alone. They provide ample storage, work, and display space. And at home or in the office, they look as striking now as they did when first introduced in 1950.

With a beautiful and slimline design, much like many Linak products, the Desk Panel (DP) is a classic, modern control which was developed with the functionality and versatility to adjust a myriad of different styles of desk ranging from heavy duty workstations to office desks.

Compact in design and aesthetically pleasing, the Desk Panel is simple and efficient, with easy mounting under all types of height adjustable desks. Almost without limits, the Desk Panel involves complex machinery and programming, allowing it to control up to 3 columns/actuators independently.

With black or grey colour option, the Desk Panel can also be optionally provided in a memory version, as well as in a memory and display version, both which allow favourite heights and positions to be stored and re-accessed at the touch of a button.

The DL17 column sets the standards for inline columns. It is a 3-part inline column with a square, compact profile of 70mm x 70mm. With incremental steps between the profiles and a long but powerful stroke length, it is available in black, white or grey. For optimised design, invisible gliding pads and a synchronous drive of the middle profile allow a thrust of up to 700 N per column and a speed level of up to 38 mm/s, all whilst maintaining a pleasantly low sound level. Whilst standing in for any contemporary design object today, the DL17 also enhances the functionality and responsiveness of modern desk design, making it the ultimate accessory.

The DL17 was designed for desks without crossbar which allows more leg space for users and opens up design possibilities, with protection from external force ensured with the standard implementation of the PIEZO™ feature – an integrated sensor minimising the risk for damages on a desk caused by squeezing or blocking of obstacles in up or down direction. With sustainability and health at the forefront of Linak’s philosophy, the DL17 is developed without PVC, a huge environmental coup. The DL17 is compatible with all DESKLINE® control boxes and controls – simply just plug & play.

  • Stroke length: 660 mm
  • Built-in dim.: 518 mm
  • PVC-free as standard
  • PIEZO™ as standard


The DESKLINE® DL12 column sets the standards for inline columns. It is a compact 3-part inline column, which is a perfect choice for a wide range of desk applications. This compact, streamlined design is a result of integrated guide and actuator functions,  as well as invisible gliding pads and minimum spacing between the column profiles, resulting in a cohesive and beautiful unit.

Furthermore, the column is designed for desks without crossbar, ensuring more leg space and more design possibilities. With customised colours, an option for crossbar available and collision protection, this column is perhaps the most advanced yet. Collision protection is maintained by  PIEZO™ an integrated sensor. PIEZO (collision protection) minimises the risk for damages on a desk caused by collision with an obstacle.

The compact, rectangular column was developed in accordance with market demands for a low built-in dimension with a formidable stroke length. This stroke length is manipulated by a DESKLINE control box (CBD). All DESKLINE control boxes ensure optimal parallel drive and an barely noticeable, pleasant noise level.

The DL12 can be used as a single column or in 2, 3 or 4 parallel systems.

  • Stroke length: 660 mm
  • Built-in dim.: 518 mm or 545 mm
  • PVC-free as standard
  • PIEZO™ as standard


A modern twist on traditional claw-foot furniture design, the WAVE table accommodates every scenario and complete the mis-en-scene of a room simply by being in it.

With a square or round table-top design in a variety of matte finishes, the legs splay outwards with a splash of industrial chic – choose from a chrome matte, chromium-plated metal, or powder coated base.

With a structural integrity that is ideal for looks and longevity, the WAVE table is suited as a coffee or occasional table in any number of corporate, communal, family or retail spaces.

The Hotham 2 Drawer Desk from Sapphire Wood Furniture creates a classical look for the home office, while simultaneously being an extremely functional and durable piece. The desk features a sturdy handcrafted base with intricate carving, as well as two convenient drawers and an expansive workspace. Measuring 1560W x 780D x 760H, the desk is available in Rosewood, Cherrywood, Victorian Ash or Tasmanian Oak. 

Resource Furniture stocks a wide range of educational furniture, including chairs, desks, tables, visual aids, and display and storage furniture. With more than 30 years of expertise, Resource Furniture understands what a learning environment requires.

RE Batger manufactures a complete range of premium quality student desks of exceptional durability and thoughtful design, specifically constructed for the needs of particular educational spaces. Available in varying sizes, colours and styles, including single- and dual- student capacity, mobile models, and collaborative desks, any classroom is accommodated for. 

A series of desks that allows you to customize your space from the smallest desk to the biggest desking configurations, Boomerang desks are a smart solution. The five injection moulded and polished aluminium Boomerangs are used both as feet and support for the tabletops, building stability and making space for the wire management under the tabletops. With variations in geometry, materials and edging, there is a Boomerang desking solution for your needs.

The Lancaster Auditorium Seating range is an affordable way of maximising student comfort, while seamlessly completing the look of any educational space. Chairs feature convenient gravity-lift seat and supportive foam seat cushions and contoured backs. Steel construction ensures longevity, with a range of upholstered finishes available to create the desired ambience of a particular venue. 

KI International’s Concerto Auditorium Seating series provides a sophisticated solution to the needs of the contemporary auditorium venue. Featuring sleek design, the seating assures improved user concentration by maximising comfort in its contoured, plush covered chairs. The Concerto model incorporates the largest tablet arm in the market and allows for power connection, facilitating easy laptop use to allow any auditorium to be completely modern. Available in a range of finishes including wood, laminate, steel and plastic, the range can be accommodated to the ambience of a particular venue. 

KI International’s Backbone Media Platform brings the latest in design innovations to the modern educational facility or workplace. Constructed to foster collaboration, the model promotes optimal discussion, allowing for seamless media sharing. The visually pleasing design ensures the Media Platform will enhance the look of any classroom or office. 

The KI International range of teacher desks employ innovative design and quality materials to create highly functional, durable solutions to the fit out of educational spaces. The range includes more conventional teacher desks, as well as the flexible All Terrain models which can be easily moved and adjusted to particular requirements, offering full flexibility in teaching space design and function. 

KI International fuses ergonomic design, ensuring optimal performance and comfort in the classroom or lecture theatre, with intelligent, sleek design that enhances the look of any educational context. Featuring innovative designs such as the 360 Classroom Furniture range, which rolls and swivels to fully adapt to the changing requirements of a teaching space, all KI International chairs are built with the purpose of optimal learning and teaching in mind. 

KI International manufactures a broad range of durable, affordable tables purpose-designed to suit particular environments and purposes. All models are built to withstand everyday use and offer ultimate flexibility in classroom fit out, as they are available in an array of colours, finishes and styles. Units from youth-focussed Junior Tables to interaction-inducing Enlite models to ergonomically-designed Intellect Desks ensure that KI International can provide a table ideally suited to any educational space. 

US-based company KI International has over 60 years’ experience specialising in the design and manufacture of premium-quality for specialised contexts, including classrooms, libraries, hospitals, offices, training facilities and residential spaces. Now a leading global brand, KI International seeks to offer a complete service comprising expert advice, optimal space design, and distribution of the product best suited to a particular space. A focus on innovation allows KI International furniture to meet the needs of modern spaces to meet transforming customer needs. 

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