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SolarBIM PV is a holistic photovoltaic system simulator software that doubles as an accurate and reliable calculation tool. Combining technical and economical analysis tools for efficient and cost effective system design, SolarBIM also facilitates comprehensive business plan analysis.

Features include an hour-by-hour system simulation to accurately reflect real system productivity and allow designers to tweak designs for maximum efficiency. Customisable features include shading levels, panel installation angles, and overall system configuration.

The powerful software is presented in a clear, user-friendly interface that is compatible with all other programs in the Mc4Suite, and generates reports in RTF format.

One of the only products of its kind, PipeCad is a software module entirely dedicated to the design of mechanical heating and cooling boiler rooms.

By combining a realistic graphical view of the equipment and room interiors with advanced calculation technology, the software allows the designer to thoroughly investigate and address the needs of each project.

Each component of the ensuing design can be fully specified and sized, with adaptors and connectors automatically calculated and inserted according to pipe sizes.

Offering full integration with AutoCAD and other programs in the Mc4Suite, PipeCad is an invaluable means for designing plants and other industrial projects with speed, ease, and accuracy.

FireCad is Mc4Software’s innovative program for the design and sizing of fire protection systems. Encapsulating roof or in-rack systems for industrial and warehouse protection, and internal and external options for other structures, the program’s range of applications is broad.

Featuring a clear, intuitive interface, the FireCad software allows for a flexible, user-defined generation of pipe networks. Architects and engineers can use the software as a tool for the design, calculation, and graphic representation of complex heating, cooling, and plumbing systems of any configuration. Integration with other programs in the mc4Suite allows the specification of hazard levels, load calculations, and placement of sprinkler and hose systems.

Users are able to quickly and accurately generate an optimum design for fire safety and risk mitigation.

Sophisticated graphics collate and communicate data in a coherent and legible manner, with FireCad software fully compatible with files produced in AutoCAD.

For projects involving hydraulic and thermal calculations, HvacCad from Mc4Software is the ideal computer program. The most complete and high performing software of its kind, HvacCad is fully AutoCAD compatible, and able to analyse and generate values from graphic inputs.

HvacCad is intended to streamline the heating and cooling design process. Its main capabilities include heating and cooling requirements, the sizing of heating and refrigeration components, and facilitation of the complete design of duct and radiant heating and cooling systems. The program is suitable for the calculation and design of all types of pipe net systems, encompassing gas systems, plumbing, and wall and subfloor radiant heating systems.

The HvacCad software is available in either Standard or Pro versions, depending on the needs and size of the project in question. Both versions are graphical input compatible and contain a series of self contained software modules for specific areas of design.

Bentley’s road design and transportation infrastructure software offerings for civil engineers, including Power InRoads, Power GEOPAK, and MXROAD, are the industry’s proven and unparalleled civil engineering 3D road design software solutions. Field to finish, these products go the extra mile to make maximum use of data from many different sources, extend that data to downstream processes, and preserve the information you create for the long term. These systems support the way your organization or a distributed team works, regardless of project delivery methods.

Long the choice of agencies and ECs, Bentley’s land development software is now used across the AEC industry. Integrated applications bring innovation and efficiency to site design and construction – helping users deliver successful, profitable projects. Intelligent object modeling establishes site object relationships and automatically updates the model as you work. This system makes it easy to dynamically explore design scenarios with speed and flexibility while maintaining an accurate, real-world model.

Bentley’s products for electric transmission and distribution networks (including substation infrastructure) support the complete asset lifecycle from planning, design, and construction through to operations. Bentley offers a streamlined utility network design and management product with Bentley Utilities Designer. This product is a comprehensive design and GIS-based management application for electric, gas, water, and wastewater networks and can be configured to integrate with a variety of GIS and WMS systems.

Bentley 3D rail infrastructure design and maintenance software products address many aspects of the rail asset lifecycle, from data collection and design to operations and maintenance and engineering information management. Handling a plethora of activities, from physical design of track and overhead line (OLE) in 3D, to construction simulation and driver/operator training, Bentley combines expert rail knowledge and software development to deliver business-critical tools for the short-term and long-term needs of the rail industry.

Bentley Bridge is a family of software for complex modeling, design, and analysis of all bridge types. Developed over two decades, Bentley bridge software has been used for existing structures as well as new-build bridges, across the many specialty areas of bridge design and construction. These tools have proven useful for problem solving at every stage of the project delivery process – from planning, design, engineering, and analysis to fabrication and construction.

ProjectWise is the only project collaboration and AECO information management software developed explicitly for the design and construction of architecture, engineering, construction, and operations (AECO). Unlike traditional document management and collaboration software, ProjectWise is a system of collaboration servers and services for AECO information for the design and construction of infrastructure projects while the work is in progress. It provides scalable, industry-proven advantages in work-sharing, content re-use, and dynamic feedback.


Efficient Outsourcing Accelerate contractor workflows and increase the integrity of shared CAD drawings  +  Agile Compliance  +  Fast and Accurate Reuse  +  Save time finding, validating and accessing project information  +  Reduce project risk  +  Improve quality and consistency of all project deliverables  +  Avoid late-delivery penalties  +  Reduce last-minute rework  +  Meet all deadlines  +  Maximize workforce utilization  +  Share work across multiple offices

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Aging Equipment. Aging Workforce. More Stringent Regulations.

Ivara EXP by Bentley Systems is playing a significant role in the global movement to consolidate systems and data and provide asset intelligence and performance management so that gas supply and electric power continue to be delivered in a safe and cost effective manner. The result is power users “keep the lights on” and power providers keep a profit. Ivara EXP is built to support the changes in power generation; electric delivery / substations, transmission & distribution; and gas gathering and processing, transmission & storage, and distribution.


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Designers can direct their creativity to deliver innovation inspired, sustainable buildings with GenerativeComponents, by quickly exploring a range of “what-if” alternatives. This unique generative design software creates efficiency between design intent and geometry. Designs can be refined through dynamically modeling, directly manipulating geometry, by applying rules and capturing relationships among building elements, or by defining complex building forms and systems through concisely expressed algorithms.

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The Bentley Systems i-model is a container for open infrastructure information exchange and enables bidirectional feedback in dynamic workflows. Information rich, reliable, and optimized for purpose, this single lightweight container enables streamlined information exchange between collaborating teams. Every i-model uses industrial-strength digital rights management to secure access and reuse permissions, while digital signatures can be applied to validate and verify an i-model’s status for reliable measurement and dependable material estimation.

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Asset Lifecycle Information Management Software

eB Insight by Bentley Systems links interrelated information, whether structured or unstructured, paper or electronic, documents or physical objects, business processes or people. Information is exposed along with its status and relationships to other relevant information assets, ensuring that workers have access to accurate information, in context. Visibility to related information enables better decision making through eB Insight’s standardized reporting.


Improves operational efficiency  +  Improves quality and safety  +  Reduces costs  +  Enforces information governance polices to meet regulatory compliance  +  Minimizes business risk  +  Helps capture and maintain institutional knowledge


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Leading firms use information modelling for building success; exceeding objectives for performance, cost, quality, sustainability, aesthetics, and more. Bentley System’s multidisciplinary information modelling for building teams provides the power to model anything, seamlessly integrating disciplines to accelerate teaming on projects for better buildings and projects. This single information modelling software application includes tools for architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical systems design, construction documentation, and visualization of any type and scale of building.


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Dynamic Project Review and Analysis

Bentley Navigator V8i is dynamic collaboration software used by infrastructure teams to interactively view, analyze, and augment project information. Bentley Navigator better leverages the interactive nature of information stored inside Bentley i-models for high performance visualization, providing greater project insight and helps teams avoid costly on-site errors. Project scenarios can be simulated virtually to resolve clashes and optimize project schedules. Comments and contributions to models can be saved in the i-model, with 2D and 3D PDFs available for consumption by a wider audience.


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