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Soundproofing underlay

Silentstep is a high-performance acoustic carpet underlay, comprising of a flexible mass-loaded barrier fused onto high-density premium foam underlay. The combination of these two products allows Silentstep to reduce the transmission impact-generated noise such as footfall, and airborne noise such as speech.

Silentstep was developed to meet market noise reduction requirements in multistorey living, commercial, automotive and marine markets. Simple to cut and lay, it offers excellent support and a firm cushioned base for all types of carpet applications. It is ideally suited for lightweight flooring constructions such as timber and marine applications, where fibreglass and composite floor panels are used.

When laying carpet over a floor constructed using lightweight timber and joists, typical standard underlay only reduces impact noise and offers little effect in reducing the transmission of airborne noise. Silentstep can significantly reduce both impact and airborne noise transfer through a floor system. This means that noise generated from speech and electronic audio technologies, such as radio and television, can be reduced along with noise generated by impact such as footfall.

Silentstep products are environmentally safe, contain no ozone-depleting substances and complies with European and Australian standards for Volatile Organic Compound emissions.

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Sorberfoam is the next generation of combustion modified, flexible acoustic foams, offering high noise absorption properties across a broad frequency range. It was developed to meet market requirements for reducing reverberation noise in the domestic, commercial, OEM and automotive markets.

In conjunction with leading laboratories and test facilities, Pyrotek has formulated and developed a polyurethane foam that outperforms traditional acoustic foams by controlling the cell size, porosity, density and the flow resistivity throughout the cell structure.

Sorberfoam has been proven to absorb substantially more energy across the entire frequency range than traditional polyurethane foams.

Traditional polyurethane foams often break down through hydrolysis (foam rot) under hot, humid and acidic conditions. Sorberfoam is engineered to resist degradation or foam rot.

Sorberfoam offers an alternative to mineral fibre products that tend to shed fibres during application. If not encapsulated, those fibrous products can be deemed a health hazard. The tendency for fibrous products to lose thickness over a period of time means their absorption properties will also be reduced.

Sorberfoam eliminates the hazards and offers an equal and safer alternative in noise absorption.

Sorberfoam Facing Options:

  • Plain
  • Foil (ALR)
  • Film (PU)
  • Mylar (M)
  • Perforated Vinyl (V)
  • Aluminium Glass Cloth (AGC)

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Pre-​wall blocks for walling in and around for single and line mounting.
Individual pre-​wall solutions for wet construction with high mounting comfort.
The closed, robust box made of EPS saves you walling the interior area. This factory-​installed sound insulation also protects the modules from getting damaged and serves an ideal base for plastering.
The closed, robust box made of EPS saves you walling the interior area. This factory-​installed sound insulation also protects the modules from getting damaged and serves an ideal base for plastering.
Good adhesion with the brickwork due to integrated wall pockets.
Adjustable depth.
Line installation is possible using long mounting profile.
Pre-​mounted ready for connection.
Sound decoupling devices with place for all Viega system wall plates.
Tested sound protection in accordance with DN 4109 by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics, Stuttgart.
Sound protection certificates are existing.
All sizes are indicated in millimetre.
Long-​term availability guarantee.

ARCPANEL SMARTEK PANEL – Combines contemporary design, high strength & durability

The complete sustainable, highly durable prefabricated roofing and wall cladding solution that’s quick and easy to install.

Fully Integrated Roof and Wall Cladding System
ARCPANEL Smartek Panels combine aesthetic, innovative design, with high strength, durability, thermal insulation and have exceptional spans available for roof pitches as low as 2 degrees. Smartek Panels can be in straight and large curved panel configurations to produce an outstanding architectural feature and provide increased interior space. The Smartek Panels can achieve significant cantilevers, in some applications up to 40% the actual back span and this unique system eliminates the need for complex, expensive roof structures. The lightweight ARCPANEL Smartek Panels are easily handled on site, achieving faster and lower cost installation and construction.

Unique Design & Construction
ARCPANEL Smartek Panel pre-fabrication starts with a contemporary looking trapezoidal profile high-quality Colorbond steel on the top and bottom sheets, both bonded to a profiled fire-retardant EPS-FR insulation core. The panel yields high strength resulting in large spans and cantilevers along with a high insulation value. Standard ratings from R2.4 to R4.8 can easily be achieved. After the panels are fixed in place, there is virtually no maintenance required other than the occasional wash down. On-site time spent fitting trusses, have linings, plasterboard, battens, insulation lining, roof sheeting and painting, is eliminated when using ARCPANEL Smartek Panel system.

Key Features and Benefits:

– Available panel thickness: 100mm, 125mm, 140mm, 175mm and 200mm
– Achieve up to 10.2m unsupported spans can reduce expensive support structures, roof trusses & beams
– NCC/BCA certified product for compliance peace of mind
– Straight and large curved panel configurations, suitable for most architectural designs
– Superior standard thermal ratings up to R4.8 are achieved
– Dependant on the design, cantilevers of up to 40% the actual backspan can be achieved
– Rapid installation makes the Smartek Panel system a clear winner over traditional roof construction
– Pre-finished top sheet – extensive range of Colorbond steel colours available, Colorbond Ultra, Zincalume finish

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WHISPER® Shades Collection combines style, versatility and functionality to provide innovative cellular window covering solutions. Available in a range of operating systems and design options for ultimate light and privacy and light control, WHISPER® Shades Collection are the perfect solution for your window.


Want to save up to 32%* on your heating costs? Whisper Cellular Shades are designed with a unique honeycomb cell shape that creates pockets of energy-saving insulation. The cell construction traps air and makes it more difficult for heat energy to transfer in and out of the window, improving energy efficiency and reducing your heating and cooling costs in both Winter and Summer.


Whisper Cellular Shades are the ultimate in child safe window coverings offering innovative operating systems to enhance the safety of children and pets. Cords used to open and close blinds present a hazard to young children. Whisper Cellular Shades range have cordless and motorised operating options for an ultimate child-safe solution for your home and loved ones.


Made from anti-static durable, polyester that aids in the resistance of dust, Whisper Cellular Fabrics are easy to clean and are available in a range of colours, cell sizes and opacities. Whisper Fabrics have endured several tests to ensure their capability to withstand the test of time.


Minimal light gaps delivered by the headrail design and maximised outside views with slimline hardware and minimal stack size. Dust resistant fabrics provide easy maintenance and fabrics constructed with the unique D-Cell design ensures pleat retention.


Versatile range of innovative lifting systems suitable for various window styles including skylights and shapes.

For over three decades, DesignBUILD has supported Australia’s architecture, building, construction and design communities, as the leading commercial platform for manufacturers and suppliers to showcase new products and meet key industry buyers and specifiers. DesignBUILD is the only dedicated trade show to bring together Australia’s architects, building professionals, contractors and designer community together with manufacturers, suppliers and service providers who work across the residential and commercial industry sectors, for 3 days of unrivalled networking and inspiration.

DEFLECTA® HEALTH SEAL is a clear formulation for the protection of concrete surfaces prior to the installation of floor finishes.

Deflecta® HEALTH SEAL is applied to seal the surface of concrete to prevent ingress of body fluids in areas such as hospitals, aged and child care, health facilities and schools and sport facilities.

Product Benefits

  • Surface sealer
  • 100% bio-degradable
  • Water based and non-toxic formulation
  • Prevents urine ingress
  • Prevents body fluid penetration of sub-floor
  • Excellent pre-treatment for floor finishes
  • Zero VOC/VOS* content

As with most architectural products, Architectural Joints are selected on the basis of Form and Function. Acculine supplies the InPro Expansion Joint Systems for your building, providing options for the width and movement capacity of your joint gaps, providing options that also look good.

For further assistance with these products please contact us or visit INPRO’s electronic selection tool -the JointMaster Wizard at

For STINGER CH38 and CH38A Cap Hammers, use the 38” StaplePac. Each 2016 count STINGER 3/8” StaplePac includes 12 – 168 count reels of full 1” plastic collated caps and 24 – 84 count strips of A11 3/8″ staples.
For the STINGER CS58 Cap Stapler, use the 5/8″ Pneumatic StaplePac. Each 2000 count STINGER 5/8″ StaplePac includes 10 – 200 count plastic collated caps and 20 – 100 count strips of 5/8″ staples. Each StaplePac will cover approximately 25 square

For the  Crossfire Cap Stapler, use the Crossfire StaplePac. Each 2000 count CROSSFIRE StaplePac includes 10 – 200 count reels of full 1″ plastic collated caps and 20 – 100 count strips of staples. Available in 7/8″, 1-1/4″ and 1-1/2″, each StaplePac will cover approximately 25 square.

Need to secure base sheet to wood decks? Try the RT2 Cap Nailer; the perfect pneumatic cap system. With no need to hammer down raised staples as with base taping, just hold the trigger and start walking. Cap spacing can be set at at 154mm, 229mm’ or 457mm, with a speed of 3 cap nails per second. The RT2 Cap Nailer has a fastener capacity of 1500 caps/1500 nails, holds full 25mm steel collated caps, and has a fastener with a full round head, electro galvanised ring shank, wire collation and a length of 32mm.

For plastic caps for residential roofing and sidewall applications, as well as steel caps utilised in the hot built-up roofing industry, try the Hitachi NV50AP3. With tool-free depth adjustment and an integrated switch for sequential/bumpfire capability, this is a truly manoeuvrable high production tool. Designed for use with 23mm, 32mm, and 51mm STINGER NailPac, and 23mm, 32mm, 51mm Plasti-Top® and Round-Top® ProPacs, the CN100 has a fastener capacity of 350 caps/350 nails, has a speed of 3 cap nails per second, holds full 25mm plastic or steel collated caps, and has a fastener with a full round head, electro galvanised ring shank, wire collation and a length of 23mm, 32mm, 51mm.

The leader in caps system technology brings you the CN100; a high production tool which shoots plastic caps for residential roofing and sidewall applications. With tool-free depth adjustment, an integrated switch for sequential/bumpfire capability, and weighing only 2.23kg, the CN100 is manoeuvrable and light. Designed for use with 125mm STINGER Nailpac, the CN100 has a fastener capacity of 200 caps/200 nails, has a speed of 3 cap nails per second, holds 25mm plastic collated caps, and has a fastener with a full round head, electro galvanised ring shank, wire collation, and a length of 25mm.

The Crossfire Cap Stapler is the new fixing standard for securing Wool Blanket, Wall Wrap Insulation and the extensive range of New Rigid Insulation Panels now on the market. Ideal for securing wool blanket, wall wrap insulation and the extensive range of rigid insulation panels now on the market, the Crossfire Cap Stapler finishes fastening jobs ten times sooner than hand driving, delivering 5 cap staples per second at full speed. Along with ergonomic design making it ideal for use on sidewall installations, Crossfire represents incredible value for a versatile tool that does three jobs in one.

The STINGER Cap and Staple System offers important moisture protection, holding power for fastening roofing insulation, wool blanket and sarking to roofs and exterior walls. The STINGER system is incredibly economical, quick and easy to use, and delivers professional results, with each cap and staple giving powerful hold that allows you to use 60-80% fewer fasteners than staples alone, saving you time and money.

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