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Kiesel’s versatile range of surface preparation products provide extremely fast setting characteristics with outstanding work-ability and a reliable performance even under the most demanding circumstances, all with very low VOC emissions.

Polyflor’s Kiesel Okatmos EG 20 Fast Setting Primer is part of a new range of primers, screeds and adhesives suitable for Polyflor’s variety of flooring solutions. Okatmos EG 20 dries quickly, is solvent free and features low emissions which makes it perfect for one-day installations in new and old indoor spaces. The primer is for absorbent and non-absorbent substrates and can be diluted with water on concrete substrates.

Kiesel Okapox GF is a solvent and water free, very low emission thin two-component epoxy primer for the preparation of absorbing and non-absorbing substrates before patching, sealing and floor installation. Suitable for a wide variety of materials, Okapox GF provides a high flexural strength, adhesive strength, compressive strength and abrasion resistance, resists water, lye, acids, salt water as well as grease and fuel. It can be use as moisture barrier on cement based substrates and can be used as binder for epoxy mortars.

Kiesel Okatmos DSG is a solvent-free, sanitising moisture barrier and primer with a high bond strength for well-prepared substrates. It is for use on absorbent and non-absorbent substrates before levelling, sealing, thin-bed tile installation or the installation of textile/flexible floor surfaces and parquet/engineered wood flooring. Okatmos DSG can be used as moisture controlled dispersion primer on cementitious substrates such as cement screeds or concrete barrier against excessive moisture.

NuLife Stone Care provides a complete service in the creation of durable, stunning polished concrete surfaces. The fully personalised process can incorporate a range of effects including non-slip treatment, colour enhancement, and “distressing” effects. NuLife Stone Care’s polishing encompasses diamond grinding and polishing to create an ultra hard surface, acid staining and dyes to create a range of colours, decorative scoring, and the application of densifying impregnating solvents. 

Providing water repellence and stain resistance with an immaculate invisible finish, Surface Repeller is a breathable, tough, and low slip coating for various surfaces. Suitable for use on concrete, masonry, drywall, and wood, Surface Repeller increases material strength, integrity, and flexibility while allowing resistance to water, oil, and freeze-thaw damage.

Surfaces treated with Surface Repeller are resistant to fungus and mildew, and boast increased levels of surface traction. The UV resistant long lasting treatment requires a drying period of at least 24 hours, and is odourless, non-toxic, and non-flammable. 

Suitable for use on wet or dry surfaces and with a rapid one hour drying time, Grippa Safe is the ideal solution for non-flammable, long lasting slip resistance treatment. 

The user friendly treatment is odour and solvent free, providing traction and increased levels of safety to any surface to which it is applied. Grippa Safe can be applied to materials of varying porosity using a solid spray stream, and is suitable for ceramic tiles, granite, smooth, or hard trowelled finish concrete.

For use on fresh concrete, Densi-Proof is an ideal product for concrete densifying and crack reduction compensation. The curing method provides complete protection against surface cracking and dusting, and requires only a one-off application as concrete dries.

The permanent waterproofer preserves the concrete matrix and overall integrity while increasing surface abrasion resistance, making it an ideal coating or topping primer. By greatly reducing levels of concrete permeability, Densi-Proof not only significantly densifies concrete, but internally waterproofs it, increasing levels of acid and chemical resistance.

Surfaces treated with Densi-Proof retain excellent surface bond quality and paintability, and are inflammable.

The new Streetscape sealer by Colour Concrete Systems is highly durable and self sufficient.  The sealer is stain resistant from food and beverages.  Especially designed for an odorless application, the hassle of installing the product in public areas and streetscape is removed, causing minimal discomfort to those passing by.  As much as the concrete sealer is friendly to the public, it is environmentally conscious and successfully meets the requirements of the Green Star Building Code.  The frequently exposed and used streetscape is made easier maintain and the quality of the public experience is preserved. 

ACS Decra Glaze WB is a high performance two component water based epoxy coating system available in clear, white and selected colours. This solution is especially designed for floor and wall applications where durability and chemical resistance is needed, such as washrooms, hospitals, schools, kitchens, production facilities and canteens. Decra Glaze WB is environmentally friendly, non-flammable, and resistant to bacterial growth and staining.

With its water-repellent, oil-repellent and anti-soiling properties, ProtectGuard Color offers total protection for all kind of vertical concretes

  • It prevents most common causes of degradation such as water, oil, atmospheric pollution and all types of soiling, as well as giving the treated surface a uniform shaded colouring. This thus ensures the longevity of the treated surfaces.
  • ProtectGuard Color is not a coating. It is a protective treatment in aqueous phase specifically suited for all kind of vertical concretes including regular concrete, reinforced concrete, fiber concrete and UHPC. The treatment's semi-transparency respects the material's mineral properties.
  • The finished colour is dependent on both the colour of ProtectGuard Color and the background colour of the surface. ProtectGuard Color can be used to either modify the surface colour or to homogenise a surface's appearance.
  • ProtectGuard Color is non-film forming. The substrate remains permeable to air and water vapour. ProtectGuard Color provides excellent resistance to aging and UV.
  • ProtectGuard Color: The aesthetic solution for all surfaces.

  • ProtectGuard Color is used to make uniform and correct the aesthetic appearance of porous substrates: concrete, single-layer coating, porous natural stone, and composite stones.
  • ProtectGuard Color can be applied to newly laid concrete, or older works (it is very resistant to alkaline environments), on vertical and horizontal (ceilings) substrates, both indoors and outdoors.
  • ProtectGuard Color: The ideal solution to embellish material surfaces.

  • ProtectGuard Color is a decorative product that adds value to architectural creation without changing the mineral properties. ProtectGuard Color enables designers to give an aesthetic dimension to art work with the possibility to 'play' with matt or gloss colour finishing, and even special effects (metal, pearlescence, iridescent).
  • Guard Industry helps those specifying or using ProtectGuard Color to be specific with colour which is affected by the condition of the substrate and the desired finish (colorimetric colouration, decorative creation, refurbishment).
  • ProtectGuard Color system: bespoke colouring

  • The ProtectGuard Color colour chart includes 42 standard colours and 8 'special' colours. A standard colour has an opacity index of 100. Guard Industry can alter those colours and offer a higher or lower level of opacity (50% or 10%), while keeping the same protection properties. The final colour of a treated substrate will always be the combination of the treatment colour and the colour of the substrate. A colour with a low opacity index will offer less obliteration. In that case, the surface's initial colour will have a greater impact on the final colour. Depending on the client's or the project's specific needs, Guard Industry can make custom-made colours.

ImperGuard protects porous facades and roofs against water and humidity. ImperGuard has very innovative and high-performance water-repellent properties. It penetrates deeply into the pores of the material to make it impermeable and so prevents the harmful effects of humidity: infiltrations, acid rain, erosion, freeze/thaw cycle, moss and lichen growth, efflorescence, saltpetre, etc. The water repellent properties of ImperGuard are developed very quickly (within a few hours to 3 days). ImperGuard also has an anti-dusting action and hardens the surface of materials. ImperGuard is a water-based eco-friendly product. It is solvent-free with low VOC content.

Ideal for protecting:

  • natural or artificial stone
  • brick
  • concrete
  • render
  • tile (terracotta, fibrecement, concrete)
  • mortar (MPC)

For use on:

  • roofs
  • facades
  • walls
  • old, new and renovated buildings
  • renovated facades

ProtectGuard MG is a new generation protection product designed to protect low and very low porosity substrates. It is highly resistant to penetration by water, oil, grease, weak acids (fruit juice, ketchup, etc.) as well as all types of soiling. ProtectGuard MG is an impregnation product and not a coating, so treated materials remain permeable to air and water vapour. ProtectGuard MG is colourless and does not change the appearance or composition of the treated material. In addition, it is UV-resistant and does not discolour with age ProtectGuard MG can be used inside and outside on all vertical and horizontal surfaces. It is ideal for treating all low and very low porous materials: marble, granite, ceramic, polished and crystallised surfaces, stoneware porcelain and all smooth mineral substrates, especially low porosity silica-limestone materials. ProtectGuard MG can be used in new and renovated constructions.

ProtectGuard HD is the ideal treatment for all low porous materials or for floors subject to heavy traffic, as it has all the water-repellent, oil-repellent and anti-soiling properties needed to protect low porous floors in a single application. ProtectGuard HD acts against the main causes of degradation, such as atmospheric pollution, greasy soiling, water seepage, acid rain, and chewing gum, and its exceptional penetration and resistance properties make it the ideal protection for floors submitted to heavy duty. It is ideal for all porous and low porous materials, such as concrete, natural stone (limestone, travertine, quartzite), artificial stone, granite, etc. It is especially recommended for the protection of substrates subject to heavy traffic, such as parking zones, terraces, balconies, pool decks, pedestrian zones, staircases, etc. ProtectGuard HD can also be applied to walls and facades to acquire premium protection against graffiti.

ProtectGuard has established itself as the benchmark treatment for preventing degradation of porous materials (including concrete cement, and natural and synthetic stone). ProtectGuard's water-repellent properties enable it to prevent water penetration, and thus eradicate the negative effects caused by humidity such as water seepage, frost, saltpeter and moss. ProtectGuard's oil-repellent and anti-stain properties block the penetration of greasy stains, atmospheric pollution and prevent the penetration of ink and paint pigments, thus making it easier and faster to remove graffiti. ProtectGuard is a water-based eco-friendly product. It is solvent-free with low VOC content.

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