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The soul series of tiles from Ceramic Solutions Australia, makes a statement for modern concrete design. Available in four colours over two formats, the modern concrete look tile transports easily from factory building to the more stylish minimalistic environments of today. Appealing to those who love its authenticity, the soul series delivers an expression of modern attitude towards life.

Ever walked on a marble floor in bare feet? That’s what a Geostone™ polished concrete floor can feel like underfoot. Pure luxury.

Geostone™ polished floors are a treat for the eyes too, with a glossy, smooth surface that highlights the stunning colours and intricate aggregate details of each unique mix. Geostone™ is available in a range of colours as diverse as the Australian continent itself. The lighter shades are perfect for creating an impression of space and brightness, while the darker mixes make a statement and add drama.

But good looks and a premium feel tell only half the story. Geostone™ polished concrete floors bring a range of practical benefits to the home as well. They are easy to clean, require little maintenance, don’t harbor allergens and offer high thermal mass.

There’s only one decision left to make; which Geostone™ mix shall I choose? Ranging from cool and contemporary to warm and welcoming, the choice is yours.

Welcome Home

Sourced from the great outdoors and designed for great outsides, the uniqueness of Australian stone is fused with reinforced concrete to create Geostone™ exposed aggregate decorative concrete. The stone used is extracted from the earth and carefully selected for its colour, size and shape to maintain its natural variation. Then, it’s put through a process that ensures a tough, versatile and visually stunning product suitable for driveways, pathways and landscaping.

Best of all, exposed aggregates like Geostone™ add value. According to research by Holcim in December 2016, an exposed aggregate driveway can add up to 15% to the market value of a home, well ahead of traditional alternatives such as pavers and plain concrete.

So, imagine. You’re arriving home after a long day. You pause for a fleeting moment to take in your stunning, flowing, Geostone™ driveway. In an instant calmness descends as the natural textures and colours seem to whisper; ‘welcome home’.

Deflecta® Topel™ is an inorganic silicon-containing material; concrete treatment that increases both density and surface hardness, is hydrophobic – providing increased wear and slip resistance. This product is a densifier that penetrates and bonds with the Portland cement components of the concrete increasing abrasive resistance and damage from water. DEFLECTA® TOPELwill not alter the appearance of the concrete when applied. However, with time and wear, the slab will improve its appearance compared to an untreated slab:

  • Topel’s function creates a hydrophobic slip resistant surface.

DEFLECTA® TOPEL can be applied to both interior or exterior concrete slabs in areas such as car parks, stairs and landing, driveways, paving and ramps, but not limited to.

Product Benefits:

  • Hydrophobic
  • Increased slip resistant surface
  • Prevents surface dusting
  • Increases abrasion resistance and durability
  • Low Volatile Organic Compounds / Volatile Organic Solvents
  • Easy application
  • Biodegradable water based
  • Easy maintenance
  • High coverage rate

DEFLECTA® TOPEL Test Results:-

  1. Slip Resistance Classification P4 – Wet Result
  2. Water Contact Angle Classification – Super Hydrophobic > than 120o

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This unique 10mm overlay offers the true concrete aesthetic of warmth, character and individualism. Because it is actual, high performing concrete. Available in full bodied colour, as well as fully exposed 3mm and 6mm aggregate options from Barossa quarries.Overlays are custom made to 16+ Concrete base colours and 18+ aggregate choices. They can be specified in exterior or interior spaces (even in penthouses as its mixed on site). This hard wearing surface is mixed on site and then ground like a polished concrete slab while offering a more uniform and matte appearance (high gloss can also be achieved if desired with the installer). 

Covet’s concrete tile product line offers a premium range of beautiful concrete surfaces in a range of colours and finishes.This offers designers and specifiers real, thin-profile concrete tiles that are often imitated but never matched.

These concrete tiles are available in smooth and textured surfaces, slightly honed or exposed aggregate surfaces. The unique colour palette ranges from a bold alabaster through to deep ebony and an array of modern greys. The beautiful textural and tonal variations offer one-of-a-kind contemporary surface options for designers, architects and builders.

Available as part of the 110mm (110P-EC) or 200mm (200P-EC) profile series, DCS End Caps provide clean finishes to vertically installed walls. End Caps are available in a 3600mm stock length and extend overall wall length by 55.5mm.

With a box foundation suitable for a wide range of ground conditions, the Dincel Tank is ideal for surge or rain water tank applications. Offering a permanent polymer framework and conventional concrete infill, Dincel Tanks can be used in both single and multi-storey buildings.

Allowing wall lengths in 55.5mm increments, the 200P-2 spacer accommodates precision construction and sizing of walls and openings. The product is available in a stock length of 3600mm, with six vertically oriented profiles connecting to equal one 200P-1 component.

The 200P-1 is the main profile in DCS’ 200mm range, for installation in vertical or horizontal directions. The polymer component connects to other profiles and caps in the 200mm range using the 200P-J joiner, and can be custom cut to any length between 1800mm and 7950mm.

For use with other products in the DCS 110mm series, the 110P-3 corner profile achieves a 90 degree wall corner. The 110P-3 affixes to other DCS components with no need for fasteners, and is available in a stock length of 3000mm.

NuLife Stone Care provides a complete service in the creation of durable, stunning polished concrete surfaces. The fully personalised process can incorporate a range of effects including non-slip treatment, colour enhancement, and “distressing” effects. NuLife Stone Care’s polishing encompasses diamond grinding and polishing to create an ultra hard surface, acid staining and dyes to create a range of colours, decorative scoring, and the application of densifying impregnating solvents. 

For use on fresh concrete, Densi-Proof is an ideal product for concrete densifying and crack reduction compensation. The curing method provides complete protection against surface cracking and dusting, and requires only a one-off application as concrete dries.

The permanent waterproofer preserves the concrete matrix and overall integrity while increasing surface abrasion resistance, making it an ideal coating or topping primer. By greatly reducing levels of concrete permeability, Densi-Proof not only significantly densifies concrete, but internally waterproofs it, increasing levels of acid and chemical resistance.

Surfaces treated with Densi-Proof retain excellent surface bond quality and paintability, and are inflammable.

Terrazzo flooring – marblechips bound in coloured cement and ground and buffed to a polished finish, has been a familiar sight for many years. Its attractive clean cut finish and its easy maintenance has made it a firm favourite with architects and planners specifying materials for projects such as commercial complexes or large shopping malls – anywhere, in fact, where conditions dictate that the finish has to be both durable and easily cleaned.

At Pebblecrete In Situ Pty Ltd using the most modern machinery, entire floors of modular tiles can be prefabricated in our factory. Our technique of pressing and vibrating the material in moulds permits 80% of a contract to be completed in the factory. The tiles once laid are then finished in the traditional manner by grinding and polishing.

At Pebblecrete Insitu Pty Ltd we have a team of experts ready to advise and supply prospective clients with detailed information on our products, which in addition to terrazzo floor tiles we also manufacture terrazzo partitions, terrazzo steps and precast concrete pavers for external use.

DEFLECTA® TOP COATTM is an inorganic micro-surface densifier that penetrates and bonds with the Portland cement components of the concrete to both harden and strengthen the surface

of the slab. The surface is now more abrasive resistant and damage from water and oil contaminants is reduced and the product will not alter the physical characteristics or appearance of the concrete when applied. However, with time and wear, the slab will improve its appearance compared to an untreated slab.

This product can be applied to both interior or exterior concrete slabs in such areas as basements, car parks, stairs, pavements, food processing & manufacturing, warehouses and commercial/retail areas.

Product Benefits

  • Hardens concrete surface
  • Increases abrasion resistance
  • Prevents surface dusting
  • Increases abrasion resistance
  • No product leaching
  • No visual change to surface
  • UV and weather resistant
  • Minimises loss of water in new concrete
  • Zero VOC/VOS* content
  • Easy application
  • 100% bio-degradable water based
  • Water based and non-toxic formulation
  • Easy maintenance
  • High coverage rate
  • Slip resistant surface

Pattern Stamped Concrete by CCS offers the look of slate, stone or wood at a fraction of the cost. Trained applicators apply and trowel multiple colours and textures over the wet concrete surface, CCS Release Agent powder is applied, and specially textured moulds are placed over the surface. Three days later the surface is pressed and washed, and when fully dry, is coated with two coats of CCS Hardseal sealer. The result is a long lasting, patterned concrete surface with a durable, realistic look and feel.

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