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The HS1000 Rapid Roll is a versatile high speed door. This door uses a single-phase PLC control system and includes as standard

  • Variable speed control
  • Soft start soft stop
  • User friendly touch screen operation
  • adjustable hold open timers

There are a range different options including:

  • Battery backup
  • Different options for switching/operation.
  • LH or RH motor configuration, along with a “corridor mount” in situations of restricted side space.

Technical Features Include:

  • Uses a 900gsm or 1400gsm fire retardant Polyskin panel
  • Uses strong column extrusions
  • Suitable for internal or external use
  • Maximum size of 36sq metres
  • Can be made to span over 7m in width
  • Optional flexible bottom rail for safety
  • Can withstand wind speeds around 70-80km/h (opening width dependent)
  • Various colour options

Colour Chart:

Activation and Safety Sensors
Our high speed doors can be fitted with a range of activation options including:

  • Pushbuttons – mainly for pedestrian traffic.
  • Pullcords – for either pedestrian or Forklift traffic.
  • Induction Floor Loops – Working on a magnetic field, a great option for Forklifts, metal trolleys etc. Can be used in conjunction with pushbuttons. Requires floors be saw cut to insert induction loop cables.
  • Remote Control – suitable for pedestrians or Forklifts, also good for restrictive entry.
  • IR Motion Sensors – Suitable for all kinds of traffic. Special purpose sensors can be used which only operate if an object is determined as moving towards the door.
  • PE Sensor – only used when requiring a very defined activation area.
  • Swipe Cards – Client supplied cards can be connected to our doors
  • Integration with machinery – Our doors can be integrated with machinery from e.g. conveyors and carwashes

Our doors are often fitted with two types of Activation. Furthermore, our operation systems can also be integrated with many existing security systems.

The TRAFFIC DOOR by The Australian Trellis Door Co. is a custom-made, high impact heavy-duty door.

Traffic doors provide a barrier between two areas. They are designed to be opened by impact. They can close automatically from either direction.  They open from either direction as they are impacted by trolleys, pallet jacks, forklifts etc. They can span 3000mm high by 2500mm wide, and can be made as either single or double doors.

Traffic doors speed up the movement of people and stock between parts of a building as they avoid the need to stop, open, move through and manually close like traditional door types.  After passing through, the door automatically swings closed.

Traffic Doors are popular for:

  • Supermarkets
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Retail stores
  • Clinical production areas.
  • Between the office and store room or warehouse
  • Food preparation area to cold storage area
  • Between customer seating areas and the kitchen

Technical Information

  • Windows in standard double glazed with clear polycarbonate
  • Optional stainless steel or polyethylene kick plates
  • Option of spring bumpers in black, yellow, grey or kick plates.
  • Removable perimeter gasket

Material of door panel/surface:

  • 40mm panel
  • Strong 2mm ABS surface filled with PU foam for insulation.
  • Optional colour range
  • 20mm panel in marine ply

Rubber gaskets are installed between the door and jamb, as well as in the centre, ensuring seal around doors.

These doors come with an optional adjustable spring system allowing 180 degree swing with automatic close.  Alternatively for the 20mm panels, a V-cam hinge system can be supplied, with swing 180° or optional 270° swing.

Innovative, Reliable & Simple to Maintain

Our modular and self-contained Ice Makers offer superior energy efficient solutions that respond to the needs of the demanding food service, grocery and hospitality industries.

The self-contained ALFA model is designed to fit under standard commercial benchtops so are ideal for small spaces. These models are compact, taking up less floor and wall space for a more efficient work flow in the kitchen.

Our GALA and SPIKA ranges of modular Ice Makers are built to keep face with the the most demanding situations. They’re ideal for warm climates and busy establishments that need large quantities of ice.

The Lockwood 2616 CAM Action Door Closer is a premium, high-quality door closing device. When opening a door fitted with a Lockwood 2616 CAM Action Door Closer, the force required is less than that of a rack and pinion type door loser and continues to decrease through the opening arc.

This aesthetically appealing, narrow profile CAM Action Door Closer is suited for public and commercial applications where children, the elderly and the disabled are likely to be using the door. The Lockwood 2616 is light to open, but its adjustable closing force is high enough for heavy duty applications. One model (2616)
covers right hand and left hand applications, pull side/ push side applications and also features an adjustable arm height.

The 2616 has a very high efficiency of 70% – 80%

Innovative access solutions that demonstrate how entrances can be opened and closed dependably, energy-efficiently and enabling barrier-free access. The range of automatic sliding doors allow relative design freedom and offer a complete system solution for your design.

Modern fine framed profiles combined with the Dorma ES 200 Automatic Sliding Door Operator to form a visually appealing complete door system with a variety of applications. Offering high user convenience and easy accessibility, the Dorma ST FLEX invokes an inviting atmosphere.

In conjunction with other doors from the FLEX family (FLEX Green and FLEX SECURE) the system can be used to create a harmonious overall look.

  • Designed by dormakaba to meet the requirements of EN16005 “Power operated pedestrian door sets. Safety in use, requirements and test methods”
  • Fine frame profiles FLEX and FLEX Green provide elegant and slender design aesthetics
  • The full range of performance functions for the Dorma ES 200 automatic sliding door operator (tested to 1,000,000 cycles)
  • Tailored sizes and bespoke manufactured to suit your project
  • Installation ‘project coordinated’ by the dormakaba Projects Team

Field of Application

  • Ideal for, but not limited to, use on stores, shops, healthcare and education projects
  • Suitable for use on emergency escape routes
  • Ideal to meet the relative legislative requirements for disabled access

COLORBOND® steel launches Matt collection in five colours

Harnessing new paint technology to deliver a naturally inspired finish that diffuses light for a soft, textured, designer look, COLORBOND® steel Matt is available in Surfmist® Matt, Shale Grey™ Matt, Dune® Matt, Basalt® Matt and Monument® Matt

Tested for over a decade, COLORBOND® steel Matt has been designed for Australian conditions. The result is a product which maintains its Matt finish, looking even better for longer. COLORBOND® steel Matt is also manufactured in Australia and is compliant with relevant Australian Standards.

COLORBOND® steel Matt incorporates BlueScope’s unique Thermatech® solar reflectance technology. It also benefits from BlueScope’s industry leading metallic coating incorporating Activate® technology to provide enhanced corrosion resistance.

COLORBOND® steel is an ideal building material for a range of building applications that demand good looks and design flexibility. Its applications range from roofing, walling, guttering and downpipes to fencing, patios, sheds and garage doors used in residential, comm

The AGS 400 Narrowline framing system has set the standard for centre glazed framing for over two decades. With an aesthetically balanced look and the option of bevelled or square finishes, the AGS 400 Narrowline is the most versatile and adaptable framing system in the range.
With a multitude of compatible window and door suites, the AGS 400 Narrowline offers enormous design flexibility making this product ideal for commercial or residential projects that require a bold modern look and high levels of structural performance.
Features & Benefits
-101.6mm x 44mm centre glazed framing system
-Suits most commercial or architectural applications
-Supports single glazing
-Crisp, narrow unbroken lines for clean aesthetics
-Captive glazing wedge options for easier on-site glazing
-Flexible design with wide range of mullion and transom options
-A wide range of compatible AGS window and door suites

Specifically designed for the commercial and building trades, Bosch’s commercial hot water range offers high quality, reliability and performance.

Bosch offer a standard (KM3211WH) and condensing 32L (BC3200RA) commercial grade appliance. Depending on requirements, these appliances can be used individually, in manifold, or in combination with a tank.
Bosch also offer a CascadeTherm, which is a 32L unit mounted and connected to a 315L tank. This set up allows for an increased availability of water during periods of high demand.

Porcelain Floor Tiles

Agrob Buchtal’s porcelain stoneware tiles are specially developed for both dry and wet areas. Available in a great range of attractive designs, these tiles offer maximum safety in public and commercial spaces.

Formats modularly match to one another to ensure a uniform look from 50x50mm mosaics to 300x300mm square tiles or 600x120mm large format tiles. Ideal for entrance zones, balconies, walkways, changing rooms, amenities and pool surround.

Bosch is a global leader in heating technology and the design and manufacture of boilers for hydronic heating. The Bosch hydronic boiler range includes non-condensing and condensing boilers.

The Condens 5000W range of high performance, energy efficient boilers represents the very latest in heating technology for the environmentally conscious home-owner. With an award-winning customer-focused product design, and the engineering quality you’d expect from one of Europe’s most respected heating brands, the Condens 5000W is sure to surpass the expectations of anyone looking to upgrade to a modern heating system. For such a compact boiler, the Condens 5000W is particularly powerful with individual heat outputs of 18kW and 30kW. If larger outputs are required Bosch provide the 37kW ‘Combi’ boiler which is able to perform as a hydronic boiler (30kW) as well as a water heater (37kW) at over 90% energy efficiency.

For more information about the benefits of hydronic heating please visit

Vitrius Portavant sliding doors are the latest in all-glass sliding door technology, effortlessly combining sleek contemporary style with high functionality. System fit to suit the needs of every installation environment, the innovative range of glass hardware offers outstanding cost efficiency, with a competitive price and extended product life span.

The Portavant line is subdivided into three product families to suit sash widths of all dimensions, with all units featuring a cushioned auto-close and reliable exact trigger mechanism. 

Combining sleek modern design with high functionality, the Gilgen SRM Circular sliding door enhances any building entrance. Featuring adjustable speed, the fully automated doors are compatible with either concave or convex installation, meaning that door leaves can be placed either inside or outside a building.

With a minimum radius of 1000mm, the up to 2500mm high sliding doors are suitable for corporate or commercial applications with high traffic. Doorways can work with clients to develop a door system that is circular, semi-circular, or merely a curved segment, tailoring the system to suit the needs of each project.

Gilgen’s modular door systems enable easy customisation to suit the specific requirements of any project. Available in an expansive range of materials, colours, thicknesses, finishes, and shapes, the versatile doors allow endless possibilities for design innovation.

Notable custom products include the Gilgen Media Door, which incorporates flatscreen displays into door leaves to transform ordinary doors into valuable communication tools. The Media Door is an effective advertising means suitable for installation at the point of entrance of corporate or commercial buildings.

For non-conventionally shaped installation sites and facade surfaces where sliding doors are desired, the prismatic sliding door is ideal. Using smaller door modules, the flexible system allows sliding doors to take paths that are curved or angular.

User safety and security is one of Doorways and Gilgen’s primary concerns, as reflected in their range of breakout doors. Looking and functioning like regular doors during day-to-day operation, the breakout sliding doors allow quick, easy, and safe escape in case of an emergency.

In the case of an incident requiring evacuation, the hinged sliding doors can be manually opened outwards, functioning as a conventional swing door and providing an alternative escape route. The breakout doors are particularly helpful in the event of panic, allowing use of the full width of an opening to accomodate both crowds and vehicles. Infills can be selected from a choice of plastic, aluminium, and wood, with insulating glass panels between 6 and 24mm thick also available.

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