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Part of Marretti’s range of cantilever staircases, the Orgami model is a sleek, ultra-thin CORTEN staircase. Requiring no vertical supports and fully customisable to suit any dimensional requirements, the staircase is the optimum staircase solution where floorspace is limited.

The 8mm-thick treads affix directly to walls using durable steel fixings, and are compatible with any Marretti banister. Creating an appealingly industrial aesthetic, the CORTEN steps are available in finishes including ‘rust’, varnished, or painted, with a ‘Travertine Marble’ resin coating also offered.

An exclusive staircase design combining self-bearing wooden treads and spiral or straight configurations, the Concorde staircase is one of Marretti’s most innovative products.

Each step is cut and finished to a distinctive ‘T’ shape, then arranged and assembled using a series of highly durable stainless steel fixings. The full selection of Marretti timbers and surface finishes can be tailored to suit the Concorde model, which can also be finished using a white resin that mimics the appearance of Travertine Marble.

Unique in form yet endlessly versatile, the Concorde staircase is ideal for briefs where floorspace is limited, as treads can be fixed directly to walls with no need for vertical supports. The staircase is compatible with Marretti’s range of glass and stainless steel banisters.

Marretti uses toughened and laminated structural glass to create staircases and banisters that are as durable as they are beautiful.

Employing 32mm thick reinforced glass in conjunction with steel pins and fastening, Marretti staircases with glass treads and banisters have been certified to support loads of up to 150kg. Each step is carefully manufactured to a polished or satinised finish and attached to stainless steel, weld-free supports.

For staircases combining structural glass and wooden steps, Marretti supplies treads in six different timbers and with a host of surface finishes. The thickness of each tread can be specified as between 73 or 80mm, depending on the width of the staircase and needs of the individual project. Treads are then affixed to 24mm thick structural glass using a patented steel pin fastening system, and are certified to bear loads of up to 150kg.

To add instant design interest and allow passage between floors where space is a constraint, spiral staircases are an unbeatable choice. Working with a modern material palette of glass, timber, and stainless steel, Marretti’s spiral staircases are a unique and highly functional addition to any interior.

Spiral staircases can be tailored to suit even the tightest of curves, with the size, shape, and spacing of each stair tread fully customisable. Stainless steel, timber, or glass treads can be combined with a stainless steel banister to create an elegant, striking unit. Marretti also offers an exclusive helical staircase, whose twisting centre support and sleek, slimline treads are unlike any supplied by competitors.

Marretti offers a wide selection of cantilever staircases for residential and commercial application. With a choice between timber, metal, or glass treads and numerous options for banisters, the Marretti cantilever staircase adds functionality and visual appeal to any interior space. Affixing directly to the wall on one side of the tread and with no need for vertical supports, the Cantilever Staircase is the ideal solution for interiors with limited floorspace.

Staircases are available in either open or closed configurations, and the size and shape of each step can be fully customised to suit the demands of the design brief. A selection of contemporary colours and finishes allows Marretti stairs to complement and conform with a number of interior styles.

Timber staircases can also be coated with resin or Corian to achieve a more durable finish, and are supplied in a wide variety of colours. 

The InnoTrack from KONE is a new revolutionary autowalk that does not require a pit and can be built on a finished floor. Construction options are endless with its modular design allowing for different lengths of up to 60m to be assembled and a space saving pallet system. This is all made possible due to the especially designed KONE operating network including the small and powerful KONE PowerDisc which is based on the EcoDisc technology utilised in KONE’s commercial elevators.

The TransitMaster 165 and 185 maintains the heavy-duty quality of the TransitMaster series in a horizontal autowalk design. The elegant aesthetics make this product ideal for use to transition passengers between terminals, harmonising well with the new era of innovative airport design. The TransitMaster autowalks also herald eco-efficiency and high safety options.

For dense traffic areas, the TransitMaster series provides heavy-duty transportation to move large crowds in a quick and reliable manner all day. The TransitMaster 120 and 140 escalators are ideal for railway stations and stadiums. The range is also eco-efficient, utilising energy saving LED lights and stand-by speeds when not in use. 

TravelMaster Escalators are a vertical transport solution tailored to the retail environment, designed to optimise people flow, comfort, and circulation efficiency in retail applications. According to expert evaluation, TravelMaster Escalators from Kone Elevators are a future-proof investment, not to mention being ecologically designed to ensure long-term sustainability. Efficiency, safety and reliability come together in TravelMaster Escalators with a range of lighting options to guide customers and enhance the shopping atmosphere.


Effective and fast troubleshooting + Maximum availability via advanced control system + Low maintenance costs + The longest oil-change intervals in industry of escalators


Balustrade: 1000/1100 mm + Maximum Rise: 2 to 9.5 m + Max/min speed: 0.5 m/s with 0.2 m/s standby speed option


Step Width: 600 mm + 800 mm + 1000 mm

TravelMaster Autowalks bring a new level of comfort and simplicity to the shopping experience, providing safe and easy access to every part of the retail centre, even while using a trolley or loaded cart. This durable and aesthetic solution devised by Kone has proven to be an asset in terms of providing a quality shopping experience. Utmost care has been taken to ensure the safety of TravelMaster Autowalks, through rigorous testing under on-site conditions.


Long life-span + Renowned for efficiency and safety + Smooth ride + Timeless elegant design + Effective and fast troubleshooting + Suitable for semi-outdoor operation


Balustrade: 1000 mm + Step Width: 800 and 1000 mm + Maximum Rise: 2-6 m + Maximum speed: 0.5 m/s

IndusFloor are a leader in the production and supply of Hardwood Tread, providing products that are recognised for their beauty, performance and overall value. Exciting new hardwood species and innovative products are researched and developed annually in an on-going effort to achieve the ultimate level of quality and excellence. The Tiete Chestnut Solid Hardwood Tread (Sucupira) is an unfinished tread available in multiple lengths. This option outperforms others with resistance to natural mold and decay as well as superior strength, individuality and durability. This product will provide decades of solid performance.

Creative multi level building designs demand a creative approach to moving people throughout their space. Liftronic Pty Limited the largest Australian owned and operated Lift and Escalator supplier uses its 24 years of experience in the market to supply a range of vertical transport options for its clients. Liftronic not only offers a large range of standard lift and escalator products but offers a creative and flexible approach to accommodate one off designs and allows a diverse selection of architectural finishes and full customisation.

A fine example of Liftronic’s versatility and product range can be seen in the newly completed Carneige Central in Victoria. Ten units were installed including: Passenger Lifts, escalators and moving walks.This project mirrors many other high profile and technically diverse installations throughout Australia that Liftronic have been involved in.

GEZE Transparent Partition Wall is the manual sliding wall system for the transparent separation of rooms by movable glass elements. This flexible modular system integrating various leaf elements offers architects and designers the freedom to realise individual sliding wall advantages. Fittings are integrated between the panes, with a range of alternative door options available.

Made from toughened safety glass, with 6mm, available in laminated + Horizontal brush seals with vertical silicone seals + All-round edge printing is horizontal 50 mm and vertical 30 mm + Maximum weight of the system (one leaf) up to 150 kg

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