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This low level loop pile has a great commercial colour base with the use of subtle accent colours appearing as random dots throughout the carpet. This is a great option for high traffic areas with the ability to hide tracked in soil and dirt, and still retain its appearance. Made from solution-dyed nylon.

This low level loop pile in solution dyed nylon has a ribbed effect, highlighted with the use of accent colours appearing as random dots throughout the carpet. This is a great option for high traffic areas with a colour palette designed to disguise any tracked in dirt. This is a crisp design that will work well with a wide variety of interior schemes.

This low level loop pile has a colour palette that includes the most popular commercial greys and blues. There are dark tones ranging through to mid-tones, and with a mix of plain and dappled shades. This will be a great ‘go to’ product for a wide range of commercial environments with a hard wearing construction in solution-dyed nylon.

This low level loop pile uses accent flecks of soft grey, green, red and blue to provide some real impact for this commercial range. Hard wearing and with great soil hiding properties, this is a no-nonsense solution-dyed nylon carpet for busy environments such as schools and showrooms.

Tussore is a smartly tailored loop pile carpet offering fantastic durability because of its felted construction from a mix of thick and thin yarn. Named for the raw silk slubbing effect appearing randomly throughout the carpet, it provides a very different texture from other loop pile carpets.   Made from 100% New Zealand wool.

This linen-look loop pile has both softness and substance – beautiful to the eye while providing excellent durability. It has a strong neutral palette in keeping with its organic origins. The chunky base yarn in felted wool is overlaid with a finer yarn to create real textural and visual interest.  Made from 100% New Zealand wool.

This 36oz solution-dyed nylon cut pile is remarkably soft, using two different coloured yarns to create a stylish linear design, almost like a soft pinstripe. With excellent fade and stain resistance, colours remain strong, making this the perfect carpet for sun-soaked rooms with large windows.

This is a unique range of soft-touch modular carpet tiles with options in both wool and solution-dyed nylon. Saving time, money and stress, the Touchtiles Collection has been designed specifically for the hospitality and apartment market, overcoming many of the installation challenges that go with broadloom carpet. The tiles have the look and feel of residential carpet with the convenience of a tile. With five unique tiles in the range, they will suit most décor options. Being very soft to touch, toes won’t tell the difference from broadloom carpet.

This affordable, entry-level hard twist cut pile has a broad colour palette, giving options to work back with any interior scheme. Carrying an extra-heavy duty grading, it is a smart looking option in 100% sustainable New Zealand wool, suitable for areas with moderate foot traffic

Named for the home of upmarket London men’s fashion, Jermyn St gives more than a passing nod to finely tailored men’s suiting. This herringbone patterned loop pile offers a very versatile option for commercial interiors with the colour palette designed accordingly. Hard-wearing and functional, this is a great choice for high traffic areas.

Oriel has a distinctive cube-pattern, named for the small nook or recess that was often built into a castle wall. This formal repeating pattern is cleverly constructed from a mix of both cut pile and loop pile, retaining its crispness on the floor at any distance. The colour palette has been designed to work back with the Mistique plush pile range, offering the opportunity to mix and match within the one environment. As with plush piles, it will exhibit dark and light shading effects on the floor.

This enduringly popular tri-colour textured loop pile provides depth, richness and warmth for a variety of interiors. A versatile combination of pattern, texture and colour means it is ideal for executive and residential use. Hard wearing and smart looking, Marquetry is a popular choice for stylish executive situations as well as residential decor.

Karatex Encore provides a selection of strong contemporary colours where hard-wearing, resilient flooring is required.The low level loop and dense stitch placement create a carpet that is extremely durable and easy to clean.

The Champs Elysees is one of the most beautiful avenues in the world, synonymous with the style and beauty of Paris. This sumptuous plush pile evokes the same glamour and sophistication. Supremely soft and dense, this carpet feels like velvet underfoot. And just like velvet and suede, it is appreciated for the natural movement of the pile which creates dark and light effects on the floor.

Named for a famous diamond collection, Arcot is a stunningly soft cut pile carpet using two similar yarn shades to create a multi-faceted appearance. With elegant good looks, this is one of the heavier weight carpets in the designer Bremworth Collection range. The quality is evident with just one touch.

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