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The THERMOMASS insulation system is a patented insulation system designed to create a structurally-composite, fully insulated, concrete sandwich wall in both plant precast and site-cast tilt-up applications. Concrete sandwich panels utilising the THERMOMASS system comply with Section J of the BCA and is a fully integrated, highly energy-efficient, insulated concrete sandwich wall system. The THERMOMASS Insulation System is the only concrete sandwich panel system that utilises composite fibre connectors that are completely chemically and thermally compatible with concrete, preventing cracking, spalling and delamination. The THERMOMASS System not only effectively insulates a building. The fact that the building is insulated from the outside means that the mass of the internal layer of concrete can be used as a heat sink for the building, passively regulating the temperature as the ambient temperature heats and cools over the day and night, slashing energy costs.

THERMOMASS concrete insulation has been specified for over 30 years in many applications:
High rise buildings.
Cold storage.
Residential and commercial properties.
Modular (prefab) concrete buildings.

Installing THERMOMASS concrete insulation is quick and easy. Any precast or tilt up concreter can be contracted to construct a concrete sandwich panel, while Composite Global Solutions can provide the components of the THERMOMASS insulation system.

Sustainability attributes
Reduces waste or pollution. Reduces heating or cooling load. Reduces energy consumption. Ecospecifier rated.

Technical Datasheet

A vital property that all insulation systems must take into consideration is the potential of termite damage. Perform Guard® EPS, an RMAX innovation, is an important component in preventing this problem. Perform Guard is made using an inorganic material that is a deterrent to termites and is incorporated into the EPS during manufacture. It is not just a surface additive, but provides fully integrated protection of the EPS for the life of the building. Perform Guard is not a barrier system, but should be used in conjunction with a total insect management system available from reputable pest controllers.  

To further enhance exteriors and interiors, Antique Stone offers products such as segmented columns, fountains, retaining wall blocks, capping, garden edging, wall plaques and furniture. Step threads and wall capping are also available as made to measure items, and driveways can be beautified with flagstone in the “Village Stone” style or Paving Stone.

_Mt Buller Mountain Ledge is amongst the most dramatic and rugged stacked stone products manufactured by InfinitiStone. With a sturdy individual profile, Mt Buller Mountain Ledge creates a striking effect when utilised in either indoor or outdoor applications, especially when combined with directional lighting. Mountain Ledge can be tightly dry stacked to obtain an especially authentic look, or can be easily installed for grouting purposes._

Zero flame spread and smoke development + Lightweight, durable and easy to install + Can be dry-stacked or applied with grout + Dramatic textural effects + Suitable for indoor or outdoor application

Open Porosity: < 35% + Compressive Strength: > 12 N/sq. mm + Flexural Strength: > 5 N/sq. mm + Unit Weight: 35-45 Kg/sq. m + Thickness: 20-40 mm

_More affordable, lightweight and versatile than solid stone, InfinitiStone® EziFit Stacked Stone contains a silicon-based water repellent which is thoroughly mixed with composite material at the time of manufacturing, ensuring a more lasting effect in comparison with paint, brush, or spray-on methods of water resistance. InfinitiStone® EziFit Stacked Stone is also non-combustible, promising zero flame spread and zero smoke development._

Strong, durable and lightweight + Looks just like real solid stone + Superior water repellant properties + Zero flame spread and zero smoke development + Easy to install (no structural changes required)

Open Porosity: < 35% + Compressive Strength: > 12 N/sq. mm + Flexural Strength: > 5 N/sq. mm + Unit Weight: 35-45 Kg/sq. m + Thickness: 20-40 mm

_Stone building construction and renovation has always been looked upon as the epitome of superior quality, longevity, and elegance. But working with solid stone as a building material is both costly and difficult. Each and every piece of InfinitiStone® Ballarat Castle Stone stacked stone façade materials presents the most well-formed, authentic quality representation of natural stone, but is infinitely lighter and easier to work with. Ballarat Castle Stone also eliminates the need for extra footing and/or wall ties, making it easy to create a classic, natural-looking and long-lasting stone wall._

Durable + Lightweight + Realistic representation of natural stone + Perfect for fences, feature walls, fireplaces, fences, landscaping, etc. + Structural changes not required + Simple installation

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